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The Admissions Office: Mrs. Honneger, Mr. Facciolo
and Ms. Quinn prepare for the Open House.
Mrs. Calvin and Ms. Grosso give a tour
of the renovated Middle School space.

Many students and faculty members volunteered to assist in the recent Open House hosted by the Admissions Office. Students gave tours, spoke to prospective students and shared their experiences as Terrapins. Families interested in the Upper School and the Middle School attended specific tracks to see presentations relevant to their potential Tampa Prep experience.
Thank you to all of the students who volunteered to give tours and welcome prospective families!

Students Mia Borlongan and Daniel Castro spoke about what it is like to be a student leader and Hannah Fredlake and Marcus Ransom spoke about what it is like to be a student-athlete at Tampa Prep. Many faculty members and senior administrators presented about their area of expertise from teaching styles, technology, what happens after graduation and much more! With performances by the Upper School band and chorus, the prospective families left Tampa Prep with a full understanding of what it means to be a Terrapin and be part of the Tampa Prep community.
The Upper School Chorus and Band wowed the prospective families with their incredible talents.

Seniors hear from established professionals in a variety of fields during the Careers Program.

Seniors attended the 2015 Careers Program and came away with some important advice about their futures: The best kind of work to choose for a career is the work that inspires you and fuels your passion.

Seniors commented, "Now I feel like have more options for the future than I thought I did," and, "It's ok to not know what you want to do right now. It's important to explore your interests." Another said, "It was cool how everyone loved their jobs." Many seniors expressed surprise that the adults defined success as discovering your passion and finding work in a field they love.

The importance of networking and hard work was repeated again and again. One student commented, "Connecting is everything - they all said it." Alex Walter '97 said, "Work hard and be nice to everyone you meet along the way." Craig Federer '06 said, "Never stop working hard. Even when you are looking for work, that's work."

Presenters speak to the seniors about the importance of networking
and being nice to everyone along the way.

According to the Program Evaluation completed by seniors, the overriding words of advice that seniors remembered are, "Finding out what you love often takes time and can change from one thing to another, but doing what you love is what makes you happy."

Thank you to the following presenters for attending the Careers Program!

Ben Montgomery, Reporter, Tampa Bay Times
Mac Guidera '94, Executive Social Workforce Strategist, IBM
Noah Chestnut '03, Product Lead, Buzzfeed News App
(via SKYPE)
Sharona Ross, M.D., Surgeon, Endoscopic Gastroenterology
Michael Leeds, Owner, Shagbark Properties
Frank Rodriguez, Owner ES Creative, Video,
motion graphics and branding
Anddrikk Frazier '94, Owner Integral Energy,
alt energy
Brittany Sellers '04, doctoral candidate, Sustainability UCF
Alyssa Shafii '00 Campbell, MS, CCC-SLP,
Speech language pathologist
Graig Paglieri, Chief Delivery Officer, Kforce
Laura Maniscalco '89 Delise, Executive Vice President, Heartbeat International Foundation
Dana Friedlander '87, Criminal Defense Attorney
Craig Federer '06, Financial Advisor, Raymond James
Hugh Gross '84, Detective Hillsborough County
Sheriff's Dept
Alex Walter '97, Owner Walson Ventures
John Terry '84, Assistant State Attorney,
Hillsborough County
Michael Lokey '95, Owner Sunshine Biofuels,
Green My Fleet

Robotics students show Lightning fans how
to operate their student-built robots.
ThunderBug and Earnest beat the
official drum to signify the opening
of Amalie Arena.

On Saturday, January 17, the Terrapins took over Amalie Arena for the Tampa Bay Lightning game against the Colorado Avalanche to celebrate the school's 40th Anniversary and new partnership with the Lightning. Tampa Prep sold over 850 tickets to the game with faculty members, alumni, families, friends and two private receptions cheering on the Tampa Bay Lightning. When the fans arrived, they were greeted on Thunder Alley with a robotics demonstration, stress ball hockey puck giveaway and a raffle for a week free at Camp Terrapin. Lightning fans could test drive student-built robots and watch themselves thanks to the live video that TPTV students were filming during the demonstration. When it was time to open the doors to Lightning fans, Tampa Prep's own Earnest beat the drum with the Tampa Bay Lightning ThunderBug signifying the Arena was open and ready for the game!

