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 Exotic wood rings were hand carved in Crafts II.

Art adorned various walls set up in a gallery setting in Peifer Library.

Peifer Library was transformed into an art gallery for Gallery Night at Tampa Prep, featuring Upper School artwork from throughout the school year. A variety of three-dimensional pieces were on display, from leatherwork and jewelry to ceramics, dyed fabric and mobiles. Two-dimensional art included every medium imaginable from traditional drawings, watercolor and acrylic paintings to prints, photos and mixed media. Student artists were on hand to discuss their work with attendees who were wowed by the talent of our visual arts students. The pieces on display demonstrate the breadth of techniques our students explore throughout the curriculum. The passion for and dedication to the finished product was evident in the precision their pieces contained. There was even an interactive element where you could roll student-created textured clay spheres in sand to create unique designs. The spheres were inspired by a field trip to the aquarium where students studied texture in new ways. Students and parents provided food and beverages for visitors. Congratulations to everyone involved in this wonderful night to celebrate visual arts!

Julie Rice and Maxwell McGeachy create designs in sand
using textured ceramic spheres.

Ceramic, leather and stone carving pieces on display
in front of indigo-dyed fabric panels.

String Orchestra shared a composition by Ms. Calandra. Chorale sang a variety of styles throughout
the evening.

This week, Upper School musicians were showcased during their annual Spring Concert, named The Music of Carnegie Hall. The students performed to an impressed audience in the Smith Black Box Theater. A new Girls Barbershop Quartet opened the show with their incredible rendition of Mr. Sandman. Nikki Monson, Taylor Tveten, Alexa Lowrey and Kim Pham's performance was a fantastic addition to the concert this year! Following the quartet, the Upper School Band performed Mars from the Planets and Star Wars: The Marches. With a large variety of instruments present in the Band, it is an incredible treat to be able to listen to the beautiful music the students create. After the Band's first performance of the evening, the Concert Chorus performed Beautiful Day featuring soloists Malcolm Randolph, Angel Herndandez Zapata, Taylor Bradley, Thomas Neubert and Uyen Ngo. The powerful sound created by this smaller chorus was amazing.

Next, the audience was in for a special world premiere of a piece of music titled the Summer Quartet written by Tampa Prep's very own Ms. Jessica Calandra. This impressive piece of music was played by the String Orchestra. Having a world premiere of a piece of music of this caliber demonstrates the breadth of knowledge and creativity of our Tampa Prep faculty are. The entire audience was blown away by the talent of both the String Orchestra and their Director Ms. Jessica Calandra. Check out a short clip of Summer Quartet on Facebook!

The Girls Barbershop Quartet debuted with an exciting performance of "Mr. Sandman."

Upper School band impressed with several pieces,
including familiar melodies from Star Wars
and Jersey Boys.

Following the very impressive performance by the String Orchestra, the Chorale (all Chorus students) took to the stage to perform MLK (with soloist Robert Lower), Lullaby, Bright Morning Stars (with soloist Robbie Vincent), Regina Coeli (with solo quartet Taylor Tveten, Sheriean Carroll, Robbie Vincent and Harrison Lorenzen) and Emerald Stream. After these impressive performances, Ms. Jessica Calandra and Mr. Andrew Hoy recognized the seniors in the Band and Chorus who have given so much to the Tampa Prep Arts Department during their years at the school.

To close out the Spring Concert, the audience was treated to a few more performances by the Upper School Band and the Chamber Chorus. The Chamber Chorus performed a world premiere song Psalm 23, written by senior Robbie Vincent with soloists Maddie Dixon and Mimi Coto. Hearing a song written, arranged and performed by Tampa Prep students was an incredibly unique experience. The a capella performance of Nyon Nyon, complete with choreography, was a fun way to end the Chamber Chorus set. The audience was blown away by the amazing talent of all the groups who performed.

Congratulations to the senior musicians who were recognized at their last high school concert.


Cum Laude Inductees Mu Alpha Theta Inductee

Upper School students inducted into various honor societies were announced last week in a special assembly. Students who qualified for Cum Laude, Mu Alpha Theta (the National High School Mathematics Honor Society), Terrapin Scholar Athletes and Tri-M (National Music Honor Society) were inducted into these socieities.

Tri-M Inductees

New members of National Honor Society (NHS), La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica and La Sociéte Honoraire de Français were inducted during separate induction ceremonies and acknowledged at assembly.

Terrapin Scholar Athletes

View the full list of students inducted into these Honor Societies. Congratulations on joining these prestigious groups!
Congratulations to all of the new inductees!

Thirty-eight sophomores, thirty-one juniors and three seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society during a special assembly last week. Induction into this prestigious society is based on the applicant's character, leadership ability, scholarship and service. Tampa Prep's faculty all agreed that these students demonstrate these important characteristics. At the induction, National Honor Society members Daniel Castro, Yasmin Mustafa, Kimberly Fulton, Mia Borlongan and Sam Dobbins spoke about what it means to become a member of the National Honor Society. Congratulations to the new inductees!

