History Comes to Life for Students on the Spring Break China Trip

While most students enjoyed some extra sleep on the first day of Spring Break, a group of 22 Upper School students and three faculty members met at 4:30 a.m. on Friday, March 10 to begin their 18-hour journey to China. After a long flight, they arrived in Beijing, China's political capital and the former center of many ancient Chinese dynasties. Beijing is a city with deep historical and cultural riches. Historically named Khanbaliq, it served as the imperial seat for the Mongol led Yuan dynasty in the 14th century.

Students Compete at the Florida State Spanish Conference

Kyra Foley and Rachel Cosmas competed in the Florida State Spanish Conference over Spring Break. They both did an impromptu speech and recited a poem for their declamation. For the entertainment competition, Kyra danced the Punto de Guanacaste from Costa Rica and Rachel sang a popular song from Mexico.