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 Zach W. and Lucy M. test out the Bernoulli's Principle
by blowing fast-moving air between the cans.

Students in Ms. Calvin's Science class demonstrated Bernoulli's Principle by using two cans hanging from the ceiling this week. This Principle states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. To demonstrate, students blew fast-moving air between the cans. Since the pressure is moving from an area of high concentration to low concentration, the air outside the cans is high and the fast moving air between the cans makes the pressure low which pushes the cans together. What a great activity to see Bernoulli's Principle in action!
Team 727D competes with their
alliance in the quarterfinals.

On Saturday, February 21, 55 high school teams competed for nine spots for VEX Worlds at the USF Sun Dome at the VEX High School Divsion State Championships. Tampa Prep had two teams, Team 727B, represented by Parker Freedman, Colin Kubisiak, Trevor Glynn and Adam Hunter and Team 727D, represented by Xander Spriggs, Tristen Mee, Nick Murphy and Karen Hou.

The competition was fierce and after the five qualification rounds, both our teams were ranked high, but not high enough to qualify as team captains. Eventually 727D was picked to partner with the 7th seeded alliance because of the particular skill set of the robot - the ability to score two cubes in tandem on the perimeter posts. However, they were not able to advance past the quarterfinals and lost in 3 hard-fought matches. Congratulations to both of these robotics teams on a great season and making it to the State Championship!
Students measure rice and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to include in bags for families in need.

Each year, Middle School students take a morning to give back to the Tampa Bay community during Terrapin Day. To view more Terrapin Day pictures, check out the Facebook album at This year, sixth grade students worked with ECHO of Brandon (Emergency Care Help Organization) to help families in need. Students put together bags for homeless people which included a bottle of water, cereal bar, toothbrush and toothpaste, rice, beans, cards and a peanut butter sandwich. The students also decorated the bags with uplifting and encouraging messages.

Students spend time with the students at Rosa Valdez Center and A Brighter Community Preschool.

Seventh and eighth graders spent the morning with the students at Rosa Valdez Center or A Brighter Community Preschool (divide by advising group). Tampa Prep students worked with their students both in the classroom and on the playground. On the playground, the Terrapins helped the younger students ride bikes, slam dunk basketballs and play games. It was a fun and rewarding morning for the students to spend time with younger students who looked up to them.

At Metropolitan Ministries and Feeding America Tampa Bay,
students sorted and stocked donations of all kinds!

Eighth graders volunteered at Metropolitan Ministries and Feeding America Tampa Bay. At both locations, students sorted donations and stocked the pantry shelves. At Metropolitan Ministries, students worked with their clients to find and pack groceries. It is important for students to spend time volunteering and giving back to those in need, demonstrating Tampa Prep's mission of "a preparation for life with a higher purpose than self."
The Declamations speakers wowed the audience
with their incredible presence while presenting.

Each year, Tampa Prep students perform a Declamation address to their English class. Middle School students memorize and perform a short story, speech or monologue from an existing piece, while Upper School students must write their own speeches. After performing to a panel of judges and their classes, a group of grade-level finalists are selected to give their Declamation in front of their entire grade. After another intense round of voting, a student (sometimes two) are chosen to represent their grade in front of the entire Tampa Prep community at the Declamations Assembly. If you were unable to make the Declamations Assembly or would like to rewatch a speech, check out the video recorded by TPTV Live at

Luke B., Ashley S. and Adam S. memorized and performed their pieces very well!

This year, Luke Blair performed an entertaining version of the short story, "Where the Wild Things Are." Ashley Shimberg recited the story, "Olivia and the Missing Toy" by Ian Falconer with excitement. Adam Shimberg presented a heartfelt monologue from "The Breakfast Club." Each of these students presented their Declamation with incredible poise and gusto.

The Upper School students presented incredibly well-written and expressive speeches. Caleb Quezon wrote his speech about things that annoy him, such as teachers taking the elevator, waiters who believe he is young enough to eat off the children's menu at restaurants, people who stereotype him because of his race and intolerance. He encouraged his peers to focus on the things that bring everyone together instead of the differences that keep people apart.

