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Artist Mr. Mike Awalt shows students how the
terrapin was constructed.
Students were excited to see the "40 Years" kelp
in the terrapin's mouth!

Recently, the Class of 2015 unveiled a beautiful copper sculpture of a terrapin for the Student Center as their class gift. Mr. Steve Garrett discovered the artist Mr. Awalt and introduced him to the students earlier this year. Last month, Mr. Awalt and his wife delivered the piece to Tampa Prep and met with Ms. Elle Ashworth's Crafts class to discuss how the terrapin was created from a single sheet of copper, as well as different techniques used. Last week during Advising, the seniors unveiled their class gift to Tampa Prep, which they worked together to raise money to purchase this custom piece of art.

Dr. Kranc's Advising accepts a check from their advisors
to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa Bay.

The topic of philanthropy has been discussed throughout the senior Advising periods this year. Senior class advisors demonstrated the importance of giving back by joining together to make a donation to a cause chosen by the students. Each advising group presented their local or international cause to the advisors, and Dr. Kranc's group had the most persuasive case for the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa Bay. Before the copper terrapin was unveiled, Dr. Kranc's advising group accepted a check of $100 to be donated to their cause, the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa Bay.

Wali K. unveils the terrapin to the senior class. Mr. Steve Garrett, Wali K., artist Mr. Mike Awalt
and Ms. Elle Ashworth with the senior class gift.

Following that presentation, Student Body President Wali Khan spoke about the intangible legacies the senior class will leave on the school, as well as the tangible legacy of the terrapin in the Student Center. After Wali unveiled the artwork, Mr. Garrett, Ms. Ashworth and artist Mr. Awalt spoke about what having the terrapin means for the school and the students' legacy. Mrs. Susan Depatie reminded the seniors that next year they will become Tampa Prep alumni and how they can continue to leave their legacy by giving back for future generations of Terrapins.

Mr. Stephen Crawford tells parents and students
what they need to know about the criminal justice system.

Attorney and Tampa Prep alum parent Stephen Crawford spoke before a crowd of 65 parents and students at last week's enlightening Parent Education Committee program: "Risky Business: What Parents and Students Need to Know about our Criminal Justice System." Mr. Crawford presented real-life situations that our students may find themselves in and discussed the consequences – for both students and parents! Students and parents left the presentation feeling more prepared to handle difficult situations if they ever arose. If you were unable to make it to this eye-opening presentation, watch the entire program here.
Students work together with
Mr. Chris Hughes
to build their boat
from recycled materials.
After constructing the vessel, they test it
out in Tampa Prep's pool.

The members of the Environment Club are usually involved in projects that help educate the Tampa Prep community about environmental issues. This past weekend, however, Tampa Prep's Environment Club made a different impact by coming in first in the high school division at the Recycle Regatta sponsored by Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful. The students decided to participate in the Regatta and asked Tampa Prep's Senior Facilities Engineer Chris Hughes for his expertise.
Congratulations to the Environment Club
for taking first place in the high school division!

The students experienced a mini "shop" class during the six days it took to build the canoe-like vessel. Mr. Hughes guided the members of the club in everything from cleaning up the wood from recycled pallets and designing the craft, to drilling the holes, applying the cardboard and painting the boat. He even took care of troubleshooting after the "dry" run in the Tampa Prep pool. You can never have enough duct tape! On the day of the race, the students christened the boat the "S.S. Hughes" in honor of their mentor and made him proud by winning the high school division of the Recycle Regatta!

The Tampa Tribune wrote an article about the Recycle Regatta and interviewed our students and Environment Club Advisor Mrs. MaryBeth Hill. Check it out: Tampa's Recycle Regatta A Wet Race To The Scrap Heap.

And they're off! Mr. Hughes helps the S.S. Hughes
into the water for its first competition.
Mr. Chris Hughes was excited to see
the vessel christened the S.S. Hughes
in his honor.

Students use the Aurasma iPad app to create documentaries embedded in hand turkeys
from their experiences
at Plimouth Plantation in Boston.

