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Cultural Anthropology students had a great time
trying Ethiopian foods and learning more about the culture.

Ms. Jago's Cultural Anthropology class visited The Queen of Sheba Ethiopian restaurant for lunch on Friday. They were warmly greeted by Seble as eighteen seniors and Ms. Jago entered the restaurant. The Tampa Prep visitors were immediately made to feel at home, and tables were moved to the group's liking. Seble introduced the group to all the dishes on the buffet, and then set everyone loose! The students tried almost everything (some of the dishes were a little too spicy for some students), but the deep fried crisps of dough bathed in honey were a big hit!

Seble then donned traditional Ethiopian dress, lit some incense and proceeded to mesmerize the class with an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Many students completely embraced this new experience. They learned that the coffee beans were from her hometown, they were green and that the beans had been freshly ground. The cups seemed a little small, but Seble explained that you had to have three cups of coffee. It is customary to sip the first cup and engage in conversation for the duration of your three cups of coffee. Many students did not like coffee, but tried it anyway and pronounced it delicious. It was a wonderful experience, the students enjoyed themselves, and Seble complimented them on their willingness to try new things.
Jeycob M., Abby B., Avery C. and Ava V. show off their incredible edible cell projects!

In Ms. Grosso, Ms. Calvin and Mrs. Chapman’s seventh grade Life Science classes, students created cells made out of completely edible materials. They used several different food items representing the various organelles or cell structures found in plant and animal cells to construct an edible cell model. This project helps them learn more about the different parts of a cell and their functions.

Aili K.Le, Lexie D., Henry M. and KC O. are excited to see each other's edible cell projects in class.

Along with the edible cell, students filmed themselves in a cooking show while making their project to show their classmates how they created their cell. After turning the projects in, each class had an edible cell party where all students shared their projects and were able to try all the yummy creations from their classmates!

Meisi W. and Brady W. are very excited to show their classmates their cooking shows and cells!

Tampa Prep was excited to welcome all of our visitors to the school!

Last week, Tampa Prep hosted four engineers from the Epson Corporation in Japan and three representatives of Epson USA K-12 from Long Beach, California. This group visited some schools in California and flew to Florida to tour Tampa Prep to see how Epson projectors and other technology are utilized so effectively in the Active Learning Environment and the Upper School. The Epson visitors were very impressed with the multiple projection options and mobile furniture available to the Middle School in the Active Learning Environment. The mobile furniture that allows flexible classroom configurations in the iPad one-to-one setting was of great interest to the visitors as well.
The visitors from Epson were very interested in the technology
available to students during Programing and Robotics classes.

The group met with the Mr. Kevin Plummer, the Technology Department and Mrs. Pat Embry and Mrs. Laura Pereira who use Epson products daily. The Epson engineers wanted to hear Tampa Prep's suggestion on new features and improvements as they begin brainstorming for the next year.

Middle School Robotics students compete in challenges
while the Epson visitors watch.
Mr. Chad Lewis and Mrs. Victoria Lewis take
the visitors on a tour of the Middle School
Active Learning Environments.

Tampa Prep was very excited to welcome Zach Ingrasci from Living on One to spend the day sharing his experiences with students. Tampa Prep students were introduced to Zach and his non-profit organization Living on One earlier in the year when they watched the documentary Living on One Dollar. The documentary follows Zach and a group of friends as they spend two months living in a small village in Guatemala on less than $1 per day. Middle and Upper School students were moved by what they saw and were looking forward to Zach’s visit to Tampa Prep.

Zach Ingrasci spoke to the entire Tampa Prep community
in the morning to share his experiences
in Guatemala.
Students spoke to Zach after his presentation
about questions they had and their
own experiences helping others.

The day began with Zach speaking to the entire student body during Assembly. Zach spoke about the struggles that he faced after committing to live in Guatemala on less than a $1 a day. The three biggest hurdles Zach and his friends had to get over were funding, leaving their families and friends and their fear of failure. To overcome these incredible hurdles, Zach explained how he found his inspiration, came up with creative solutions and took action. He explained that nothing else matters unless you go out and do it. Taking action is the toughest step, but also the most powerful.

During his presentation, Zach provided updates on people in Guatemala who were highlighted in the documentary Living on One Dollar. He showed the students video clips from Rosa’s high school graduation and provided an update on Chino. Many of the students were very interested to hear updates on Rosa’s business, funded by a micro-finance loan, and her dream of becoming a nurse. Zach encouraged the students to visit LivingonOne.org to check out the shirts that are part of Rosa’s business. Rosa and her friends stitch the pocket fabric, then Living On One applies the fabric to a T-shirt. Zach used Rosa’s story as the perfect example of how to give someone a hand up, rather than a handout. Many people in these communities do not want sympathy or a handout, but instead would like someone to assist them while maintaining their dignity. Tampa Prep students were shown a never before seen clip of their next documentary, Salam Neighbor, about Living On One’s time living in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. 

Throughout the day, many students had their
picture taken with Zach.
Zach met with a group of Upper School classes
after his morning presentation to answer
questions they had.

