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Art History students did a great job of turning "hand turkeys" into examples
of styles from different time periods!

Part of studying Art History is absorbing the distinctive styles and rules of different periods from the caves to the present. For their most recent project, Art History students were challenged to turn the typical elementary school project of Thanksgiving hand turkeys to reflect what they might have looked like in Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt or Classical Greece. Students did a great job portraying the style of their time period in the form of a Thanksgiving hand turkey!
Concerned mother Egeus (Camille B.) speaks
to Theseus (Harrison L.) about her daughter
Hermia's (Catie C.) actions.
Faires led by Titania (Natalie I.) argue
with Oberon (Caleb Q.).

Last week, Upper School students put on an incredible production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. This Shakespeare play is an ambitious project with three sets of characters whose overlapping story lines include young love, comedy, fairies and a bit of magic. Catie Clark as Hermia, John Morrison as Demetrius, Eli Watson as Lysander and Taylor Tveten as Helena wowed the audience with their impressive acting. These young actors had the audience hanging on their every word and movement as their love stories progressed throughout the play.

Bottom (Gabe P.), Snug (Matenia A.), Flute (Tyler H.),
Quince (Rachel S.) and Snout (Jade S.) head
to the forest to plan their play for the wedding.
Demetrius (John M.) tells Helena
(Taylor T.) that he is not in love
with her as she is with him.

Caleb Quezon as Oberon and Will Stokes as Puck were a dynamic duo that kept the audience laughing throughout the entire performance with their antics. Their comedic timing and ability to play off of each other was a joy to witness. Natalie Isé, Angela Vari, Rachel Segal, Kris Suarez, Julianne Hatton, Lauren Kelly, Taylor Bradley, Sarah Weinstein, Brittani Johnson, Hope Guzzle and Mona Sleiman were magical as fairies. Each fairy was covered in an impressive amount of glitter which brought a fun and unique aspect to each fairies' character and personality. Alexa Lowry, Nikki Monson and Carly Scarborough were a fantastic musical surprise as the musical fairy trio. Their harmonized lines and beautiful voices added another element to the show.

Oberon (Caleb Q.) encourages Puck (Will S.) to sprinkle magic flower dust onto an Athenian man
to make him fall for a specific Athenian woman.
However, Puck accidently sprinkles Lysander (Eli W.)
instead of Demetrius.

The third group of characters included those involved in the wedding: Theseus (Harrison Lorenzen and Robbie Vincent), Hippolyta (Rebecca Schwartz and Brooke Bandoni), Philostrate (Robert Lower) and Egeus (Camille Benson and Stephanie Lukasik), who set the stage from the start of the show. In honor of the wedding, the repair shop actors: Bottom (Gabe Paggio), Quince (Rachel Saunders), Snug (Matenia Altikatis), Snout (Cullen Muir), Starveling (Jade Scott) and Flute (Tyler Hostler-Mathis), wrote and acted out their own hilarious play for the bride and groom, and also got mixed up into their own share of magic. 

Puck and Oberon's magic creates conflict for Helene (Taylor T.), Demetrius (John M.),
Lysander (Eli W.) and Hermia (Catie C.) while Titania (Angela V.) mistakenly falls
in love
with Bottom (Gabe P.) dressed as a donkey.

It was obvious to each member of the audience that this production took a lot of time to put together. From the set design and lighting, costumes and the extraordinary amount of body paint to the difficult Shakespearean lines, the cast and crew did an incredible time with this production. Congratulations to all involved for an amazing show!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next productions: Rent (February 25-27) and Seussical the Musical (April 15-16)!

Philostrate (Robert L.) and Egeus (Stephanie L.) sit with Theseus (Robbie V.) and Hippolyta (Rebecca S.),
while Flute (Tyler H.), Snout (Cullen M.) and Bottom (Gabe P.) perform at their wedding.
Journalism students had a great time attending a national convention in Orlando
learning from the best in the business!

Journalism students spent four days in Orlando at the National Scholastic Press Association's Semi-Annual Convention, learning new skills from professional journalists, college professors and multimedia professionals. They participated in seminars and workshops while networking with over 6,000 other student journalists from across the country. Students also had the opportunity to speak with representatives from some of the top university journalism programs. On top of all of this, they had a great opportunity to bond as a staff.
Egypt - Emma P.
 Portugal - Zoe S.

Seventh grade Geography students just completed their anticipated EPCOT project! For this project, students must select a country that is missing from the EPCOT World Showcase. Students choose a country that they are interested in and that they feel should be included in the Showcase! After conducting a lot of research, students design all of the elements that would be part of that country's EPCOT World Showcase booth.

 Israel - Sayde M.
Egypt - Sophie C. 

As part of this, students design a menu, a gift shop catalog and a 3D model that incorporates the physical geography and culture of their chosen country. On the day the projects are due, students pitch their country to their classmates by taking them on  a "guided tour" to explain what the guests would experience. If you are at Tampa Prep in the next week, make sure to stop by both Middle School hubs to check out the incredible projects!

Sweden - Thomas M.
Czech Republic - Luke B. 

The chorus and band provided incredible patriotic performances in honor of Veterans Day.

