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Students in Mr. Maraghy's Biology classes started their preparation for exams last week by creating video podcasts. The students worked in pairs to summarize and present the most important elements of a particular unit that was covered this semester. Check out their videos here:
Congratulations to the new members of the National Honor Society!

Ten seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society during a special grade-level assembly. Induction into this prestigious society is based on the applicant's character, leadership ability, scholarship and service. Tampa Prep's faculty all agreed that these students demonstrate these important characteristics. At the induction, National Honor Society members Hannah Campo, Nick Pullara, Emma Napper, Caneel Dixon and Wali Khan spoke on the characteristics and what it means to become a member of the National Honor Society.

Congratulations Kamryn Beach, Jack Clark, Andrew Ferguson, Darla Harrison, William Haydon, Karen Hou, Rajiv Kartham, Michael McCloskey, Pranav Sharat and Maria de Souza on your induction!
Students enjoy the photo booth and dance the night away with friends at Holly Dazzle.

Seventh and eighth grade students attended the annual Holly Dazzle dance this past Friday. The Student Center was decorated in a silver and gold themed winter wonderland. Students danced the night away with friends and teachers. The major highlight of the evening was the photo booth where students and faculty took fun and silly pictures to preserve the memories from an incredible night with friends.

Matt H. and Sloan C. learned how
to play the ukulele.
Lane P. and Miriam M. taught themself
how to do archery.

The 3# Project allows seniors in Honors English to immerse themselves in learning something they have always wanted to try. This project embodies the mission of Tampa Prep by allowing students to go outside their comfort zone to try something new in a safe environment.

Drew M. built an RC sailboat for his 3# Project. Caneel D. studied the art of War and Peace
through shooting and yoga.

Students are given an opportunity to learn and grow independently of a teacher and class. This experience provides a learning opportunity that is rarely achieved. Students must make and learn mistakes along their way. Learning something new can be very simple, but the Tampa Prep seniors continue to choose highly ambitious projects to complete in under three months.

Maddie A. learned how to juggle. Jimmy S. created pottery using a
pottery wheel.

A major emphasis of the project is communication, both oral and written. Seniors completed multiple writing components from inception to completion of their projects in order to document their journeys. On two occasions prior to the public presentation, they present their slides or video to classmates for practice at the informal public speaking they will take on during the exhibition.
Hannah F. created assorted candies
for her project.
Ethan H. learned the art of giving a chair massage.

The projects chosen by the seniors were outstanding this year. Students explored a variety of art projects, jiu jitsu, glass blowing, how to film and edit a TV pilot, survival skills, sports they had never tried and baking. As students learned how to spearfish, rap, surf, invest money and write a vegan cookbook, they also learned a lot about themselves and how to effectively solve problems. The culmination of their efforts in the showcase event is an inspiration.

Eduardo S. learned how to create abstract art. Emma G. and Maria S. learned how
to do swing/asana yoga.

Lightning cheerleaders, ThunderBug and Earnest
invited the entire Tampa Prep

community to Tampa Prep Night at the Lightning!
Kevin Plummer stands with
Dave Andreychuk and Jane Castor
before the assembly.

On Friday, December 5, students, trustees and faculty celebrated the first-ever Tampa Prep Day in the city of Tampa in honor of the school's 40th Anniversary. To celebrate, the school held a special assembly featuring several esteemed guests. The year-long celebrating commemorates our past while celebrating our present and future.

Mayor of Tampa Mr. Bob Buckhorn declared Friday, December 5, Tampa Prep Day in honor of the school's continued partnership with the city and Tampa's downtown. To watch the entire Tampa Prep Day assembly, visit In honor of the celebrations, the SunTrust building was lit red and gold to celebrate the school's continued commitment to Tampa's downtown.

Kevin Plummer watches Mayor Buckhorn's
video proclaiming the day Tampa Prep Day.
Caneel D., Wesley S. and Wali K. lead students and
faculty in "Give A Yell!"

The mayor's office prepared an official Proclamation for the school, which Mr. Kevin Plummer read to students and faculty. The Proclamation states Tampa Prep's many achievements throughout the past 40 years, as well as congratulates the school on a fantastic 40 years.

Police Chief Jane Castor spoke to the students and faculty about the importance of the partnership between Tampa Prep and the Tampa Police Department. Tampa Prep and its students have continuously provided service and staging areas for the police department in times of need. Tampa Prep's partnership with the police department and its focus of student safety is unparalleled.

In honor of the school's 40th Anniversary, Tampa Prep will be partnering with the Tampa Bay Lightning to host Tampa Prep Night at the Lightning on Saturday, January 17. Lightning Captain of the 2004 Stanley Cup team Dave Andreychuk was in attendance to officially invite all students, parents and faculty to the Amalie Arena for the big game! Make sure to use #BoltsTerps on social media to share the excitement of the Tampa Prep and Tampa Bay Lightning partnership! To purchase tickets to the game, please visit!

