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 Guests loved trying out all of the offerings
from the different food trucks.
 Mr. Plummer welcomes the crowd
with help from the Bay Kings Band.

To culminate a fantastic year celebrating Tampa Prep's 40th Anniversary, the school invited every person that has been a part of the Tampa Prep community throughout the past 40 years to the Festival of the 40th. We were excited to welcome back alumni, past parents and grandparents, former teachers and administrators and current students, parents and faculty! The crowd was energetic with more than 900 proud Terrapins in attendance. With music from the Bay Kings Band all night and nine different food trucks serving a variety of tasty treats, attendees relaxed on picnic tables or folding chairs while enjoying the music and tasty bites! The event was overflowing with excitement and Terrapin pride as many families reconnected and caught up with old friends and teachers.

 Students led tour groups of families who have
not been
to Tampa Prep recently around the building,
showcasing the new spaces.

Faculty Emeriti and special guests
were invited to a
private reception
prior to the event
to celebrate
their commitment
to Tampa Prep.

The highlight for many at the event was the fun game options in the field. Attendees enjoyed climbing on the lifesize inflatable human foosball field and battling their friends and parents. There were many serious tournaments of jenga, checkers and chess with the most popular games being ladderball and cornhole. Another popular activity at the Festival of the 40th was the photo booth where kids and adults took their turn getting their picture taken on the field and immediately printed as a fun souvenir of the event! If you would like to download your picture from the photo booth, all of the pictures have been loaded into Dropbox and are available here.

Many different games were enjoyed throughout the event!

After over two hours of fun on the field and tasting all the food truck options, Mr. Plummer took the stage to thank all of the families, faculty and alumni in attendance who have helped shape Tampa Prep into the school that it is today. He introduced Matt Danahy '79, Ann Tihansky '97 and Mary Cameron Willis '79 who were among the first Tampa Prep students to graduate in the 70s. Mr. Plummer also took a moment to thank Mr. Joe Fenlon, Mr. David Couchman and Mrs. Robin Kennedy who have approximately 100 years of combined time at Tampa Prep between the three of them.

Heads of School Susan Grady and Gordon MacLeod were also brought on stage where Mr. Plummer thanked them for their continued involvement in the Tampa Prep community. Mr. Plummer then turned the attention to Mrs. Gail Bernucca, representing all past and present members of Tampa Prep's Board of Trustees, who is in her final year as the President of the Board of Trustees.

Fireworks lit up the sky above the school to culminate
a great 40th Anniversary celebration!

To end an incredible evening, Mr. Plummer led the crowd in a round of "We Are Tampa Prep!" cheers. On the last cheer, the crowd was shocked when all of the lights on the field went dark and the sky lit up with a beautiful fireworks show right above the school! View the beginning of the fireworks on Tampa Prep's Instagram account! Check out a time lapse video filmed by TPTV students here. The Festival of the 40th was a perfect ending to a year of fun-filled events celebrating Tampa Prep's 40 years in downtown Tampa.

 Tori S., Alexa L. and Joey V. prepare to drop
their bouncy ball to measure how high it
bounces back up.
 Aidan A. and Christian K. measure their bouncy
before measuring its bounce.

Students in Ms. Calvin's Physical Science class conducted a lab using bouncy balls to determine the relationship between height and potential energy. Students learned that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Stored energy is called potential energy, and the energy of motion is called kinetic energy. Due to gravity, potential energy changes as height changes. When this occurs, it is called gravitational potential energy. Using bouncy balls, the students are changing the height of where they drop the ball and using a meter stick to see how high the ball bounces back up. They are able to calculate the gravitational potential energy using formulas they learned in class.
Félicitations à tous! Students in costume before perfoming
their Pièce de Théâtre.

Six students participated in the 63rd Le Congrès de la Culture Française en Floride (State French Competition) in Orlando. This year's theme was Francophone Theatre. The Tampa Prep students did an outstanding job! The ribbons awarded were Supérieur (blue), Excellent (red) and Bon (white). Students had to achieve a four out of ten points to be awarded a ribbon, and each Tampa Prep student competing placed for a ribbon in their individual competition!

Pièce de Théâtre - Students acted out scenes from Ionesco's La Cantatrice Chauve
Excellent: Hannah Campo, Audrey Carver, Isabel Feuer, Tristan Harris, Rammi Quah and Madelynn Rey

Déclamations - Reciting of poems
Excellent: Audrey Carver (Level 5)

Discours - Impromptu speaking
Supérieur - Prix du Jury (Jury Prize): Hannah Campo (Level 5)
Excellent: Rammi Quah (Level 2)

Casse-Tête - Francophone trivia competition
Excellent: Hannah Campo, Audrey Carver and Tristan Harris

Lecture - Reading and Culture
Excellent: Tristan Harris (Level 5)
Bon: Isabel Feuer (Level 3)

Album - Scrapbook about French classes and French Club
Excellent: Madelynn Rey

Projet - Art project reflecting theme of Congrès
1st Prize overall: Hannah Campo

 Mason A. draws his name in Maya glyphs
after practicing on his iPad.
Ashley S. works hard on practicing writing
name using glyphs.