Mr. Kevin Plummer and Mr. Jeff Vinik welcome
the Terrapins to Amalie Arena for the big game.
The Tampa Prep community celebrates
the school's 40th Anniversary
on the Bud Light Party Deck.

After checking out the Thunder Alley area, Terrapins headed up to the Bud Light Party Deck for a pre-party like no other. Tampa Prep attendees were welcomed by Mr. Kevin Plummer and Prep parent, Mr. Jeff Vinik who expressed their excitement for the upcoming game and continued Tampa Prep and Lightning partnership. Families, friends, alumni and faculty enjoyed complimentary food and drinks while enjoying the view of the Tampa skyline and the company of other Terrapins. TPTV students interviewed members of the Tampa Prep community while they were on the Party Deck, check out the interviews, Mr. Plummer and Mr. Vinik's speeches and The Star Spangled Banner sung by Tampa Prep students here: TPTV Lightning Interviews.

To begin the game, Jonah Watson, Reilly Cardillo, Kamryn B. and Brian W. impressed the crowd with their a capella version of The Star Spangled Banner. Throughout the first period, TPTV students were interviewing Lightning fans about their favorite players and cheers at Section 112, as well as signing up Lightning fans for a raffle for a free week of Camp Terrapin. Check out the footage of these interviews here: TPTV at the Lightning.

Brian W., Reilly C., Jonah W. and Kamryn B. sang
a beautiful a capella arrangement
of "The Star Spangled Banner".
Tarik T. and Caneel D. interview
Lightning fans on the concourse.

After an exciting first period, robotics students and Mr. Plummer took to the ice for a Man vs. Machine shootout between a student-built robot and Mr. Plummer. With Mr. Plummer outscoring the robot, it was decided that Man won this time. Following the shootout, Tampa Prep students, Earnest and Ms. Hehn climbed into the Fan Zamboni for a ride around the ice in front of the Lightning's fans.

Robotics students prepare their robot on the ice
for the Man vs. Machine shootout.
Earnest, Owen F., Kimberly F., Lexi B.,
Ms. Hehn and Andrew W. ride the Zamboni
during the first intermission of the game.

Throughout the night, Andrew Weiss worked with the Lightning's social media team as the official Social Media Captain of the Game! Make sure to check out his Twitter account for tweets about everything that was going on. While on social media, make sure to check out #BoltsTerps for pictures submitted throughout the Tampa Prep community from the game! Also view the Facebook album for pictures from the night.

The game ended in a tie and went into an overtime shootout. The Lightning came out ahead with a shootout win! It was a great night to celebrate the 40th Anniversary and Tampa Prep's new partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Go Bolts!

Students work together to use the Gizmos app to manipulate factors
that change the population of rabbits.

Sixth grade students in Ms. Grosso's class have been studying how different factors can affect a change in population. To learn about this concept in a real-life situation, students used the Gizmos app to simulate a real habitat of rabbits. In the experiment, students manipulated different factors to understand how the rabbit populatation changes based on the factors they change. Students worked in groups of two with one iPad running the Gizmos app and another student filled out a worksheet on their iPad.
Dali Museum Docent Mrs. Woodworth visited
AP European History to help prepare students
for their visit.

In preparation for the annual AP European History field trip to the Holocaust and Dali Museums in St. Petersburg, AP Euro students read and discussed the Holocaust and watched the 1956 documentary Night and Fog by Alain Resnais. They also did research and presented on a Dali painting of their choice. Dali Museum Docent, Sandy Woodsworth came to Tampa Prep the day before the trip to talk to the classes to help familiarize the students with the collection before touring the museum.  Mrs. Woodsworth was a hit; not only was she passionate and knowledgable, she came bearing gifts. The students were given little rubber duckies sporting the iconic Dali mustache as well as finger tattoos and necklaces of the mustache. At the museum, the students had a great time learning about the paintings that they had presented on and many more Dali works of art.

 Mr. Chris Maraghy joins Katie C. and Alexa S.
for a performance!
 Moriah L. and Kelsey C. opened up
Black Box Unplugged after being the
student organizers for the past 4 years.