Caleb Q. and Will S. entertain the audience with humorous, but also serious Declamation speeches.

Will Stokes expressed his thoughts on being adopted. He clarified that adoption is not like a sad puppy commercial or like the musical Annie. He shared that his adoptive family has given him his values, morals and his life, while his biological family gave him his genes, but he does not know who they are. Will recognizes that his family could not be more perfect for him because they support everything that he wants to do.

Audrey Carver spoke about how Twitter is used by her generation and the value it brings to learning. She mentioned that her teachers did not have the accessibility to information that students enjoy today through Google, Twitter and social media platforms. She encouraged all students to understand that Twitter ties the world together for information sharing and symbolizes her opportunity to discover new ideas.

Mia B. and Audrey C. speak about topics that are important to them,
the importance of being yourself and the value of learning.

Mia Borlongan presented about what she would wish for if a genie were to give her three wishes. First, she would wish for the ability to speed up and go back in time. For her second wish, she wishes to be perfect in everyone's eyes, but then amended her wish to be the best version of her. For her last wish, she gave the wish to her audience, so we can all shape our lives into something extraordinary and wish for our deepest desire, but to make it count.

Ariana Mosely shared personal experiences with racism that have affected her and her family. From being refused service in a restaurant to her father being worried about her acceptance to the Air Force Academy, Ariana reminded Tampa Prep that there is a still long way to go before everyone is treated equally. She listed everyday examples that may be overlooked as racism, such as friends telling her that she will get into any college because of her race. She encouraged everyone to take hurtful words by others and make them meaningless. Ariana spoke about the strength that she gets from her mother and how she hopes her sisters never experience the type of racism that she has encountered during her life.

Ariana M. and Reed F. represented the senior class spectacularly
during the Declamations Assembly.

Reed Forehand spoke about his lack of a gourmet sandwich experience at Subway restaurants. The decor, choosing the bread, the customer service and the other customers were all mentioned in this comedic speech. Anyone who has ever eaten at Subway could identify with at least one experience that Reed referenced.

Students prepare to compete in Cretamen. Annalise J. submitted this incredible drawing.

Over the President's Day weekend, sixteen Middle School Latin students joined Upper School students at the annual Regional Latin Forum at Robinson High School. The Forum is an event that draws the top Latin and ancient history students from all around Hillsborough County together to compete against one another. Students demonstrated their academic expertise by taking various tests and displayed their creative prowess by submitting art projects, models, drawings and costumes related to the ancient world.
Aidan A. built a Temple of Neptune for the competition.

Tampa Prep was well represented and had six of its Middle School students take home awards:  
  • Elizabeth Aber placed 1st in Hellenic History
  • Chase Renninger placed 2nd in Hellenic History
  • Kristof Acs placed 3rd in Hellenic History
  • Ethan Graff placed 4th in Hellenic History
  • Ryan Curtis placed 1st in Boys Costumes 5th - 9th grade
  • Reagan Curtis placed 3rd in Girls Costumes 5th - 9th grade
This weekend, the Tampa Prep National Junior Classical League spent a gratifying day of competition in the Region VII Latin Forum at Robinson High School. The Upper Division chapter had 24 students in competition in academic and creative contests, with injuries and scheduling keeping us from the Olympika.

Congratulations to members of the team
on their successes!
Adrian O. who is the Standard Bearer
with his dramatic poster.

