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Arts Department

Tampa Prep's Fine Arts Department is committed to providing a wide variety of arts courses for a diverse group of students. The department consists of Music (Chorus, Instrumental and Music History), Visual Arts (2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional), Theater (Performance and Tech), Dance (Modern, Ballet and Jazz) and Film. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Visual Art (three portfolio possibilities), Art History and Music Theory. Each art discipline welcomes beginners as well as advanced students, and provides challenging opportunities for all. Each department serves both Upper and Middle School students, although course offerings differ. In the Middle School, 6th grade students may enroll in Visual Art, Chorus, Theater and Beginning Band. 7th and 8th grade students may enroll in Middle School Art, Chorus, Music Appreciation, Instrumental Ensemble, Dance and Theater. The Arts Department puts on a variety of performances, art exhibits and concerts each year, both in the fall and spring, for all levels of art students. Events and activities include a fall, winter and spring music concert and art exhibit, a fall musical, spring plays, a concert chorus trip, dance performances, video projects and numerous museum visits and art competitions.

English Department

We, the English teachers of Tampa Preparatory School, design and implement courses that encourage students to recognize the power and art of language in both its written and spoken forms. We cultivate students’ interpretative, analytical, critical, rhetorical, and oratorical skills through the study of literary masterworks considered in their cultural contexts. In students’ writing, we strive to develop depth of perception, clarity and fluency of style, creativity, and grammatical precision.

In many classes we discuss the Harkness discussion format.


Throughout their tenure at Tampa Preparatory School, students have the opportunity to participate on the staff of the school newspaper and yearbook. Instruction in computer science takes place both in the Middle School Keyboarding course and throughout the curriculum when faculty integrate technology into their courses.

History and the Social Sciences Department

The History and Social Sciences Department at Tampa Prep seeks to graduate thoughtful, perceptive, analytical, worldly, and informed students. We coordinate our curriculum from the Sixth grade through the Twelfth grade, and in all of our courses writing is heavily emphasized. By the time our students are in the Ninth grade, they are routinely formulating a thesis and writing a cogent and factually-supported, five-paragraph essay. We seek to develop sophisticated and enthusiastic lifelong students of the History and Social Sciences.

In many classes we discuss the Harkness discussion format.

Foreign and Classical Languages Department

In a world that is becoming more interconnected each year, it is appropriate that the Department of Foreign and Classical Languages focus on communication and cultural awareness and understanding. We offer courses at levels I – AP in French, Latin and Spanish. Our diverse faculty includes native and non-native speakers of the languages taught. Middle School students take Latin A in the seventh grade, and then have the choice to continue on with Latin B in grade 8, or they can start Spanish I or French I. The graduation requirement to go through the third level of a language prepares our students to have a level of communicative proficiency that paves the way for further language study, travel, or conversational use of the languages.

French, Latin and Spanish Clubs offer extracurricular activities that improve students’ knowledge of both language and culture. Examples of club activities include: films in the foreign language, native food banquets, guest speakers, and visits to local restaurants. The Latin Club also participates in the Latin Forum at the local and state levels.

Math Department

The Mathematics Department seeks to teach the systematic approach to problem solving. Mathematics is not just about numbers. It is about how to set up, understand and reason through different situations. We hope to teach students discipline and see the benefits of paying attention to details. We want them to explore alternative methods for finding solutions. Analyzing real world problems give the students the necessary tools to solve non-mathematical problems.

Many might believe the use of the graphing calculator is merely a device to quicken mathematical calculations. While it does perform that task, it also shows, in a more visual manner, how mathematics is tied together. Many topics in mathematics are so calculation intensive that they cannot be explored thoroughly without this aid.

To us, math is more than just solving equations. It is a way of thinking that will serve the student in all aspects of life.

Physical Education Department

The main objective of the Tampa Prep Physical Education Department is to promote a healthy lifestyle among the student body. Courses offered to students in the upper school include Health & Personal Fitness, Sports Medicine, Fitness for Life, and Athletic Conditioning. Middle school students participate in a daily program designed for fitness and fun through organized activities. Classes make use of all of Tampa Prep’s outstanding athletic facilities.

Science Department

The science department seeks to develop an appreciation of the activities of science. Courses will enhance students awareness of their environment and the scientific and technological implications, present scientific knowledge for the students' edification, challenge students to develop critical thinking skills, test students' ability to function mathematically, develop an appreciation and understanding of the scientific method, and stimulate curiosity.

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