During the 8th grade Boston trip, students were able to visit Plimoth Plantation and interact with living history actors who portrayed the pilgrims as they existed in 1627. The 8th graders documented their interviews and recently created mini documentaries about their experience using traditional hand turkeys and the iPad app, Aurasma. Each hand turkey on display outside Mr. Fowler's class has an embedded, student-created documentary containing videos of the pilgrims and Wamponaugs on site at Plimoth Plantation using the app. Come check them out!
PCA Founder Jim Thompson speaks to
parents about how to transform the culture
of youth and high school sports.

Last week, the Peifer Library was the scene of a fabulous presentation for parents. The Athletic Department and the Parent Education Committee of the TPPA sponsored an evening with the Positive Coaching Alliance featuring Mr. Jim Thompson, PCA's founder, and Eric Eisendrath. PCA's mission is to transform the culture of youth and high school sports so every athlete can have a positive, character-building experience. Mr. Thompson began by speaking about "relentless positivity" and how through personal experience he has seen the power of positivity and what it can do. Attendees received a copy of the book The High School Sports Parent and learned solutions to some of youth sports' most perplexing problems. To watch the entire presentation, visit

Check out this Bay News 9 story about our partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance: Providing Tools For Athlete Success.

Kevin Plummer with Gail and Lou Bernucca following the
naming ceremony for the Bernucca Learning Studio.

On Monday, November 10, Tampa Prep held a naming ceremony and thanked donors Gail and Lou Bernucca for their generosity as they unveiled the Bernucca Learning Studio. Located at the entrance to the 6th grade wing, the space houses desktop computers and features a green screen wall. Students are often seen studying, collaborating or even simply socializing in this newly created room. The Bernucca Learning Studio was named in honor of Mr. Bernucca's mother, Amelia Bernucca, as a tribute to her belief in the importance of education.
Last week, the 8th grade class went on their annual pilgrimage to the Boston area for an exploration into American history and literature. They visited many of the sites they learned about in class and were given the unique chance of turning New England into their own classroom.

Students explore the Quincy Market
along the Freedom Trail.
Discovering Fall leaves was a high point
for the students!

While in Boston, the students hiked along the Freedom Trail, touring the home of Paul Revere and doing an early morning climb up the Bunker Hill Monument. Along the way, they visited the newly dedicated Edgar Allan Poe statue and rode the ducks at the Make Way for Ducklings statue in the Boston Public Garden. 

Relaxing by Walden Pond was enjoyable for both students and chaperones.

They also traveled outside of Boston to Lexington and Concord where they conducted a cemetery investigation at an old colonial graveyard and then had a reflective lunch and hike at Walden Pond. In Salem, they visited the Salem Witch Museum and toured the secret passages at the creepy House of the Seven Gables. On the final day, they visited Plymoth Plantation and "ate like a pilgrim" by eating foods from the 1600s and even using proper etiquette of the time. Students braved their first taste of Indian pudding which is a liquidy concoction of cornmeal, molasses, spices and cream.

 Students tour the Salem Witch Museum and explore
the secret passages at the House of Seven Gables.
 Students visit the Paul Revere statue
near the Old North Church in Boston.

On numerous occasions, the 8th graders took full advantage of the Fall weather and dove into the fallen leaves. At Lexington, students recreated the opening shots of the American Revolution with a leaf pile they had found!

All in all it was a great trip and the 8th graders created some great memories for themselves!

 Seth S. channels his inner
Presidential spirit at the JFK Library.
 Students conduct a cemetery investigation
at Lexington and Concord.

 The Tampa Prep Chorale performs
"When Peace Shall Come" while holding
the special Patriotic Terrapin.

 Members of Students for Seniors and Mr. Bradshaw
speak to Mr. and Mrs. Rohrer about their
before the Assembly begins.

