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Students had a fantastic time dancing the night away at Homecoming!

Student Council sponsored the Homecoming Dance last Saturday at the downtown Tampa Hilton. The theme "A Night in Paris" included a 17-foot tall lit Eiffel Tower, lit entrance arch and white flower accents. The Upper School students danced and enjoyed the night, with the announcement of the Homecoming Prince and Princess and King and Queen adding to the excitement. Thanks to the generosity of the International Diamond Center, all members of the Court were presented with gifts, and the winning royalty received beautiful crowns!

The Homecoming Court included King candidates EJ Ahanotu, Frankie Ferrara, Waleed Khan and Nick Pullara; Queen candidates Reilly Cardillo, Caneel Dixon, Maria Souza and Emma Williams; Prince Candidates Nick Brabant, Cameron Carlson, Juwan Durham and Seth Shimberg; Princess candidates Gracie Goltermann, Brooks Anne Harris, Avery Schlemmer and Emily Souza

Congratulations to our junior Prince and Princess Juwan Durham and Emily Souza and to our senior King and Queen Waleed Khan and Reilly Cardillo!

Homecoming Princess Emily S. and Queen Reilly C.
are crowned next to the large Eiffel Tower.
Coco H. and Jared L. stand beneath
the impressive arch entryway.

Mr. Elhadji Toure speaks in French to the French Club about his
growing up in Senegal.

Mr. Elhadji Toure, Tampa Prep's Network Manager, visited the Upper School French Club this week. Mr. Toure presented in French about Senegal, which is where he is from, and answered questions that the students had about the country and Mr. Toure's language studies. Students enjoyed speaking to someone from a French speaking country about his experience, his culture and home. Tampa Prep is proud to have such a diverse faculty, so students are able to continue cultural studies with faculty members from outside the United States. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Toure!

Ms. Queen recently attended the 45th Annual Conference of the Florida Foreign Language Association. She attended professional sessions on flipped classrooms, using authentic resources and technology trends for language learning. Ms. Queen presented a session at the conference about using iPads in World Languages to promote creative classroom collaboration. Continuing professional development throughout the year is an important part of being a Tampa Prep faculty member.
(L - R) Mr. Kevin Plummer meets with past Presidents: 
Kim Buchanan,
current President Gail Bernucca, John Rains, III,
Cathy Smith
and Chris Peifer.

Last week, former Presidents of the Tampa Prep Board of Trustees gathered for the annual Past Presidents' Lunch and an update on all the incredible things happening at Tampa Prep. The former Presidents met with Kevin Plummer and toured the school to see the new Middle School faciilities in action. Continuing a relationship with past Presidents of the Board is very important to the Tampa Prep community and is an incredible opportunity for Tampa Prep leaders to learn from leaders of the past.
Congratulations to the Thespains on a great competition!

The Tampa Prep Thespian Honor Society recently participated in the annual Individual Events Competition for Hillsborough county. With over 900 students competing in over 1000 performances, this event is huge! Tampa Prep's troupe performed magnificently across the board. Though all of their performances were stellar, with 12 events entered, six received the highest rating of Superior, five performances received an Excellent rating and one performance received a Good rating. Tampa Prep is excited to have received six Superior ratings, which is the rating that a performance must receive to move on to the State Competition. All Thespian Honor Society members will attend the State Competition, but Catie Clark, Harrison Lorenzen, Olivia Sargent, Will Stokes, Eli Watson and Jonah Watson will perform their Superior rated pieces at the State Level! Congratulations to all participants!

Terrapins immersed themselves in Tampa Prep pride during Spirit Week, sponsored by Student Council. Middle and Upper School students planned theme days for their peers and faculty. To view all of the Spirit Week pictures, check out the Middle School Spirit Week Facebook album and the Upper School Spirit Week Facebook album!

To end Spirit Week, Student Council hosted a Pep Rally following dismissal on Friday. During the Pep Rally, all Middle and Upper School fall sports were announced and recognized for their successes throughout the season. One of the highlights of the Pep Rally was the Just Dance! dance off between Mr. Plummer, Mr. Carlson, Mr. Sandoval and Donoven Hough to Katy Perry's California Girls. View a quick clip of the dance off on Instagram here. It seemed to be a tie between Mr. Carlson and Donoven for the win! Following the dance off, students in every grade competed in a pumpkin pie eating contest to win a t-shirt day for their class. Seniors came out with the win! 

Tacky Tuesday (Upper School) and Wacky Tacky Wednesday (Middle School)

Dynamic Duo (Upper School)

Pajama Day (Middle School)

Age Day (Upper School)

Character Day (Middle School)

Spirit Day

 Using questions about location, culture and language,
Middle School students discovered that the other students
were from Morocco!