The Spanish classes in Middle School have been studying Maya Hieroglyphs this week as an enrichment activity. Maya as a spoken language is still prominent throughout Central America, particularly in Mexico and the Guatemalan highlands, with about 2,000,000 speakers. Unfortunately, all but four written Maya documents were destroyed. Only recently have we begun to decode the intricate writing system.

Mrs. Pereira became interested in the Mayans and Maya art through a anthropology class in college and this interest was reinforced through travel last summer in Nicaragua. This week, Middle School students learned how to glyph their name in Maya hieroglyphs, a syllabic system that combines syllables and logos. They combined multiple signs to create their names and some are also working on writing sentences. They are on display on the 2nd floor of the Middle School.

Emma S. works with Mrs. Pereira to figure out
which symbols stand for letters in her name.
 Austin C. and Ethan Y. work together
to practice writing their names.

Gala Chair Alta Schlemmer celebrates
a successful evening with her
children Avery and Wesley.
Bidders quickly raise their paddles to support the
Upper School renovation!

The Tampa Prep community came together at The Vault in downtown Tampa to celebrate and support our school's inspirational mission to think, create, aspire to excellence and go beyond. THE ONE GRANDE GALA offered a cocktail party atmosphere in a fabulous event space. The open floor plan encouraged guests to mix and mingle as they enjoyed an appetizing array of cuisine from Puff N Stuff Catering including an incredible sweet and mashed potato bar filled with every topping you can imagine! With more than 250 people in attendance, it was a very lively crowd. Congratulations to second-time Gala Chair Alta Schlemmer and all of the parent volunteers on the event! Thank you to our generous Corporate Partners and Patrons. More than $100,000 was raised to support an Active Learning Environment in the Upper School through our Fund-a-Need and the silent, live and online auctions were a huge success as well! All proceeds from THE ONE benefit the students of Tampa Prep.

Gala Auctioneer Joe Fenlon begins leading the bids
for the night's Fund-A-Need.
Chris and Lisa Blowers browse the Silent Auction items.
Coach AJ Hendrix poses with all of the Middle School, JV and Varsity
baseball players and PCA representatives after receiving his award.

During Assembly, Coach AJ Hendrix was awarded the Positive Coaching Alliance's Double-Goal National Coach Award for his commitment and high standards of success for his players. Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) received over 2,000 applicants to win this honor with twenty-five winners throughout the country. The Positive Coaching Alliance described a Double-Goal Coach as a coach who understands that while winning is great, it is just as important to teach life lessons through sports. Tampa Prep could not be more proud of Coach Hendrix for receiving this honor! For more information on the award, visit
Students dressed in red, white and blue to show
our very patriotic spirit last Monday!
Students travel back (or forward) in time
during Time Travel Tuesday!

To celebrate Tampa Prep's spring athletes, Student Council hosted a very energetic Spirit Week last week, as well as a Dodgeball Tournament and Pep Rally! Throughout Spirit Week, students dressed in a variety of fun and crazy outfits.

It was a sleepy day during Pajama Day. Channeling their inner flower child, students wore
their best tie-dye Thursday!

Students and faculty members dressed patrioticly in red, white and blue on Monday, they traveled through time to visit different decades during Time Travel Tuesday, were comfortable in their pajamas on Wednesday, felt groovy in tie-dye on Thursday and went on a safari during Safari Day on Friday! Spirit Week is always a fun week to see the creative outfits that both students and faculty members create!

Hannah C. and Talis S. are ready
for a safari!
Middle School students "Mixed It Up"
with their clothes and during lunch!

To end Spirit Week, teams lined up to participate in Dodgeball 2015 held in the Walter Athletic Complex! With crowded stands, the dodgeball players were cheered on and supported by students, parents and faculty members. Thanks to TPTV Live, excited dodgeball fans could watch the games online with live commentary by Andrew Weiss. If you would like to relive the excitement, watch it here at Dodgeball 2015. During the spirited Pep Rally during Assembly, the Ambassadors of Goodwill presented awards to Mrs. Kennedy, Reed Forehand and Tarik Thompson for their positive contributions to Tampa Prep. During the festivities, Student Council challenged the Math teachers to a pie-eating contest and senior boys challenged junior boys to a dodgeball game! It was an exciting Pep Rally for everyone!

Reed F., Tarik T. and Mrs. Kennedy were given
awards by the Ambassadors of Goodwill.
Student Council Math teachers compete in a
pie-eating contest
during the Pep Rally.

Students put the finishing touches on their
projects before the presentation.
 Ava V. and Grace L. created these grassland biomes!

