Children's Book Author Shares Reasons for Writing
Posted 02/15/2017 12:59PM
Students read along to "Lady Lucy's Quest" with author Karen Gross.

Former College President Karen Gross visited Tampa Prep to speak to a variety of 11th and 12th grade English classes about her children's book Lady Lucy's Quest. While reading through the book with students, she stopped intermittently to explain different engagement techniques throughout the book geared towards keeping children entertained. After finishing the book with many groups of students, she'd ask them why they thought she wrote the book. Following many great guesses, she shared that she wrote the book to encourage young kids who have been through a lot in their home life to create their own support system if the one at home is not present.

Last year, she recognized the need for a strong female lead who was not a princess. She created Lucy as a role model for young children because it has been proven that if you want to make a change in education, that change needs to begin at a young age. After discussing the reasons why she wrote the book, author Karen Gross shared that the message of the book was to recognize the power of the possible, believe in your dreams, chart your own path and develop and nurture mentors. While the book is meant for children, this message resonated with our older students as they prepare to begin looking for a college or to head off to college.

To end the discussion, the author asked students what they think Lucy's next adventure should be in the sequel. After many great ideas, Karen Gross read a short section of the sequel to get the students' feedback. This was an incredible opportunity for our students who are interested in creative writing and hope to continue their passion after they leave Tampa Prep.

While reading the story out loud, students
discovered how interactive it can be with young children.
Author Karen Gross follows along
while students take turns reading
her book.