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The Honor Code at Tampa Preparatory School

The Honor Code at Tampa Prep supports our mission to provide "A preparation for life with a higher purpose than self." The Honor Code strengthens our resolve to make a positive difference within our school and in the world beyond our school walls. A community of students and families affirming the importance of honesty, respect, trust and fairness is a community committed to building the character assets necessary for success. Each student at Tampa Prep signs the Honor Code listed below:

Honor Code
A Commitment  to Honor
As a member of the Tampa Prep community, I am responsible for upholding and promoting honesty, trust, respect, and fairness in all venues of school life. I pledge to maintain personal and academic integrity and to support it in others. 
I solemnly promise to uphold my commitment to honor this code.

Character Education

The goal of character education at Tampa Prep is that the 4 core values of kindness, respect, honesty and responsibility will permeate the life of the school and become persistent habits for all members of our community.

We believe, with James Stenson, that “Young people develop character by what they see, what they hear, and what they are repeatedly led to do.” Following are some of the intentional reinforcements to character at Tampa Prep.  

The three major components of character education at Tampa Prep are:

1.    Modeling by faculty, coaches, and staff

2.    Curricular and Co-curricular Reinforcement

3.    Service Projects

These Core Values are reinforced through:

  • Honor Code – Written by a team of students and faculty and signed by all Tampa Prep students.
    • Honor Code Videos – The Honor Code and the implications of honesty and academic integrity are highlighted by a series of videos made by two Tampa Prep teachers that are shown and discussed at the beginning of each school year.
  • Conduct Review Board – A group of select high school students sit on review board for honor code violations.
  • Monthly exercise focusing on character during Upper School and Middle School advising.
    • Virtue in Action – highlighting a person or persons displaying virtue.
    • List of Quotations about one of the 4 character qualities.
    • Peer relations – communication, respect and peer pressure.
    • “Giraffes” heroes curriculum
  • Presenting scenarios involving ethical or moral dilemmas for discussion.
  • Specialized units focused on age-appropriate areas of character education are infused into the curriculum in various English, Health and History courses.
  • Peer Counselors – Group of select high school students who meet with middle advising groups once per month  and 9th grade students quarterly to serve as positive role models and lead discussions on topics such as peer pressure, positive peer relations, success in school, and the core values.
  • Service Projects – There are numerous service projects sponsored by clubs, classes, and individuals.
  • Harkness Discussions – the discussion method used widely throughout the history and English departments has an added consequence of modeling and reinforcing respect and consideration for the opinions and views of others.

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