The Tampa Prep community joined together on Veterans Day to honor and thank those who have served America in both peace and war times. Veterans Day is always a great day for the community to come together and show appreciation and support for those who have given time in service to our country. Tampa Prep honored these individuals during a special Veterans Day Assembly. Mr. Kevin Plummer (in very patriotic pants) began the assembly by introducing Tampa Prep's three veterans, Coach Michael Flynn, Mr. Chad Lewis and Mr. Bob Bradshaw. These incredible men received a standing ovation from the audience in thanks for their service.

The Assembly provided the incredible opportunity for the entire school
to thank Coach Flynn, Mr. Bradshaw and Mr. Lewis for their service to the country.

Following Mr. Plummer's presentation, the chorus, led by Mr. Andrew Hoy, performed The Star-Spangled Banner. Check out this clip from Instagram of the chorus singing our National Anthem. Band and chorus worked together on a medley of patriotic favorites, complete with soloists and featured band and choral sections. Hearing such a beautiful performance of popular patriotic songs gave the audience a chance to think about the veterans in their lives and the service they gave for the United States of America.

Following the performance of the medley, the Tampa Prep community was treated to a video featuring Coach Flynn, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Bradshaw speaking about their time in the military, why they joined and what service means to them. All three men spoke about how services ties in directly to Tampa Prep's mission of "higher purpose than self" by giving of yourself while expecting nothing in return. They all spoke about how they would not be the men they are today without learning important values during their time serving our country. This was a great opportunity for students to learn a bit more about the lives of these teachers and administrators.

When Caleb Q. announced a specific branch of the military, members of the audience
stood in honor of their family member's service.

The assembly ended with the band performing a medley of songs related to each branch of the military. Caleb Quezon announced each branch of the military and the audience was asked to stand if they had any family members who are in that specific branch. This activity demonstrates how many community members have connections to the various branches of the military. It also allows students and faculty members to recognize potential shared experiences with other Tampa Prep community members who may have relatives serving in the same branch of the military.

Thank you to all the incredible men and women who have and are still serving our country in all branches of the military.

Congratulations to Team 727A for a great first tournament!

Tampa Prep's 727A Robotics Team traveled to Leesburg for their first tournament of the year. There were thirty-three teams in attendance for this tournament. The tournament game this year is very much like basketball with robots picking up and shooting 4" balls into nets in a the game called "Nothing But Net."

Team 727A, Xander Spriggs, Valan Zuccolillo and Nick Murphy, competed very hard and was 12th after the 8 qualifying matches. They partnered up with team 550A and 4029A as a 4th seed alliance to win a quarter-final match against the 5th seed. However, the teams lost to the 2nd seed alliance in the semifinal by only the autonomous score at 127 to 102.

Congratulations to Team 727A for a hard fought semifinals. In fact, our team alliance captain, team 550A from Orlando, liked us so much, they personally came to our setup table to invite 727A to come out to the Apopka VEX tournament! Next up, Teams 727B, 727C and 727D start up in the Greater Tampa VEX League hosted by Tampa Prep this Saturday, November 14 starting at 8 a.m. It should be interesting as 2 of the 3 are rookie teams. Come out and join us for some shooting action.

Students participated in Dance Marathon
that they were fundraising
"FTK" (For the Kids). (Pictured before
the dancing started!)
Meeting Miracle Child Xander was a
of Dance Marathon
for many attendees!

Tampa Prep’s Key Club hosted Tampa Prep's first ever Mini Dance Marathon with assistance from USF's Bulls for Kids to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) and All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. Dance Marathon’s motto is to "dance for those who can’t," so for the duration of the five-hour event, no one was allowed to sit down or stop dancing! Over 130 people were in attendance at the Mini Dance Marathon in the Student Center. For most attendees, the most touching moment of the evening was hearing Miracle Child Xander speak about his story and how CMNH and Dance Marathon has supported him and his family for the past eight years.

Dance Marathon participants take a knee (no sitting allowed at Dance Marathon!)
to listen
to Miracle Child Xander's story and how the Dance Marathon Organization
has supported him and his family.

Throughout the night, participants not only danced (check out this Instagram video of students dancing to Justin Bieber), but also played carnival games, sang karaoke and "pied" teachers. Key Club surpassed their fundraising goal of $2,000 by raising $3,100.03 to benefit All Children's Hospital! Check out this incredible video of the moment that the fundraising total was announced during the event!

Participants got the Dance Marathon
rolling with a "wobble!"
Having the Children's Miracle Network
balloon on display in the
Student Center
was a constant reminder
of who was
from Dance Marathon.

Congratulations to Sariri M., Josh L., Zach C., Austin C.
and Magnus B. on their successful bake sale!

The Middle School French Club held a bake sale last week to raise money to purchase a goat from Heifer International. This goat would change the life of someone living in a third world country. Heifer International says that "Giving an animal is like giving someone a small business, providing wool, milk, eggs and more. Animal donations can provide families a hand up, increasing access to medicine, school, food and a sustainable livelihood." Last year, the Middle School French Club purchased a goat in the spring and were excited to be able to do it again this year! This French Club may be small, but they are determined to make the world a better place through action and sweets!

Middle School French Club students were very excited
to partner with Heifer International again to purchase a goat!

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