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Mrs. Sandford's 7th grade Civics class has been learning about the different levels of federalism: federal, state and shared powers. To further explain these concepts, students formed groups to create new superheroes for the "Civics League." Each group selected one of the three levels of federalism to use as inspiration for a superhero by incorporating the powers laid out in the Constitution. For example, one group designed the Delegated Daughter inspired by the federal powers. This superhero could have a ring that has the ability to maintain the armed forces!

Check out some of the incredibly creative superheroes created by the class!

 Zach W., Sam J., Rayhan I., Joseph S.
and Gavin W. in a rare team up.
Seyi O. prepares for the start
of his match.

Three VEX Robotics Teams from Tampa Prep had a great season in the Greater Tampa VEX League this year! The three teams are team 727B represented by Rick Rothberg, Seyi Oluwaleimu, Kris Suarez and Colin Kubisiak; team 727C represented by Sam Johnson, Zach Welch and David Howell and team 727D represented by Garrett Schneider, Gavin Washington, Joseph Shahum and Rayhan Ishak. All Tampa Prep teams finished in the top half of the league rankings with 727D leading ranked 3rd, 727C ranked 7th and 727B ranked 8th.

 Rayhan I., Joseph S. and Gavin W. on the field. Seyi O. and Ricky R. mid-match.

This was a dramatic year of improvement for Florida teams. Leading up to the final days, no less than three Florida teams (homeschool teams) are ranked in the top 30 of VEX World’s ranking in both Driver Skills and Programming Skills division. This means that these teams will automatically qualify for VEX Worlds Championships. Unfortunately, that leaves more room for Florida teams to try to qualify for VEX Worlds this year. All the teams have worked hard and the VEX League format of four tournament events spanning three months allowed members to learn and improve. Tampa Prep teams have done very well and by the end of league play had steadily climbed the rankings.

All three Tampa Prep teams are ranked high enough to qualify for VEX States - an exciting first for our Terrapin teams! The VEX State Championships will be on February 13th at the Florida State Fairgrounds and will have 60 teams competing for 9 spots in VEX World Championships.  

Congratulations to all teams and we wish them a successful conclusion in the VEX High School 2015-16 season in Robotics. In addition, thank you to all the parents that helped out in transporting things especially Mr. Bruce Johnson, Mrs. Keara Danger and Ms. Cassandra Hector.
Congratulations to the students who participated
in this year's Science Olympiad Regional Competition!

The Science Olympiad teams competed against 24 teams in the Science Olympiad Regional competition at the HCC Brandon campus this past weekend. At the competition, teams go head-to-head in 23 different events in the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics. The Tampa Prep Tau team earned 5th place at the competition and will be moving on to the State level! Members of the Phi team gained experience at the event, and we look forward to their continued participation on the team next year.

McKinley C. and Jonathan M. take a test
during Disease Detectives.
Alice H. and Blake B. successfully build a strong bridge.

Special thanks go to Dr. Joseph Gill for supervising an event at the Regional tournament. Thanks also to Shirley Hamilton, Susannah Robinson and Christy Pascoe for chaperoning the students during the event.

Rammi Q. received a 3rd place medal with teammate
Noah R. in the Dynamic Planet event!
Aaron S. and Blake B. work well together
during Air Trajectory.

For members of the Tau team: The State competition will take place on Saturday, March 19 at the University of Central Florida. The team will be traveling (via Tampa Prep bus) to Orlando on Friday, March 18 and returning home after the competition on Saturday. More details will follow as we get closer to the event. Please congratulate these students on their success!

Members of the Tau team include: Meredith Cook (Team Captain), Tristen Mee (Team Co-Captain), Matheus Caldeira, McKinley Chapman, Connor Danahy, Tristan Harris, Sam Johnson, Harrison Lorenzen, Jonathan Maya, Molly Monsour, Aloki Patel, Rammi Quah, Bianca Rivera-Irions, Noah Robinson, Xander Spriggs, Coach Hill and Coach Chapman.   

Members of the Phi team include: Blake Bridge, Jake Gerardi, Alice Hamilton, Hailey Hill, Cole Minsky, Saylor Pascoe, Kataryna Restrepo, Aaron Scheiner, Jade Scott, Allison Wu, Coach Hill and Coach Chapman.

Play is underway in the Student Center. Young players celebrate a win.

They came to play. And play they did. Students from around the state converged on Tampa Preparatory School this past Saturday for the Florida Chess Association’s annual West Regional Scholastic Chess Championship. This was the first year this event has been held at Tampa Prep and the new location came with new technological additions. FCA President and Tampa Prep teacher William Bowman helped organize the event and wanted to give the participants an experience like none other. The ability to broadcast the students’ games live was one such innovation that went over well with the spectators. Volunteers each round were taken to use the Monroi equipment. After a quick run down of how to operate it, players would input their moves into the devices which would then send their games to the internet for all to see.

Tampa Prep students Zachary Welch and Dennis Boohoff participated in the tournament. Congratulations to Zachary for his 4th-place finish in the K-12 section.

