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Students and faculty work together to clean up Riverfront Park.

Environment Club was joined by Key Club last weekend to clean up Riverfront Park and the easement between Tampa Prep's property and the Hillsborough River. This was part of the International Coastal Cleanup, an international initiative to track the trends of trash in the global waterways. The students had to tally the number and type of items collected, and this data will be shared nationally and internationally. Each year, a report is put together at the United Nations to study the flow of trash, and what types of trash are most prevalent around the world. Plastic bags, styrofoam and fishing line are among the most common items found. Participating in local clean-ups and educating other students on important environmental issues are some of the main focuses on the Environment Club. Key Club focuses on participating in and providing volunteer opportunities to the Tampa Prep community.
Dr. Ben Hall and his students show the tenth grade class a few impressive science demonstrations.

In the tenth grade assembly this week, Dr. Ben Hall shared the dangers of the chemical DHMO with the students. He explained that there are millions of addicts throughout the world and that many people they know are probably addicted to it. DHMO is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 4. All serial killers and murderers in the last 50 years have been exposed to the chemical DHMO. After some students were starting to get worried, Dr. Hall explained that DHMO is simply dihydrogen monoxide, also known as water. This presentation proved that having scientific knowledge can help dispel many rumors that are shared in the news every day. Following the presentation, Dr. Hall and his advising demonstrated a few science experiments with the group.
Will S. and Mr. Bradshaw share their own stories
with Mr. Ben Montgomery, author of Grandma Gatewood's Walk.

Over the summer, all Upper School students read Grandma Gatewood's Walk, a story about the first woman who hiked the Appalachian Trail alone and the first person to hike it more than twice. Students enjoyed reading about her adventures, as well as appreciating her love of the outdoors. Students who have gone on the Pisgah trip recognized some of her struggles with hiking and understood just how difficult her journey was.

Author Ben Montgomery, who is also a Tampa Bay Times reporter and a Pulitzer Prize finalist, spent the day and evening at Tampa Prep on Wednesday. In the morning, he spoke to the entire Upper School about his background and how a required class in college changed his career focus from a farmer to a writer. Mr. Montgomery expressed the importance for students to cultivate the skill of storytelling. No matter what their career focus will be later in life, being able to tell a good story will help them. Will Stokes and Mr. Bradshaw shared stories of their own with the assembled student body. Mr. Montgomery ended by telling the students that "we are our stories." TPTV Live streamed the assembly live – watch the recording here.

Jared L. shares his writing with the ninth grade class. Mr. Montgomery presents to the seniors during
their writing workshop.

Following the assembly, ninth and twelfth grade students attended writing workshops with the author to work on the skill of creating a picture in the mind of their readers. Mr. Montgomery encouraged students to always think of "brands and breeds" when writing as a rule to add important details. By adding what brand a product is or a specific breed of dog, the writer is able to add important elements for character development which is necessary when creating a visual for the reader.

Mr. Ben Montgomery meets fans of his books
and signs copies of his books.
Anna P. and Stephanie L. chatted with
Mr. Montgomery
before the evening book chat. 

 In the evening, Mr. Montgomery held a book chat in the Peifer Library for students, parents, faculty and the Tampa community. The author read moving segments from the book to highlight Emma Gatewood's struggles while hiking on her journey. After reading portions of the book, he answered thoughtful questions from the crowd. At the end, he was able to take pictures with fans of the book and sign copies. Thank you for sharing your stories with our students, Mr. Montgomery!

Students had the opportunity to tour the
backstage area
of the Marsani stage.
Seventh grade students begin their tour
of the Straz Center.

Mrs. Bahtic and Mrs. Lonetto's seventh grade classes, accompanied by Ms. Souza, Mr. Fenlon and Ms. Grosso, visited the David A. Straz, Jr. Center for Performing Arts on Monday for an educational backstage tour. The field trip was part of an introduction to the drama unit, which involves the play The Foreigner. During the tour, students were introduced to the Center's purpose and design. Students toured most of the five theaters and learned interesting details about the operation and design of the different theaters. Students learned the origin of the ghost light and the capabilities of the sound canopy. The highlight of the tour occurred when students were allowed to stand on the Morsani stage and look out into the audience. After visiting the gallery seats, being on stage provided students with a dramatically different perspective.

Students moved from the gallery seats
to stage
and were able to see both sides
of the theater.
Students learned that any seat in the theater
can be a good seat; it all depends on perspective.

Students in Mr. Maraghy's Biology classes have been creating podcasts to explain views on what Biology really is and why it is important. The students included explanations from their own studies, but also interviewed parents, teachers and other Upper School students to include as a part of their presentation.