With a relatively small group of competitors, we had great successes, led (not just alphabetically) by:
  • NJCL Chapter Consul Mia Borlongan: 2nd in Customs, Adv. (Academic test); 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation Prose, Female—The Sabine Women Stop Rome's 1st War; on the 2nd place Advanced Certamen team.
  • David Bozeman:  4th in Hellenic History, Adv. (Academic test)
  • Nick Buhite: 3rd in Geography, Adv. (Academic test); 1st in Games, Grades 10-12; on the 2nd place Advanced Certamen team. Nick's game, Corvi et Insulae, based on the naval battles of the 1st Punic War won him his 4th first place in the Games category at Regional Forum.
  • Conor Danahy: 1st in Miscellaneous, Grades 10-12; Conor built an arca (Roman safe) out of steel with a workable Roman locking mechanism. This is the second time he has earned 1st place in this category.
  • Lauren Danahy: 2nd in Greek Derivatives II (Academic test)
  • Quint Gordon: 3rd in Illustrated Booklet, Grades 10-12, The Myth of Arion
  • Alexander Lawson: 2nd in History of the Empire II (Academic test); 1st in Maps, Grades 10-12, with a map showing all the legion bases in the history of the Empire with the names of the legions and the ancient and modern names.
  • Elias Latimer: 3rd in Painting, Grades 10-12 with Face of Ares, God of War; acrylic and enamel on paper.
  • Adrian O'Sullivan: 2nd in Charts & Posters, Grades 10-12, with Know Your Weaknesses—an  arrow-pierced heel and fallen helmet; on the 2nd place Advanced Certamen team.
  • Rammi Quah: 2nd in Mythology, Adv. (Academic test); on the 2nd place Advanced Certamen team
  • Kataryna Restrepo: 1st in Derivatives II (Academic test); 3rd in Miscellaneous, Grades 10-12; Kataryna used the skills she learned in Ms. Ashworth's Craft and Design class to make a Hellenistic flower crown in sheet metal.
  • Bianca Rivera-Irions: 2nd in Hellenic History II (Academic test)
  • Luke Smith: 3rd in Couples Costume—Hephaestus and Aphrodite, Grades 10-12
  • Abagail Sponsler: 4th in Illustrated Booklet, Grades 10-12, A Roman Cookbook
  • Angela Vari: 3rd in Derivatives II (Academic test); 2nd in Textile Arts, Grades 5-9; Angela designed and stitched a sampler in praise of Minerva, goddess of Wisdom, Strategy, and the Textile Arts.
  • Ty Weathers: 4th in Reading Comprehension, Adv. (Academic test); 3rd in Couples Costume—Hephaestus and Aphrodite, Grades 10-12
  • Zach Welch: 5th in Maps, Grades 5-9; Zach's map showed the presence of other religions in the Roman Empire in the 1st century CE.
  • Ian Weiner: 3rd place in Charts & Posters, Grades 10-12; Ian researched and presented in pie chart form the amount of time and fronts the Romans ehgaged in war between 200 and1 BCE and the USA between 1800 and 2000 CE.
  • Brian Wiggins: 2nd in Latin Literature II (Academic test)

    Conor D.'s arca (Roman safe) out of steel came
    in 1st place for the second time!
Overall, the Tampa Prep team took 2nd in the college bowl-style quiz game, Certamen in the Advanced Division. The total points scored earned the team 2nd place in the Creative contests and 3rd place overall (without entering any Olympika event!). Congratulations to all of the students involved!
 The Mini Melodies share the heartwarming
message of Christina Augilera's "Beautiful".
 Members of the cast of "Little Women" perform a song
from their upcoming performance.

Last Friday, Tampa Prep welcomed over 300 grandparents and special friends to the school for a morning full of performances and fun! Following a continental breakfast, grandparents attended a Welcoming Assembly beginning with Mr. Plummer thanking all of the grandparents and special friends for being there and being involved in the students' lives. Mr. Plummer ended his opening remarks with his favorite Tampa Prep cheer, "We Are Tampa Prep!"
Eleven student groups performed and impressed the audience with their incredible talent. Along with the Upper School Concert and Chamber Choruses and the Middle School Chorus, two breakout groups, the Barbershop Quartet and the Mini Melodies, showcased what they have been working on throughout the year. Upper and Middle School Bands and the String Orchestra had incredibly beautiful performances. The Middle School dancers performed an upbeat routine to "Uptown Funk" which left the crowd dancing in their seats.

 Middle School dancers impress the audience
with their moves.
Ms. Kerri Grosso welcomes grandparents
and friends to her class. 

