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Environment Club

Environment Club
Advisors: Mrs. Hill

Welcome to Tampa Prep's Environment Club web page. Learn about the projects we take on and how you can become a member. Check out the pictures from some of our events. Read about how the club started and what we've accomplished .

One of our main goals is environmental awareness, so we have provided some links to information on such topics as recycling, global warming and Florida water systems.

TURP Garden imageTURP Garden

Funded primarily by a Southwest Florida Water Management District Splash! Mini-Grant, Tampa Prep’s Environment Club is working to establish an "organicesque" sustainable vegetable and plant garden, which can be used by the entire school community for hands-on learning opportunities, research and nutrition.

As of January 2011, two stackable mini-gardens full of fruits, vegetables and herbs are growing. Visit the TURP Garden website for details about the garden, photos and more!


Membership is easy; anyone can join! There is no requirement for number of service hours performed. We just have fun being outside and working to improve the environment in the Tampa Bay area!

We hold meetings on Thursdays at lunchtime in room 2022 to discuss events, announce upcoming activities in the community and plan events at school. Join us!

Service Hours

We keep track of service hours on sheets kept outside of room 2022. Once they add up to a few, they can be turned in to the College Counseling Office.


Click on the picture below to access the Environment Club's picture gallery.

Links to Environmental Issues

Ocean Conservancy:
International Coastal Cleanup:
Keep Hillsborough Beautiful: (local sponsor)
The Florida Aquarium:

Read "The Little Book of 'Convenient' Things You Can Do to Stop Global Warming " by Roberta Fernandez
(Click the picture below to download the book)

"Scientists' Report Documents ExxonMobil’s Tobacco-like Disinformation Campaign on Global Warming Science " from the Union of Concerned Scientists

More information can also be found about the funding at:

"Global warming, meet your new adversary " from St. Petersburg Times

"Landmark climate report: Clock is ticking " from AP

"Exxon Linked to Climate Change Payout " from CNN

"The Threat to the Planet " by Jim Hansen, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and an adjunct Professor of Earth and Environmental Science's at Columbia University's Earth Institute. I will warn you that it a lengthy article, but addresses the issues clearly and understandably.

"Your Health " by Roger Di Silvestro is a very interesting article from the National Wildlife Federation about some experiments being done in reference to plants and crops.

"The Power of Green " by Thomas L. Friedman from New York Times Magazine provides a very good understanding of the many facets of climate change on our economy and our future. It is complex, but in some ways simple. IF you do not have time to read this now, save it for later. It is time well spent.

"Hot Politics " is a Frontline piece from PBS that is truly excellent. Reading it would take days, but there are a few things worth pointing out. Check out the Timeline and the Interviews. You'll find some very interesting perspectives and information, which includes some candidate viewpoints. If you don't want to read, you can watch the segments they have aired. Bookmark this site  and take your time with it -- it is very worthwhile.

ECO Speech at UN Conference

Mrs. Hill thought you'd enjoy the power of youth, speaking at the UN conference on the environment. It is a must watch! See how powerful you can be when you stand up to initiate change. A moving and inspirational piece from a girl who is still making a difference 16 years after she gave this powerful speech.

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