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Eighth grade students had a great lunch cruise on the Yacht Starship!

To celebrate the final day of Middle School, eighth grade students sailed on a celebratory cruise aboard the Yacht Starship. While aboard, the students had lunch, danced and celebrated for the remainder of the afternoon. The yacht cruised into the waters between Harbor Island and Davis Islands. Once the cruise came to an end, the students returned to Tampa Prep to watch a video that was filled with special memories of their final year of Middle School.
Joshua L., Nolan A., Lana F. and Fernanda A. received awards
for distance and speed out of the entire 8th grade!

Eighth grade students finished the year creating and designing mousetrap cars in Science. Students were given a mousetrap and a bag of supplies complete with items like balsa wood, copper rods and CDs for wheels. They designed and built their own cars from scratch based on research they had done. They were given no instructions and had to figure out how to build them. The students had to take into account many concepts of physics they previously learned such as speed, velocity, friction, energy, levers, friction and mass.

A mousetrap powered racer is a vehicle that is powered by the energy of a wound-up mousetrap's spring. The car works when one end of a string or rubber band is tied to the arm on the mousetrap and the other end is wound around an axle. By winding the string or rubber band around the axle, the mousetrap's spring is stretched, providing stored potential energy. As the mousetrap is released, it pulls the string off of the axle, causing the wheels to turn and making the car move using potential energy.

The students built the cars in class together and it was fascinating to watch these students use their knowledge to put different types of cars together. In each class, students raced their cars for speed and distance. After deciding winners for each class, those cars competed for both speed and distance during the final Middle School Assembly of the year! Awards were given for greatest speed, greatest distance, best engineering design and most artistic design.
Kevin B. accepts his award
at the State Recognition Ceremony.

Kevin Blowers, Caroline Goldstein and Rebecca Panlilio received State Recognition by Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) for their remarkably high scores on the SAT or the ACT. The Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search includes a qualified group of students who have demonstrated advanced aptitudes on grade-level assessments. The SAT and the ACT provide the means to further define their potential for a higher level of learning. Only the top 5% of academically talented students in the 7th grade are invited to take the SAT or the ACT. All three students were recognized due to their superior results. Kevin Blowers attended the State Recognition Ceremony at the University of South Florida to be recognized for his score on the SAT.
Faculty members brought their dogs to school on Friday to help relieve stress.

Last week, Mrs. Michele Cole and a group of students led a fun week of activities hoping to relieve a little bit of stress for Tampa Prep students. At the end of each semester, projects, assignments, tests and finals can motivate students to study responsibly or can create extra stress that actually causes your brain to function less effectively. To help beat the stress, Stress Less Week has become a Tampa Prep tradition! 

All of the dogs had a great time at Upper School Assembly on Friday!

On Monday, students kicked off Review Week with ice cream sundaes during lunch in the Student Center. On Tuesday, Upper School students played dodgeball against faculty members in the Walter Athletic Complex. Exercise in the middle of the day improves cognitive ability, lifts your mood and lowers stress! Laughing is also a great stress-buster, so a lot of stress was relieved on Tuesday! There were also special snacks and drinks available in the Student Center during lunch. On Wednesday, Mr. Plummer, Señor Carreño, Mr. Liss-Noda and Mr. Marcus challenged students to Just Dance! Check out this video of Mr. Plummer dancing away on Instagram. On Thursday, the dance competitions continued, along with fresh popcorn in the Student Center during lunch. Friday is always everyone's favorite part of Stress Less Week. With a relaxed dress code, students spent time with faculty members' dogs! Dogs were out and about waiting to meet new student friends before school, during lunch and after school! On Saturday, Mr. James Riley and Mr. Andrew Sufficool led the final bike ride with Cycling Club as the last event for an action-packed Stress Less Week!

On Saturday, a group of students went
on a bike ride with the Cycling Club beginning
in Hyde Park to beat the stress.
On Monday, students were treated
to ice cream sundaes at lunch!


Ashley S. leads a movie audition for Ava C.'s
screenplay with Fernanda Q. as the actress
and Lindsay I. as her assistant.
Alec R. asks big sister Caitlin O.
for advice about girls.

Seventh and eighth grade students in Theater class presented original pantomimes and skits (some original pieces and some from professional theater) to an audience of parents and friends on Tuesday. Many students incorporated choreographies and pantomimes, coordinating the movements along with the music, lighting and props. During this showcase, there were many different themes, including cheerleaders, spooky ouiji boards, brothers and sisters, spies and a movie casting interview! It is incredible to see the growth of these young actors as they appear on stage in front of a large crowd feeling completely comfortable!