For the past two weeks, sixth graders have been working tirelessly on their Biome Project during Ms. Grosso's Science Concepts class. For the project, each student was responsible for building a representation of their biome, as well as creating a book using the iPad's Book Creator app. Last week, students completed the project and showed off their 3-dimensional models to over 100 family members and friends during an evening presentation. This project demonstrates how teachers integrate iPad technology into traditional Tampa Prep projects to further the lesson. With the creation of an iPad book, the sixth graders are learning a skill that they will use throughout their time at Tampa Prep and their lives! In addition, presenting the information in multiple methods requires them to have a more thorough understanding of the subject matter. Great job, sixth graders!
 Connor W. did his Biome Project on the Savanna!

Reliving the last time he spoke in front
of the Tampa Prep assembly in 2000,
Nicholas Carlson addresses
the Upper School.
Nicholas Carlson speaks to an Economics class about
what it is like to have written a book.

Nicholas Carlson '01, chief correspondent for the online news, Business Insider, and author of Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo, spoke to students in Assembly Friday about his career path and his passion for writing. He also spoke with two Economics classes during his visit where students had a lot of questions about the economic aspects of internet businesses. Because of his vast understanding of the workings and history of internet business, he was able to not only answer their questions but also to give them a glimpse of the Internet future. 

When asked "How do you write a book?" Nicholas answered, "You have to want to do it more than you want to do other things." He was fortunate, he said, that the Business Insider was willing to help him do that. Nicholas provided students with a few important pieces of advice based on what he learned while writing his book about Marissa Mayer. He told the students that they should always take the opportunity that is the scariest, always be able to identify weaknesses and fix those problems, don't worry what others think of you and know when to say goodbye and move on to another opportunity.

Fourteen years ago Nicholas was a writer and Editor for The Terrapin Times. He says that's where he got his start. Upon his graduation from Davidson College, it took a while before he found a way to combine his passion with a paying job. His advice to students: do what you find exciting and fuels your passion and get involved at college in lots of activities. We congratulate Nicholas on his success and thank him for sharing words of wisdom with his fellow Terrapins.

 Jo and Beth sing a song together while
on vacation in Cape Cod.
 Amy and Laurie explain to Jo how they
fell in love in Europe.

The cast and crew of Little Women The Musical thoroughly wowed the audience this past weekend with their incredible performances. This musical shows the life of the four March sisters, as well as their mother Marmee and Aunt March. Throughout the play, the young women experience loss, heartbreak, love and passion.

Olivia Sargent, Catie Clark, Nikki Monson and Taylor Tveten were showcased as the March girls with outstanding vocal and acting abilities. These younger actresses were supported by seniors Kate Fueyo, Catie Chapman and Miriam McCargar in the older March relative roles and Mrs. Kirk. These actresses made the audiences laugh and cry along with them using their wide ranges of emotion. The female performers were not the only ones to impress the audience with their incredible acting and vocal abilities. Jonah Watson, Caleb Quezon, Connor Goering and Tarik Thompson played the men in the March family's life with tremendous heart and talent.

 Hags help lead Clarissa to safety from the forest.
Professor Bhaer looks on as Jo reads her story. 

The major characters were supported by a large cast of smaller roles who rounded out the talented group. Stephanie Lukasik, Angela Vari, Drew McCullough and Molly Monsour switched off playing Jo's book character Clarissa, while Eli Watson, Harrison Lorenzen and Julian Cohn all played the part of Braxton. Robert Lower and Alec Montiel both played the part of Jo's book character hero, Rodrigo with Cullen Muir playing the knight featured in Jo's book. Camille Benson, Stephanie Lukasik, Molly Monsour, Carly Scarborough and Rebecca Schwartz pointed Clarissa in the right direction in Jo's book as hags, while Matenia Altikatis, Jana Henson, Cole Minsky, Hayden Murphy, Jade Scott and Robbie Vincent helped lead Clarissa to safety as forest trolls.

 Mr. Lawrence moves his late wife's piano
into the March house for Beth.
 Amy relives her European adventure
to Marmee and Meg.

 This musical about the trials and tribulations of the March family was seen on an incredibly complex two-story set built and managed by Mr. Matt Ray and his crew Megan Blanchard, Blake Dorman, Kimberly Fulton, Niklas Gaertner, Alaina Hunter, Rajiv Kartham, Jonathan Maya, Miriam McCargar, Nicholas Riddell, Chris Robaina, Natalie Stasch, Sammy White and Morgan Zwirn. Not only did this production have a very impressive set and costumes, but also live music! Congratulations to the students and faculty who performed in the orchestra and played a beautiful background which perfectly complimented the vocals of the actors. Mrs. Jessica Calandra played the clarinet, Meredith Cook and Miriam McCargar both played the violin and Harrison Lorenzen was on the cello. Tampa Prep alum Emi Stefanov '96 accompanied the performance on the piano, as well!

The entire audience had nothing but rave reviews about the production directed by Mr. David Mann. This was definitely a production that you did not want to miss!

Congratulations to the cast and crew for a fantastic production!
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