A projector was set up in the Skittles spectator room where parents were able to watch their son or daughter play during the round. Parents typically are in the dark about the games as the rules do not allow them to stay in the actual playing hall while games are underway. In addition to watching some of the games, parents and spectators were given a play-by-play analysis by Mr. Bowman and some special guest broadcasters. FM Mark Ritter was in the house and graciously gave his expertise on a number of the games, even pointing out some mating variations missed in his own student’s game. There was also a chess vendor who set up shop, selling everything from chess boards and sets to books and T-shirts. All in all, it was a fun day for student and parents alike. We look forward to next year's event. Special thanks to Jon Haskel and Corey Acor for TD’ing the event, everyone at Tampa Prep who helped make the event a success and sponsor Jason Starkman of Epicure Gourmet Market and Cafe. Results can be found at the following links:




Spectators enjoyed the high-tech Skittles room set up in Smith Black Box Theater where they could 
follow along with the live games projected on the screens and access WiFi. 
Students enjoyed hearing the bats echo locating and taking pictures of the small mammals.

Seventh graders had a treat this week as Ms. Francine Prager from Tampa Bay Bats Rehab and Rescue visited Tampa Prep to teach students about these interesting creatures. Students piled into the lecture hall, excited to get a glimpse at these often misunderstood mammals. Ms. Prager explained that there are 1,300 species of bats and only three of the species are vampire bats, whose food source is blood (primarily from horses, cows and chickens). The majority of bat species subsist on fruit, insects or nectar. Some bats even help pollenate trees and flowers. This is quite contrary to the perception most of us have of vicous, blood-sucking creatures! Students enjoyed seeing several rescued bats up-close and asked many questions about their lifespan and habits.

Venerable Losang Samten explains the completed Mandala
to Ally W., Jenn O., Nathalie D. and visitors.

Venerable Losang Samten took the time to answer
questions that the students had about his life and
process for creating the Mandala.

Current and former students of Mr. Morrison's World Religions class traveled to the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg to see Venerable Losang Samten, a renowned Tibetan scholar and former Buddhist monk who once served as the attendant to the Dalai Lama, create a Medicine Buddha Mandala. Unique to Vajrayana (Tibetan) Buddhism, sand mandalas serve as spiritual guides for meditation. While there are many types of sand mandalas, the purpose of this one is to heal and bring peace to the designer and viewers. Even though the mandala took almost two weeks to create, it will soon be dismantled and the sand cast into water so that its capacity to promote healing and bring peace can spread to all places on earth. Tampa Prep students were privileged to meet Venerable Samten who, upon completing the mandala, approached and spoke with them at length.

 Of course, Rebecca S., Jenn O., Ally W., Ray C.,
Seth S. and Nathalie D. had to take a selfie

with Venerable Losang Samten!

The completed Medicine Buddha Mandala
wowed the students. 

Associate Director of Admission from
University leads a room of
as part of the
mock admission committee.

One of the many parent rooms in action!
Marist College's Director of Admission
a group of parents as part of
the mock admission committee

For the past five years, Tampa Prep has worked with six area independent schools to coordinate the Tampa Bay Area Case Studies Program. Held at Berkeley Prep this year, the program’s mission is to educate parents and students about the selective college admissions process. By demonstrating the process college adminssions reps undertake with a hands-on, interactive program, attendees see firsthand how applications are evaluated.

Parents and students are given three application packets of fictional students that include an application, recommendations, essays, test scores and transcripts. Parents and students are assigned to different groups led by college admission professionals who take them through the process whereby they can only admit only one, waitlist a second student and deny a third. Following the admission exercise, students and parents had time to talk to the college admission professionals in a college fair setting.

While this isn’t exactly what occurs in an admission committee, it does provide families with an insight and understanding that will help them as they move forward with their own application process. Each year, Case Studies surveys the participants and each year 100% of the families report that they would recommend this to other families.

Director of Admission at Rhodes College speaks
to a full gym of participants for the
closing session
at Tampa Bay Case Studies.
College Representatives were
these sunglasses at check
in to
welcome them
to the Sunshine State!

Harrison C. and Cedrica J. were
fantastic hosts of the event!
Dominic P. and Hans P. represented the Middle School
well with their impressive performance!

Blackbox Unplugged is a tradition at Tampa Prep that takes place the day before Headmasters' Challenge every year. The event this year was a big success with an overwhelming number of students in attendance! The event was kicked off by Lexi Bishop, who performed the song Imagine by John Lennon, which she dedicated to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks. One of the highlights of the night was an a cappella group made up of Brittani Johnson, Julianne Hatton, Amy Roher, Neethi Narasimha and Mona Sleiman.

Mona S. and Neethi N.Mr. Bamford showcased his rap skills during
his energetic performance.

Not only did a wide range of students perform, but teachers got involved too. Mr. Bamford performed a rap to prove that he can "spit bars" with the best of them and Mr. Maraghy accompanied Taylor Tveten's performance on the guitar. Crowd favorites Middle School students Dominic and Hans had a great performance! The final performance was an amazing song by Robbie Vincent on the piano. This will be his last ever performance at Black Box Unplugged, and next year’s event will not be the same without him or the any of the other graduating seniors. Student Council would like to thank all of the students and faculty who performed or attended the event!

Robbie V. shares a wonderful performance
during his final Black Box Unplugged.
Amy R., Mona S., Julianne H., Neethi N. and Brittani J.
impressed the audience
with a beautiful a capella piece.


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