Throughout the day, Zach Insgrasci met with classes and large groups of Middle School and Upper School students. During his presentation to the Middle School, he asked them many questions about changes they can make in their lives to create a difference. Many students said that listening to him that morning made them want to help others. Students shared with Zach ways that they were already making a change by volunteering at Metropolitan Ministries, donating toys to Tampa General Hospital and getting involved with animal shelters.

Zach showed the Middle School how to do the Living On One
hand sign (L 1) for this big group picture.

The meeting with Upper School students was very focused on what Zach experienced when living in a Syrian refugee camp. The students wanted to know about the people who lived there and the living conditions. Many students were shocked to hear that the people in the refugee camp were previously living lives similar to theirs before being displaced. Hearing about the doctors, accountants and other successful people who were living in tents was very eye opening to the students who were visualizing their families being in the same type of situation.

Zach shared that they had a lot of trouble filming in the refugee camp due to the people being very aware of how the world is perceiving them and frustrated by the media attention they are getting. Filming women for the documentary was particularly challenging because it is not culturally acceptable to film women in public. Many journalists were at the camp looking for "shock value," rather than trying to share the true story as Zach's group was trying to do. Living on One wanted to convey the true story of life in a refugee camp by eating the same food, standing in the same lines and living in a tent; they wanted to capture the journey of being a refugee, restarting your life and what is means for your children and your children’s children.

Zach meets with a large group of Upper School
students to share his experiences living
in a Syrian refugee camp.
Zach shows off his shoes to Middle School
students. The shoes are made in Guatemala
by Teysha Shoes.

Hopefully Zach’s visit inspired the Tampa Prep community to figure out what inspires them, make a creative solution and  take action. His story was very inspiring and we are looking forward to seeing the full Salam Neighbor documentary when it comes out to the public. The original Living on One Dollar documentary filmed in Guatemala is available on Netflix and iTunes. For more information on Living on One or to order one of Rosa’s shirts, please visit LivingOnOne.org.

8th graders take a break from their normal class for storytime with Mrs. Lonetto.

To prepare for their trip to Boston, students in Mrs. Lonetto's 8th grade English classes were treated to a special storytime with cookies and milk this week. Mrs. Lonetto read them the children's book, "Make Way for Ducklings," by Robert McCloskey. Students had the chance to relax and unwind while enjoying a little snack. While on their trip to Boston, the students will visit the Boston Public Garden where there is a statue of the duck family featured in the book. This storytime is a favorite annual tradition at Tampa Prep for 8th graders right before their big trip!
Environment Club and Key Club students work
to clean up the area around the Hillsborough River.

The Environment Club paired up with the Key Club for the Hillsborough River Coastal Cleanup. Sixteen students and the advisors of the clubs spent a Saturday morning picking up trash around and under the Cass Street bridge and along the shoreline on the Tampa Prep easement to the Hillsborough River. Students collected five bags of trash and four bags of recycling. They were quite surprised at the amount of trash found for such a short part of the coastline. Styrofoam remains a large portion of the trash found along the waterway. Thanks to those who participated for pitching in to clean up our city!
After taking the foil off part of their leaves, students test
to see if the process of photosynthesis has begun.

Students in 9th grade Biology are learning about the process of photosynthesis. To demonstrate this process, students covered a leaf with foil to prevent light from touching the leaf. By covering half of the leaf to stop the process of photosynthesis, students are able to see the difference in how photosynthesis effects the leaf. To test for the process, each covered and uncovered portion of the leaf was tested for starch. A positive result for starch in the leaf provided evidence of photosynhesis at work. Students discovered that starch was present only in the half of the leaf that was exposed to sunlight, while the covered half of the leaf did not produce starch.

Young scientists test the leaves for starch to provide the evidence
of photosynthesis at work.

Mrs. Bahtic's Period 5 on the Morsani Hall stage! On the Gallery Level, student learn about the
low tech aspect of the theater, such as the double
door entry to keep light and sound
to a minimum.

Mrs. Bahtic, Mrs. Lonetto and Mr. Sandoval's seventh grade classes, accompanied by Ms. Souza, visited the David A. Straz, Jr. Center for Performing Arts on Monday for a backstage tour (in their Spirit Week pajamas)! The field trip was an extension of the drama unit, which involves the play The Foreigner. During the tour, students were introduced to the Center's purpose and design. Students toured three of the five theaters and learned interesting details about the operation and design of the different theaters. Students were informed of the origin of the ghost light and the capabilities of the sound canopy.

Seated in the Gallery, or "penthouse," seats, students
learn about the design of the seats, the light
and sound canopy.
Students begin their backstage tour
in the lobby
of the Straz Center.

High-tech versus low-tech aspects of the theater were discussed, and the tour guide challenged the students to come up with a career field that would not have a place in the theater. The highlight of the trip occurred when students were allowed to stand on the Morsani Hall stage. After visiting the "penthouse," or gallery seats, being on stage provided students a dramatically different perspective. The students enjoyed this educational outing across the river!

Students tour the dressing rooms where the actors
prepare for the big show.
 Students check out the loading area backstage
where many of the visiting show's stencils
can be found.


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