Best Friends Forever Sarah M. and Avery M.
plan their lives being best friends
until a boy gets in the way.
Sarah M., Will D., Matt C., Avery M., Abby W.,
Belu B. and Ava C. performed
an original pantomime involving
a ouiji board and strange events.

Sixth grade students performed pieces they have been working on all semester in band and chorus to a large audience on Wednesday. Band students kicked off the Art Share with multiple impressive pieces. After playing together as a group for many songs, some students chose to showcase their talent by playing a solo, duet or trio! It is impressive to see the band students perform such works after only playing their instruments for a semester. Following band, Ms. Ashworth's Art students showcased the art they have worked on with a video slideshow. The pieces included names using positive and negative space, 3D Art installations, circle elements and ceramic beads.

The Sixth Grade Band showcased their talents to the audience
by performing many solos, duets and trios!

To begin the Chorus section, Tiare Tozer and Ellie Wise performed a beautiful duet together. Then, a talented group of female singers performed the hit song 7 Years by Lukas Graham. One of the highlights of the sixth grade Chorus performance is hearing them sing Tampa Prep's Alma Mater each year. Mr. Andrew Hoy makes it a point to teach every single Terrapin student the Alma Mater, so they will know it throughout their time at Tampa Prep. Following the Alma Mater, the chorus performed Riversong, Where is Love, Go the Distance and Radioactive. Check out this clip of the sixth grade Chorus perform "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz on Instagram!

The Sixth Grade Chorus performed songs with wonderful harmony to wow the audience.

To wrap up the week of Middle School Arts showcases, 7th and 8th grade students shared what they have worked on all semester during 7th and 8th Grade Arts Night. Dancers performed many pieces as a group, duets and trios! Be sure to watch a clip of the dancers' performance on Instagram.

Middle School dancers kicked off the 7th and 8th Grade Arts Night with an incredible performance.

Following Dance, Emma Stephens, John Fields, Alex Paglieri and Lexi Cahn stunned the audience with their incredible performance of One More Day with vocal back up from Mr. Hoy. Check out a short clip of their performance on Instagram. As always, the Mini Melodies performed a fun number complete with dance moves. In their performance of Wings, Zarmeena Munir, Mackenzie Weiner, Rebecca Panlilio and Aili Kumpu were highlighted as soloists. To kick off the full Chorus portion, the audience was shown a video of the Chorus providing the audio track to a song from Frozen that was created when the class went to Disney World earlier in the semester. The Chorus treated the audience to four more songs highlighting many more talents students with amazing solos. Listen to the Chorus' amazing performance of When You Believe from The Prince of Egypt on Instagram.

Chorus members performed a variety of songs highlighting different soloists throughout their performance.

For the Band portion of the Arts Night, musicians showed their video from their trip to Disney where they provided the musical sountrack to a song from Tangled. The Band played numerous songs including Michael Jackson's Bad and an incredible visual and musical tour of the National Museums with the Smithsonian Suite, A National Museum Tour. Check out a clip of the Band's performance of Bad by Michael Jackson.

Megan W. sets the stage for the band to take the audience on a quick tour of the National Museums.

Video Production students showcased their new knowledge of film techniques and creativity with a premiere of their end of the year assignments. The videos were funny, very creative and exciting to watch. In the lobby of the Smith Black Box, audience members were able to peruse through incredibly creative pieces of Art created by 7th and 8th grade artists this year.

7th and 8th grade Art was on display for the audience
to browse in the lobby of the Smith Black Box.
Chris shared many important lessons with the students that he learned
throughout his recovery and his journey to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Last week, Upper School students had the opportunity to hear from and meet Chris Waddell of One Revolution. Chris was a promising young skier at Middlebury College in 1988, when a skiing accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Determined to get back on the slopes, he began skiing on a monoski roughly one year later. Chris went on to become the most decorated male monoskier in Paralympic history, winning 13 medals over four games and spending a total of 11 years on the US Disabled Ski Team. He is one of only a handful of athletes to win medals in both summer and winter games.

In 2009, Chris became the first paraplegic to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. He went with a team and a camera crew dedicated to documenting the historic climb. One Revolution, the documentary that they produced, has won prestigious awards at film festivals throughout the world. After his accident, Chris realized that many people saw him first as a parapelgic, not as a person who can accomplish many incredible things. He realized that even though he had the accident, he needed to continue to take risks because the biggest risk you take is not taking any!