Most non-Biology students, teachers and parents answered that they knew that Biology was the study of life and expressed the importance of Biology because of the relationship with all other subjects. Listen to the final products of the different classes here:

John M., Drew M. and Sammi B. work together
in the booth.
Jeremy L. controls the Steadicam to get close up
of the volleyball players.

TPTV Live is off and running and looking forward to another year of broadcasting Tampa Prep events. TPTV Live is an extracurricular program where the students of Tampa Prep broadcast live events happening in the Tampa Prep community. The students are responsible for every facet of the production from setting up at the location, camera work, video switching, graphics and commentating. These productions are as professional as any you might find in a real world setting. Students get the opportunity to utilize state of the art equipment, including a Steadicam, Teradek wireless video transmitters and Datavideo HD video switcher to name a few.

This year TPTV Live has ventured into the world of Live Sports Broadcasting. The first sporting event broadcasted this year was the Tampa Prep vs Berkeley Prep Varsity Girls Volleyball game on September 16. It was a successful outing for the Terrapins as they beat the Buccaneers in three straight sets: 25-16, 25-23, 25-15. Please stay tuned for future Live Events!

Live Events can be viewed on the Tampa Prep website at:
Please follow TPTV on Twitter for upcoming Live Events and information at: @TampaPrepTPTV
For any questions regarding the TPTV program please contact Mr. Ryan Buchanan at:

Andrew W. and Matheus C. announce the
game as the live commentators.

Ethan H. controls the camera from the
2nd floor
of the gym.

Sophia A., Preston G. and Lana F. study the change in
size of their egg after placing it in different liquids.

Students in Ms. Calvin and Ms. Grosso's 7th grade Science class are studying cell structures and, more specifically, cell membranes. Using an egg as a model of a cell, students saw how the "membrane" works by allowing water to enter and leave the cell. After dissolving the shell using vinegar (to expose the "membrane"), students soaked the egg in vinegar, water, colored water and salt water. Students were amazed to see how the size of the egg changed as it went into the different liquids and took on or lost water through the membrane!

Thank you to all of the student volunteers who
welcomed and assisted parents on Parents' Night!
Mr. AJ Hendrix demonstrates the new technology
in his classroom.

Last week, Tampa Prep stayed open a little longer than usual to welcome parents to Parents' Night! Student volunteers welcomed parents into the Walter Athletic Complex where Head of School Kevin Plummer shared a few opening announcements. Throughout his announcements was the theme of "trust." He thanked parents for trusting Tampa Prep to do what is "best for students" during the renovation of the Middle School. Kevin Plummer urged parents to continuously trust in Tampa Prep to make the best decision for the Terrapin students.

During free time, parents shopped
for Tampa Prep gear in the school store.
The Tampa Prep String Orchestra performed during passing
periods to provide soothing background music.

Following the announcements, parents lived a day in the life of their students by going to all seven class periods, as well as advising. Student volunteers from NHS, Key Club, Ambassadors of Goodwill and other clubs helped parents locate their students' advisors and navigate the halls of our school. During Study Hall periods, refreshments and technical support were available in Peifer Library. In the Mitchell Lobby, parents were able to purchase Tampa Prep gear and pick up a 2014-2015 Directory. Additional Directories are available at the front desk for parents who need a copy. Students in the Tampa Prep String Orchestra played beautiful music during the passing periods for parents to enjoy. Parents' Night is always a great night at Tampa Prep where parents are able to meet their students' teachers, advisors and administrators.

Mr. Barry Parks introduces himself to
his advisees' parents.
Parents ask Ms. Meredith Roberts about
Tampa Prep and advising for the 10th grade. 


Joseph B. presents about his research
on Norway.
Catie C. shares her homemade Ukrainian snacks.

Over the summer, seniors in English 12 Honors selected a country and researched the literature of that country. They then chose a representative work of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, film and children's literature to read. Their studies represent the literature and culture of over 35 different countries.

During the past three weeks, each students has worked on creating a presentation, including a bibliography of major works, a visual timeline of the country's history or culture and another unique element of their choosing. After their projects were completed, the seniors presented the diverse wealth of information with Middle School students and classmates.

Emma G. studied literature from Spain
over the summer.
Jimmy S. shares information about Ireland
with the class.

Students created hall passes using selfies in their
first assignment
for Digital Photography.

Digital Photography students' first assignment was to create a hall pass to use in class utilizing their "selfie" photography skills. Utilizing Photoshop Touch on their iPads, students manipulated the selfie into a hall pass. Now, each student has a lanyard with their personalized pass attached to it for when they leave the classroom during Digital Photography!
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