On Veterans Day, the Tampa Prep community came together to celebrate the courageous men, women and their families who have served in the United States Armed Forces. To start off the Assembly, Students for Seniors officers Miriam McCarger, Catie Chapman and Noah Robinson introduced and spoke about a couple who they met through their club's visits at Grand Court, Mr. and Mrs. Rohrer. The students summarized Mr. and Mrs. Rohrer's experiences serving in World War 2 and the assembled student body responded by offering them a standing ovation.

Following this touching presentation by the students, the Chorale sang a beautiful version of the Star Spangled Banner. Mr. Plummer shared historical notes about Veterans Day and introduced the new Patriotic Terrapin. The Chorale then sang When Peace Shall Come. After an introduction by Reilly Cardillo, the Chamber Chorus sang In Flanders Field with accompaniment by the Strings Ensemble. Mr. Plummer asked faculty and staff who have had a family member serve in the Armed Forces. Everyone was surprised to see approximately 60% of the entire Assembly stand!

After the moving vocal performances, the Tampa Prep Band played It's A Long Way to Tipperary, followed by a medley of the march songs of all the branches of the Armed Forces. During the each branch's song, students and faculty were asked to stand if they had a family member serve with that branch. It was a thought-provoking experience which caused students and faculty to learn more about the community members of Tampa Prep. It was interesting to see friends and co-workers find out they have family who served in the same military branch!

Mr. David Mann introduced
Cullen Muir's performance of "Dulce et Decorum Est"
by the British poet Wilfred Owen.

Following the musical performances, Mr. David Mann reminded the audience that Tampa Prep has many members of its community from different countries who have their own experiences with war. Mr. Mann introduced Cullen Muir who read the emotional poem Gassed by John Singer Sargent. Following the poem, the audience watched a video created by TPTV of faculty members and students sharing personal stories and pictures of the veterans in their lives. Mr. Chad Lewis and Mr. Mike Flynn spoke about their own personal experiences serving in the Armed Forces and what they learned during their time in the military. It was nice for students to hear from their teachers and coaches about their own personal experiences with serving or having a family member serve in the military. To view the video of Tampa Prep community members sharing their personal experience, click here.

Following the Assembly, there was a lot of conversation between both students and faculty members of their own experiences with family or friends serving in the military. The Assembly allowed the community to celebrate, acknowledge and thank those veterans and families within the Tampa Prep community for their sacrifices during their time served.

Miriam M, Catie C and Noah R. introduce
Tampa Prep's special guests
Mr. and Mrs. Rohrer.
The Chamber Chorus and String Ensemble
perform "In Flanders Field."
Olivia S. performs in full themed
attire and makeup.
Bailee Booser, the makeup instructor, helps EJ A. prepare
for the Halloween event!

The evening before Halloween, Tampa Prep theater students came together to perform in a special Halloween Theater Showcase. There was a Haunted House, Ghoulish Fashion Show and a Gory Buffet for guests to enjoy. The evening showcased the students' talents in acting, makeup design, stage and lighting design and prop design.

The Ghoulish Fashion Show was a spooky success!

Students walked in the Ghoulish Fashion Show to display the makeup and costumes worn by the actors. Guests could browse through a graveyard and snack on themed food items cooked by both students and parents. To close the show, students dressed to theme performed a few musical numbers.

Carly S. and Nikki M. walk in the
Fashion Show showcasing
their costume and
makeup designs.
Chorus members impress the crowd with their vocal talents.

Students from Tampa Prep and Academy Prep join together
for this inspirational concert with Academy Prep's conductor Mr. Keith Allen.

Academy Prep and Tampa Prep music students came together to perform at "Voices Rising" to raise financial support for Academy Prep graduates attending Tampa Prep. With the event close to Veterans Day, the theme of the afternoon was "America - Of Thee I Sing." The musical performances delighted guests as Tampa Prep and Academy Prep students joined forces in this inspirational concert. From the a capella singing of our National Anthem to the rousing combined choir presenting No Mountain High Enough, this was indeed a special afternoon of music which raised nearly $12,000 of financial resources. If you could not make it to the concert, check out the recording of the entire performance here. Congratulations and thank you to all who participated!
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