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Congratulations to the new inductees!

Spanish and French students were inducted into the La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica and La Sociéte Honoraire de Français during a special ceremony. During the ceremony, students repeated lines in either Spanish or French to signify their induction into such prestigious societies. Following the ceremony, students and parents enjoyed a reception of Spanish and French food!

Congratulations to the following students for their induction into La Société Honoraire de Français:

Josephine Garba
Olivia Harwood
Natalie Hess
Alexia Hodorski
Elizabeth Lacy
Georgina Lancaster

Lara Luckner
Drew McCullough
Samantha Mezrah
Aaron Moore
Jade Scott
Quinn Simpson

Congratulations to the following students for their induction into La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica:

Kali Carreño
Reagan Curtis
Lucas Durand
Michael Espinoza
Emily Mosbaugh

Alexis Myrback
John Pointer
Zach Roher
Claudia Silver
Jacob Solomon

Ian W. and Ethan D. work together to get the perfect shot.

Seniors in Video Production wanted to create a short that showcased an important issue facing the United States, immigration. While partnering with local professional, the students acted as understudies to learn more about the process of fully creating a short. Ian Weiner worked as the Director, Ethan Davidove edited the short and acted in a scene and Max Mezrah worked as the Producer. These impressive students were also involved in casting, location scouting, creating the story and managing the set. This is such a unique opportunity for our seniors to work on creating a professional short from beginning to end. Click here to watch their short on Youtube!

Ian W. reviews footage before moving on to the next scene.
Students learn more about potential careers
in aerospace engineering from Meghan Loverro.

Middle and Upper School students had the unique opportunity to meet an aerospace engineer during their lunch this week! Mrs. Hottle's sister Meghan Loverro spoke to interested students about her career designing and developing space and aerial reconnaissance vehicles. She began her career working for Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works where she helped design unmanned aircraft and submersibles to solve some of the nation's hardest national security priorities! Students were very interested in her favorite project she's worked on called the Lockheed Martin Stalker, which was a UAV (unmanned air vehicle) that only flew at night to watch targets. She also spoke about another project that is still in development called the Samarai, which is a maple seed inspired UAV, designed to fly and operate quietly in an urban area with the capabilities of entering buildings undetected. After discussing those two projects, students asked many questions about satellites, other projects she is working on and space travel. What a great opportunity for our students interested in aerospace engineering!

Congratulations to all of the newest inductees into the National Honor Society!

Thirty-eight sophomores, thirty juniors and one senior were inducted into the National Honor Society during a special assembly this week. Induction into this prestigious society is based on the applicant's character, leadership ability, scholarship and service. Tampa Prep's faculty all agreed that these students demonstrate these important characteristics. At the induction, National Honor Society members Nick Castro, Sheriean Carroll, Harrison Cheung and Harrison Lorenzen spoke about what it means to become a member of the National Honor Society. Congratulations to the new inductees!


Elizabeth Aber
Kyle Alford
David Amshel
Rachel Bailey
Taylor Bell
Giavanna Bowden
Taylor Bradley
Reagan Curtis
Danielle D'Onofrio
Diana Elozory
Kaitlyn Ferguson
Jack Forsyth
Josie Garba
Casey Gloeckl
Abigail Golden
Bryce Guenther
Hope Guzzle
Maya Hawat
Payton Hendrix
Elizabeth Hopkins
Tyler Hostler-Mathis
Isaiah Little
Lucy McLaren
Will McLaren
Emily Mosbaugh
Malcolm E. Randolph
Griffin Ravo
Chase Renninger
Julie Rice
Alex Riddell
Zach Roher
Shelby Ann Rothberg
Matthew Schultz
Hendrik Slebos
Sierra Thomasset
Joshua Vinik
Jeffrey Winters
Julie Zhang


Jake Adkins
Alexandria Bishop
Bianca Colón
Lauren Danahy
Jayde Frederick
David Frezza
Arianna Golden
Reis Gordon
David E. Howell
Alaina Hunter
Cedrica Jackson
Zephyrus Jenkins-Odell
Christopher Kelly
Joseph V. Hatton Lefler
Jared Lowenkron
Drew McCullough
Fabiola Miranda-Rivera
Aaron Moore
Adam Munir
Landon Schabes
Christian Schach
Rachel Segal
Joseph Shahum
Quinn Simpson
Kristina Suarez
Davis Sutton
Seth Tennant
Aubrey Terry
Elijah Watson
Amy Wilson


Hannah Starnes

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