Members of the cast of Little Women performed a sneak peek of their musical opening Thursday, February 26. To reserve your tickets to the show, visit To end the show, the Middle and Upper School Choruses performed a spectacular version of "Don't Stop Believin'". Check out a clip from that video on Instagram. Grandparents were enchanted with the musical and theatrical talents of the Tampa Prep students. TPTV students filmed the entire Assembly, check out all of the performances here.

 Students and their grandparents use iPads
in class as part of a game.
 Grandparents play a board game
in U.S. Geography that was created
by their grandchild.

Following the Assembly, grandparents were welcomed into their students' classes to experience a day in the life of a Tampa Prep student. Many teachers planned fun, interactive activities for the grandparents. In Mrs. Sanford's class, grandparents played board games that student created about U.S. geography. In Ms. Queen's French class, grandparents and their students used iPads to play an interactive quiz game. It was a fun morning for the grandparents, students and teachers! For students who have a Study Hall in the morning, grandparents could attend a presentation by Mr. Carlson highlighting Declamations and the TPTV program.

 Grandparents watch a student give his Declamation
speech from "Where the Wild Things Are".
 Grandparents spent time in Art classes seeing
their students' latest masterpiece!

After attending a few classes, grandparents and their grandchildren spent more time together, enjoying lunch in the Walter Athletic Complex. Grandparents who have traveled the furthest (Iceland and Minnesota!) and grandparents who have been attending Tampa Prep's Grandparents Day the longest (10 years) were given gifts to thank them for attending. It is always heartwarming to see our students with their grandparents and special friends. Students love showing off their school and the hard work that they have been doing all year. What a great day to be a Terrapin!

Congratulations to both the Tau and Phi teams
for a great Regional competition!

The Science Olympiad teams competed against twenty-two other teams in the Science Olympiad Regional competition at the HCC Brandon campus this past weekend. At the competition, teams must compete in twenty-three different events in the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics. The Tampa Prep Tau team took first place at the competition and will be moving to States. The students weren't the only winners at the competition, Mrs. Ginger Chapman received the Outstanding Coach award for the fourth year in a row!

Members of the Tau team include: Hannah Campo (Team Captain), Claire Bengtson, Catie Chapman, McKinley Chapman, Meredith Cook (Vice-Captain), Reed Forehand,Tristan Harris, Xhengxi (Karen) Hou, Kaj Johnson-Kuchina, Harrison Lorenzen, Tristen Mee, Molly Monsour, Noah Robinson, Xander Spriggs and Zixin (Cindy) Zheng.
Members of the Phi team include: Conor Danahy, Alice Hamilton, Jana Henson, Colin Kubisiak, Cole Minski, Aloki Patel, Rammi Quah, Kataryna Restrepo, Bianca Rivera-Irions, Dana Robinson, Jade Scott, Pranav Sharat, Talis Spriggs, Kris Suarez and Allison Wu. 

Special thanks go to Andrea Seymore and KK Quah for supervising events at the Regional tournament and to Julie and Pater Campo, Shirley Hamilton and Susannah Robinson for chaperoning. Thanks also to everyone who helped to mentor the students for events: Leyla Aponte and her husband Dr. Joel Fernandez, Brian Williams and Ben Hall.
Students work together to use the Gizmos app to manipulate factors
that change the population of rabbits.

Sixth grade students in Ms. Grosso's class have been studying how different factors can affect a change in population. To learn about this concept in a real-life situation, students used the Gizmos app to simulate a real habitat of rabbits. In the experiment, students manipulated different factors to understand how the rabbit populatation changes based on the factors they change. Students worked in groups of two with one iPad running the Gizmos app and another student filled out a worksheet on their iPad.
Students use the Aurasma iPad app to create documentaries embedded in hand turkeys
from their experiences
at Plimouth Plantation in Boston.

During the 8th grade Boston trip, students were able to visit Plimoth Plantation and interact with living history actors who portrayed the pilgrims as they existed in 1627. The 8th graders documented their interviews and recently created mini documentaries about their experience using traditional hand turkeys and the iPad app, Aurasma. Each hand turkey on display outside Mr. Fowler's class has an embedded, student-created documentary containing videos of the pilgrims and Wamponaugs on site at Plimoth Plantation using the app. Come check them out!
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