Black Box Unplugged, hosted by Student Council, was held last week in the Black Box. A large crowd filled the Smith Black Box Theater to hear students showcase a variety of musical talent. Student Council members Moriah Lavey and Kelsey Crumpton introduced the performers. Moriah Lavey and Kelsey Crumpton have been the student organizers of Black Box Unplugged for the past four years, and opened the show with an amazing rendition of "Lose Yourself." Student Council served complimentary pizza and hot chocolate during intermission.

The audience was wowed by vocalists Emma Dunne, Lexi Bishop, Taylor Tveten, Will Stokes, Jana Henson, and Caleb Quezon. Group performances included Dominic Preta and his younger brother, Hans, Mona Sleiman and Catie Chapman, Robert Lower and Neethi Narasimha, Julianne Hatton and Robert Lower, Julianne Hatton and Amy Roher, Drew and Reese McCullough and the amazing four year performers Reese McCullough, Reilly Cardillo, and Talis Spriggs. Katie Collins and Alexa Steele, with special guest Chris Maraghy, also performed! Mr. Maraghy also played a solo number for the audience. 

This annual event has grown into a wonderful evening for students, faculty and families. This was an evening that truly exemplifies our students creating, being themselves and going beyond! Student Council would like to thank sound engineers Chris Hughes and Harry Lorenzen, the performers, and the 9th grade advisors who served as the evening's chaperones.

 Brothers Dominic P. and Hans perform together well.
Jana H. impresses the audience
with her musical ability.

Brooke Martin and Zach Burmeister are awarded the
2015 Appreneur Scholar Award by Robin Raskin in Living in Digital Times
and Elim Kay of the Kay Family Foundation.

Recent alum Zach Burmeister was recently awarded the 2015 Appreneur Scholar Award by Living in Digital Times for the creation of his cutting-edge SmartTest Pro app that he created while he was a student at Tampa Prep last year. The Appreneur Scholar Award recognizes the creative efforts of student-built applications running on any of the current mobile app devices including iOS, Android, Windows 8, as well as smartwatches/wristwear, Google Glass and other emerging platforms. Tampa Prep could not be more proud of the app and business Zach has created during his senior year of the Upper School and the freshman year at the University of Denver. For more information about the award and Zach's app, read Young App Developers Presented 2015 Appreneur Scholar Award by Living in Digital Times.

Students work in groups to create edible maps of the physical features of North America.

Students in Mrs. Sanford's 6th grade Geography class recently started to learn about the physical features of North America. To be quizzed on this subjects, the students used a variety of candy including rice crispy treats, reeses, chocolate chips, fruit roll ups and icing to create edible maps of these features. Rice Krispy treats were used to represent the base and the students used different types of candy to represent the important mountains, plains and waterways. After each group member could correctly locate all of the features on their map, they were allowed to eat their delicious creations!

After creating the maps, Mrs. Sanford quizzed each group member to make sure they knew
where each feature was on their map.


EDspaces groups watch a video about our renovations and
tour the Schlemmer Family Engineering and Robotic Center.

Tampa Prep was proud to be selected as one of three locations for the Educational Facility Tour coordinated by the EDspaces Conference and Expo for Innovative Learning Environments. The tours feature unique centers for learning in the Tampa area. Tour participants included architects, interior designers, school officials and education equipment leaders from all over the country including two from Panama. Mr. Plummer, along with Peter and Debbie Hepner, Tampa Prep's architects, led the tour, and attendees were impressed with our Middle School transformation into Active Learning Environments and Prep's state-of-art Robotics, STEM and College Counseling enhancements.

One of the benefits of the later start to the school day is the opportunity for Tampa Prep's faculty to collaborate in morning meetings. Today teachers participated in technology sessions, sharing some of the products they have been using on iPads in classrooms. The collaboration allows teachers to learn from others who have used new applications in  classes and discuss the benefits for various subjects. As our teachers share the latest trends in the ever-evolving technology available for educators, they model lifelong learning for our students, who reap the benefits of these sessions in classes each day.

Mrs. Bridges-Pereira demonstrates how to use an app
to create games for fun, interactive learning.

Faculty members create avatars during a session
about video creation and interactive tools.

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