10th Grade
Gustavo Antezana
Delany Barnard
Bo Blair
Rachel Cosmas
Evelyn Drake
Lauren Ferguson
Anthony Ferrara
Ava Free
Jake Gerardi
Alice Hamilton
Allie Hodorski
Amber Hottle
Coco Hull
Abigail Hunter
Adam Hunter
Natalie Isé
Samuel Johnson
Colin Kubisiak
Tyler Lynn
Harsheen Marwah
Cole Minsky
Laila Mustafa
Alexis Myrback
Kim Pham
Caleb Quezon
Bianca Rivera-Irions
Isabel Rodriguez
Carly Scarborough
Aaron Scheiner
Garrett Schneider
Jacob Solomon
Connor Stec
 Angela Vari
Isabella Weinstein
 Sarah Weinstein
Samantha White
Jaylen Williams
Carson Young

11th Grade
Olivia Acs
Carson Black
David Bozeman
Rylie Burmeister
Lily Calary
Chago Carreño
Sheriean Carroll
McKinley Chapman
Julian Cohn
Patrick Danielson
Ethan Davidove
Natalia Fernandez
Hannah Fishman
Natalie Francise
Daniel Freedman
Hannah Keller
Dawson Ladd
Lauren Leach
Emily McDuffie
Daniel Moore
Oluwaseyi Oluwaleimu
Saylor Pascoe
Jordan Payne
Rammi Quah
Daniela Reina
Kataryna Restrepo
Charles Scriven
Matthew Tsokos
Jack Whiting
Alex Wood
Courtney Yonker


12th Grade
Kyle Castro
Davis Chiaramonte
Elizabeth Powers


Seventh grade students were able to get up close and personal
with a variety of marine life, such as sea urchins and squids!

Last week, seventh grade students explored the Florida Keys on their annual class trip. The trip consisted of many exciting and memorable experiences for the students. When visiting a Turtle Hospital, the students learned about how the animals get rescued and receive rehabilitation. Some turtles get released back into the wild after recovering, so the students were able to learn about how the hospital determines which turtles get released and which are kept at the hospital. While snorkeling in the Keys, students got to see a live coral reef and learn which plants and animals call the Keys’ water their home. During a squid dissection, the young scientists were able to see the ink squids use as an escape mechanism. One of the most memorable experiences for the students on this trip was the ability to swim with dolphins. Another memorable moment was during the kayaking trip through the mangroves when Mr. Joe Fenlon spotted a nurse shark. All of the students were excited to see the shark from the safety of their kayak in the shark’s natural habitat! On the way back to Tampa, the students stopped in the Everglades for a fun-filled airboat ride! This is a great trip for the seventh grade students because they are able to apply the knowledge they have gained throughout the year in a variety of different ways during the trip! Check out the Facebook album with even more pictures from this incredible trip!

At Dolphins Plus, the young scientists learn all about dolphins
before jumping in the water with them for a swim!

This year's edition of Carapace, Tampa Prep's annual literary magazine, is now available on the iTunes store. The publication is a product of the Book Arts class, and this year's staff has worked hard to bring the Prep community a strong collection of writing and art that embodies the Prep mission to "Be Yourself." Additionally, this year's staff used the enhanced multimedia features of iBooks to include original music produced by Prep's Music Studio Ensemble. The following link will take you directly to the magazine in the iTunes store. Click here to get this year's literary magazine!
Lexi C., Sophia A. and Alexis K. prepare
to present their projects.
 Ernie S., Caleb E., Trent A. and Riley B.
set up their Memorial Dedication Projects.

For the last two months, eighth grade students researched and became resident experts on various topics regarding United States history. Students wrote a research paper and also designed and created a memorial to represent their subject in a symbolic and educational way. All of this preparation and work culminated in Memorial Dedication Night 2016 where students unveiled their projects to parents and guests.

Belu B., William D., Samantha C. and Avery M. show off their projects to parents and guests.

More than 60 projects were on display for guests to see. After free time for guests to observe the creative symbolism on display, a few students took the microphone and explained what their memorial was about and how they designed it. All of the eighth grade historians did a wonderful job flexing their creative muscles in order to bring awareness to various important historical figures and events that have had tremendous effects on the United States.

Ethan Y. presents his project to the crowd. 
Daryn D. showcases her incredible project.

Joey V., Julie Z. and Reagan C. work
to bring their project of Grasses
in Classes to Tampa Prep!

This semester, 9th grade World History students engaged in a service-learning "History for Global Change" project that allowed them to apply the lessons of history to their lives and the community around them. Check out a reflection on the project from students Libby Hopkins and Malcolm Randolph here: Reflection on "History for Global Change" project.

For this project, students had to identify a current social or environmental issue and research the problem and its historical roots. They then identified someone who was working towards making a difference in that area as a "hero" for the cause and conducted research about their efforts. Finally, they had to write a paper about the problem, their "hero" and their own personal action plan to make a change.

Once completed, students presented the results of the action plans to their classmates. Students covered a variety of topics, including autism awareness, gun control, gender inequality and access to education, homelessness and littering.  

One group, consisting of Joey Valenti, Julie Zhang and Reagan Curtis, has already made plans to bring their project to Prep in a more permanent and sustainable way by bringing a Grasses in Classes program to our campus. Grasses in Classes is an environmental program that aims to help replenish the depletion of sea grasses along the shores of Tampa Bay. Check out their reflection on the project: Ninth Grade Students Implement Program to Save Depleted Sea Grass.

Another group worked to raise awareness about domestic violence. Julie Rice, Kaitlyn Ferguson and Natalie Huchro held an outstanding auction night at the Rice's home. CEO of The Spring, Mindy Murphy kicked off the auction by speaking about domestic violence and how her organization helps those families affected. The students were able to raise and donate over $800 to The Spring of Tampa Bay! This class project really resonated with our service-oriented students who seek to make meaningful change in our community and beyond. Great job!

Julie R., Kaitlyn F. and Natalie H. held an auction
at Julie's home to benefit The Spring of Tampa Bay!
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