After explaining his story to the Upper School students, Chris went on to explain his motto "It is not what happens to you, it's what you do with what happens to you." Chris explained to the students that it is always important to think of yourself as a survivor not a victim. He shared that after his family was told Chris was paralyzed from the waist down, his father allowed them to cry, but then said they couldn't cry again because they had to be strong for Chris. Chris shared that one of his biggest obstacles was allowing others to support and help him.

One of most profound learning experiences happened while he was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Chris had aspirations to be the first disabled person to climb the mountain without any assistance. During the climb, Chris came upon 100 feet of boulders that he could not cross alone. He had to receive help from the group to cross the boulders or he wouldn't make it to the summit. When explaining how frustrated he was to the guide, Chris was reminded that no one can climb a mountain alone. Chris realized that up to that point, he was always trying to make sure he was not treated differently, but instead was treated as he was before the accident. However, by trying to complete the climb completely alone, Chris was setting himself as separate from the group. By accepting help, Chris became part of a team and accomplished his dream of being the first paraplegic to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro along with his incredible team!

After sharing many stories from throughout his life and recovery, Chris encouraged all of the students to think of the three things they wanted people to know them by. Chris shared that he is trying to live his life by being more fit, creative and productive. He left the students with the assignment to come up with three things, to write them down and leave it somewhere they will see it every day to remind themselves of how they aspire to be seen by others. 

Following the presentation, many students stayed
after the assembly to ask Chris more questions about his life!
Middle School Director for the Day Sayde H. meets
with Mr. Fenlon and Ms. Souza to discuss the upcoming day.

On Friday, Sayde Harrington-Moniz took over for Mr. Joe Fenlon as the Middle School Director for a Day. This incredible opportunity was an item from the The One Night for Prep Auction, benefitting Tampa Prep. As Director for the Day, Sayde declared Friday a T-shirt day for all Middle School students! As Mr. Fenlon often does, Sayde welcomed Middle School students to school in the hubs at 8:30 a.m. After greeting students, she met with Ms. Souza and Mr. Fenlon about the day's activities and Assembly. At the Middle School Assembly, Sayde led the announcements and reminded the students about upcoming special events! Following the Assembly, Sayde patrolled the parking lot making sure the school was safe and secure with Officer Phelps. There were also important meetings with Mr. Donald Morrison and other school adminstrators throughout the day. To end the day, Sayde treated the Middle School with cupcakes and led a Middle School-wide dodgeball game!

After Assembly, Sayde H. took to the golf cart
to patrol the parking lot keeping Tampa Prep safe!

Congratulations to all of the new inductees!

Being inducted in the National Junior Honor Society is one of the most prestigious honors for a Middle School student. Current NJHS chapter members Sarah MacCormack, Alexis Kindred, Angelica Fernandez, Owen Fulton and Trent Alexander inducted 40 new members last week.  

Membership into NJHS is an honor bestowed upon students who meet specific criteria. Qualifying students must maintain at least a 3.0 average and have completed two full semesters at Tampa Prep. In addition, the Faculty Council who is in touch with every Middle School teacher, uses the following criteria to determine who will become a member:
  • Outstanding scholarship - students who are consistent in their work and strive to excel in class.
  • Leadership – Students who provide examples of positive leadership both in and out of the classroom.
  • Service – Students who help in a variety of ways, not only at Terrapin Day, but who daily serve others generously and cheerfully.
  • Character – Students who are honest, kind and caring to others. This year's inductees reflect all of these qualities.
Congratulations to Ewan Abercrombie, Luke Blair, Madison Blanchard, Sophia Campbell, David Collison, Ryan Curtis, Olivia Dowdy, Samantha Espinoza, Caroline Goldstein, Aili Kumpu, Devin Lam, Gracie Langton, Luke Lozosky, Dylan Mann, Jeycob Mason-Diaz, Matthew McAllister, Dan Morgan, Caitlin Otte, Rebecca Panlilio, Mackayla Payne, Sofia Prockop, Alec Ramos, Giancarlo Restrepo, Jordan Shuma Peloubet, Zoe Silva, Jakob Stiglich, Isela Suarez, Ava Vellines, Tess Wagner, Jonnee Ward, Michael Ward, Mackenzie Weiner, Meisi Wenzel, Brady White, Connor White, Katerina Wood, Megan Wozniak, Magnus Boxaspen, Preston Gerardi and Colby Welch!
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