Seventh and eighth grade students participated in a "Mystery Skype" on Friday with students from another country. During a "Mystery Skype," neither group of students know what country the other group is in. Students must ask questions and try to discover where the other school is located. After asking six insightful questions about location, language and culture, the Tampa Prep students were able to guess that the other students were located in Morocco. The Moroccan students quickly guessed that the Tampa Prep students were located in the United States. After a few more questions about location, the Moroccan students knew that Tampa Prep students were located in Florida. After both groups of students figured out where the other was located, they asked each other different questions about what subjects they study in school, their favorite languages and their favorite foods. Students had a great time getting to meet students from another country using Skype. With the new Middle School renovation, it was easy to utilize this new technology and the drop down screens to make this experience possible for such a large group of students.



 Dr. Bernard Lafayette presents a video about his
involvement in the Nashville civil rights movement.
 Kevin Plummer, Mrs. Kate Lafayette,
Ms. Fran Prockop, Dr. Lafayette and
Mr. Bob Bradshaw spend time together
following the assembly.

 As part of the Bradshaw Lecture Series, Reverend Dr. Bernard Lafayette visited Tampa Prep all day to speak to students and share his experiences. Dr. Lafayette was heavily involved in the civil rights movement in Nashville, Tennessee and Selma, Alabama in the early 1960s. Dr. Lafayette directed the Alabama Voter Registration Project in 1962 and was appointed by Martin Luther King, Jr. to be the national program adminstrator for the campaign. Dr. Lafayette spoke during an all school assembly in the morning. A Tampa native Dr. Lafayette shared that Tampa used to be very segregated and how he worked to desegregate the Tampa Theater and a public park in Jacksonville. During the assembly, he showed a video detailing the lunchroom sit ins he was involved in while attending American Baptist College to desegregate the lunchrooms of downtown Nashville. This nonviolent activity was one of the first experiences Dr. Lafayette had with making a change during the movement.

Dr. Lafayette meets students following his
presentation in assembly.

Students and faculty members were interested to hear about Dr. Lafayette's experiences working with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He shared that he was with Dr. King the day that he was assassinated. Students and teachers were moved by the story of his last moments with the famous activist and how he learned of the assassination. When asked about his most important contribution to the civil rights movement, Dr. Lafayette expressed that it was his choosing to take an assignment to start a movement in Selma, Alabama, after many others before him failed. Dr. Lafayette expressed that it is important for everyone to appreciate and recognize their personal history and ancestry. One of the statements that impacted students and teachers was his encouragement not to let people's differences stand in their way. Students were encouraged not to let anyone put limits on them throughout their life and if limits are set for them, then they should break through them. Students were impressed with his bravery and courage when faced with difficult situations throughout his involvement in the civil rights movement.

Following the assembly, Dr. Lafayette visited both Middle and Upper School history and government classes. This gave students the opportunity to ask questions about his experiences. Most students do not have the chance to learn about history directly from the people who experienced it and were involved in shaping today's society. This unique experience will hopefully inspire students to make a change when they believe a change needs to be made, no matter how small or large the cause.

Dr. Lafayette spent the late morning and afternoon visiting Middle and Upper School history and
government classes to answer students' questions.


Dr. Leyla Aponte speaks to seventh grade students about the Ebola virus.

On Wednesday, AP Biology teacher Dr. Leyla Aponte spoke with Ms. Grosso's 7th graders about the recent news coverage of Ebola. Currently, the seventh graders are learning about viruses and bacteria. Given Dr. Aponte's knowledge of viruses, she was able to provide the students with a physician's insight into the virus and educate the students on the history and current status of the virus. It was a great learning opportunity for the students to have many of their questions about a current event answered by a professional.
Mr. Bridges speaks to Global Studies and Robotics students about the shelters
he provides for Haiti earthquake victims.

Mrs. Laura Bridges-Pereira's older brother, Mr. Robert Bridges, spoke to several groups of students, including those in Global Studies, STEM, Engineering and Robotics, about the work he has done around the world to provide digitally fabricated transitional housing for homeless or displaced people. Mr. Bridges did a lot of work in Haiti after the earthquake to help people build shelters and recover from the disaster. The idea behind these shelters is that anyone can obtain the template files, have the components made and build a shelter. Once the materials are produced, the shelters are very easy to assemble and cut as if it were a large puzzle to piece together.
Engineering students work with Mr. Bridges to build
a model of one his shelters.

Mr. Bridges spoke to the Global Studies students about the interesting people he met while building shelters in Haiti. Spending time at an orphanage, Mr. Bridges had the opportunity to work with many children and the adults who care for them. It was interesting to hear his stories from the people he met following the earthquake. For the Engingeering and Robotics students, the focus was on how the shelters are actually created, assembled and how they stay standing. The students had a lot of questions about the technical aspects and size dimensions of the shelters. For more information on Shelter 2.0, visit their website
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