Prep's Middle School Renovation
Posted 08/18/2014 03:58PM
Mr. Joe Fenlon shows the students how many
can utilize the touchscreen capabilities
of the
new projectors at one time.
Mr. Kevin Plummer welcomes Middle School
students to the ribbon cutting of their new
Active Learning Environment.

The Middle School enjoyed a very special start to the first day of school Monday morning. Students gathered in front of closed doors to have the newly renovated Middle School's Active Learning Environment revealed to them during the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Before the ribbon was cut, Mr. Joe Fenlon gave an energetic speech explaining to the students that they are the first in the country to have this type of technology immersed in their classrooms and curriculum.

Mrs. Susan Depatie, Mrs. Debbie Hepner, Mr. Peter Hepner,
Mr. Robert Healy and Mr. Joe Fenlon cut the ribbon to unveil
the new Middle School area.

Mr. Peter Hepner and Mrs. Debbie Hepner of Holmes Hepner Architects, Mr. Robert Healy of iConstructors, Mr. Joe Fenlon and Mrs. Susan Depatie cut the ribbon as students rushed into the new space and gazed at the new classrooms and technology available to them. Following the ribbon cutting, students explored their new space and tried out the new projectors and furniture. Trustees and honored guests enjoyed a reception in the Large Conference Room after the event.

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