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Mrs. Kristy Steel

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Department(s) Upper School Office
Title(s) Assistant to Head of the Upper School
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Degree(s) University of Florida, B.S.
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For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a teacher. In the ‘80s, my first professional job was selling software and computers and I found myself teaching my customers about technology. Raising my two children found me once again, teaching. So me ending up at Tampa Prep to work in the Upper School shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Once again I find I’ve surrounded myself with…teaching.

I’ve been at Tampa Prep since 2005. I love the moments when I’m able to work with the faculty and administration and to help the students navigate through their school day. Every day in the “fishbowl” presents another opportunity. I call my job “groundhog” day, “groundhog” semester and “groundhog” year. On a daily, quarterly and yearly basis I get to improve how I support our students, families, faculty and administration. I believe you, too, will find that Tampa Prep is the school that keeps on giving!

~Mom of Amanda '09 and Brian '11