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The Sixth Grade Band highlighted many young musicians with solos, duets and trios.

Sixth grade students were showcased during their Spring Arts Share event in the Smith Black Box Theater. The show began with the the Sixth Grade Band, who impressed parents and guests with their fantastic ability to perform a variety of recognizable folk songs. After showcasing all of the songs that they have been working on, many students were featured in solos, duets and trios showing how far they have come since many students had no instrumental experience prior to band class.

The Sixth Grade Chorus performed a variety of different pieces that wowed the audience. With impressive harmonies, the sixth grade choral students sang a variety of music, including pieces from Moana and a poem written by people who were in hiding during the Holocaust. The chorus ended their segment by highlighting many soloists, who performed entire songs by themselves! The audience was very impressed by the amazing talent of these young performers.

Along with performances by the sixth grand band and chorus, beautiful art created by sixth grade students throughout the year was shown to the audience in a slideshow. With the amount of talent showcased during these performances of sixth grade students, it'll be a treat to watch these young musicians continue to perfect their craft in the years to come!

Students in the Sixth Grade Chorus wowed the audience with their impressive harmonies.
Eighth graders spent a lot of time on the deck taking pictures
and reminiscing about their time in the Middle School during the Eighth Grade Cruise.

To celebrate the final day of Middle School, eighth grade students sailed on a celebratory cruise aboard the Yacht Starship. While aboard, the students had lunch, danced and celebrated for the remainder of the afternoon. The yacht cruised into the waters between Harbor Island and Davis Islands. Once the cruise came to an end, the students returned to Tampa Prep to watch a video that was filled with special memories of their final year of Middle School and received Class of 2021 T-shirts.

On the cruise, students enjoyed lunch and a lot of dancing!

Congratulations to all of the students (some are not pictured)
on their incredible achievement!

Starting in February, Mr. Quah gave his students the option of taking the Autodesk Certified User (ACU) test which is an industry recognized certification for the Computer Aided Drawing software he teaches - Autodesk Inventor Professional. For the ACU, 10 students elected to take the test, which has become much harder on a new platform with an emphasis on making CAD objects in the exam questions. Two students - Michael Vason Scott and Tyler Hostler-Mathis obtained the certification this year. Congratulations!

Also, at the end of review week, Mr. Quah administered national end of course (EOC) assessments as mandated by Project Lead the Way (PLTW) which is the STEM curriculum that is in use in over 8,000 schools in the United States. These online EOC assessments are given to the Introduction to Engineering Design (sophomore class), the Principles of Engineering (junior) class, the Aerospace Engineering (AE) and the Computer Science Principles (CSP) class. The CSP class is taught by Ms. Lassacher.

This year was another great year in STEM assessments. The scores are reported in numbers (1-9) where essentially 1 through 3 are below average, 4 through 6 are average and 7 through 9 are above average. PLTW only accepts 6 and above as a passing grade. Also, a number of 8 or 9 is considered an "A" grade when applying for college credit from universities.

For the IED class, 91% of students received a score of 6 or higher, and of those, 8 students scored an 8 or 9, with three scoring a 9. The three students who distinguished themselves with 9 scores include Tyler Hostler-Mathis, Blake Bridge and Deeksha Gollamudi.

In the POE class, 88% of the students scored with a 6 or above, and of those, 5 students scored an 8 or 9 with two scoring a 9. The two students who distinguished themselves with a score of 9 include Aaron Scheiner and Colin Kubisiak. Two students have yet to take the test as of Friday, May 12.

In the CSP/AE class, 89% of the students received scores of a 6 or above and of those, 15 students scored an 8 or 9, with seven scoring a 9. The seven students who distinguished themselves with 9 scores include Xander Spriggs, Tristen Mee in AE and Gabe Paggio, Olutomiwa Bankole, Allison Wu, Matthew Tsokos and Tyler Duic in CSP.

The STEM students who have obtained Autodesk certifications and passed the national PLTW tests in each of the classes are to be congratulated for their efforts. These are wonderful passing rates in the STEM program at Tampa Prep. This year, the school has some of the highest "A" rates in the classes since the program's inception 5 years ago.

Ryan C. and Thomas M. studied the art of jewelry making.

Over the last few months, students in 7th and 8th grade Latin have been hard at work conducting a research project on professions one would find in the ancient Roman world. Their task was to pick a job that interested them, learn about it by analyzing both ancient and modern sources and then display their topic by actively utilizing techniques and methods pertaining to their chosen profession.

Meisi W., Ava V. and Caroline G. studied how potion, paint
and perfume was made.

Some students chose to learn how to forge weapons as the Romans would have while others decided to explore how the ancients created paints, cosmetics and remedies.

Austin S., Jorge R. and Max W. studied the art of potion, ink
and perfume making (apothecary).

Other professions the students explored included the argentariī (bankers), the cohortes urbanae (city guards), the vestālēs (the priestesses of Vesta), jewelers, restaurant owners, politicians and even astronomers!

Connor W. and Ewan A. studied how the ancient Romans made jewelry.

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