Thunderbug, Lightning cheerleaders and Tampa Prep's mascot Earnest led an iconic Tampa Prep cheers, "Give a Yell" with a balloon drop ending the assembly.

Following the assembly, Tampa Prep trustees, students and faculty took a school-wide picture in the shape of a "40"! Check out the video below for a time lapse video of how the "40" was created!

Happy Tampa Prep Day! Go Terps! Go Bolts!

Students were delighted to see the
balloon drop following assembly!
Coordinating over 800 people into the shape
of a "40" is no small task for this all-school picture,
but Tampa Prep did it!
Mr. Kevin Plummer congratulates Mr. Butch Jalbert on receiving
the Barrett Family Foundation award with
Brian Barrett and Math Department Chair Mrs. Pat Embry.

Mr. Butch Jalbert, who is in his 38th year teaching at Tampa Prep, was the one of three recipients to receive the Barrett Family Foundation's Excellence in Science/Mathematics Teacher Award.

The $10,000 award was created in 2013 to honor teachers who share a passion for teaching science and mathematics with creative and innovative methods and who cultivate student interest in these two fields. The award is focused on selecting teachers from full-time independent schools in Pinellas or Hillsborough counties with at least two years of classroom experience.

Mr. Jalbert teaches Calculus and recently published an AP Calculus 2 iBook available in the Apple iTunes store. He received both his B.A. in Math and a Master of Art degrees from Boston College. In regard to teaching, Mr. Jalbert says, "education is really a two-way street: sharing insights with students and learning from students. I still share a Trigonometry concept I picked up from a student I taught in the late '70s! I don't seem to tire from teaching the same classes since 1976 at Tampa Prep. It only gets better!" After so many years of being a proud Terrapin, it is incredible that Mr. Jalbert has been recognized on a county level for his continued commitment and enthusiasm of teaching students math and helping them achieve their goals on the next level.

Students listen intently as Mark and Kirk from Hack UCF
explain their experiences with cyber security in college.

Before Thanksgiving break, members of the Cyber Patriot club had two visitors from Hack UCF, a club focused on cyber security and network management. Students in Cyber Patriot compete against other clubs in competitions focused on different obstacles that IT and cyber security professionals face on a daily basis. During the presentation, the UCF students spoke about the competitions available to college students in clubs similar to the high school Cyber Patriot. Tampa Prep students had many questions about the types of scenarios that the older students encounter in their competitions. The UCF students gave advice on some issues the students were having trouble with in past competitions. There was also a lively discussion on which colleges offer great cyber security and IT programs, college majors and job opportunities after college. Having the opportunity to speak to college students in a club similar to Cyber Patriot gave the students an idea on their experiences and what they have to look forward to in pursuing a career in cyber security!
Students discovered many facts about their ancestors that they did not already know during this project!

Throughout the Fall semester, students in Mr. Fowler's eighth grade classes delved into their family histories and uncovered their pasts. Each student selected various family members and created an individual panel describing each one and a significant event in their lives.

Each year, it is always very interesting what students are able to uncover through their research. Some students even found connections to the Pilgrims and early colonial America, which has been the focus of their American History class this semester. Others discovered that their families contain some pretty heroic individuals, as well as a few rule breakers. The completed projects have been hanging up in the seventh and eighth grade hub for all to see.
EDspaces groups watch a video about our renovations and
tour the Schlemmer Family Engineering and Robotic Center.

Tampa Prep was proud to be selected as one of three locations for the Educational Facility Tour coordinated by the EDspaces Conference and Expo for Innovative Learning Environments. The tours feature unique centers for learning in the Tampa area. Tour participants included architects, interior designers, school officials and education equipment leaders from all over the country including two from Panama. Mr. Plummer, along with Peter and Debbie Hepner, Tampa Prep's architects, led the tour, and attendees were impressed with our Middle School transformation into Active Learning Environments and Prep's state-of-art Robotics, STEM and College Counseling enhancements.

One of the benefits of the later start to the school day is the opportunity for Tampa Prep's faculty to collaborate in morning meetings. Today teachers participated in technology sessions, sharing some of the products they have been using on iPads in classrooms. The collaboration allows teachers to learn from others who have used new applications in  classes and discuss the benefits for various subjects. As our teachers share the latest trends in the ever-evolving technology available for educators, they model lifelong learning for our students, who reap the benefits of these sessions in classes each day.

Mrs. Bridges-Pereira demonstrates how to use an app
to create games for fun, interactive learning.

Faculty members create avatars during a session
about video creation and interactive tools.

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