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8th graders take a break from their normal class for storytime with Mrs. Lonetto.

To prepare for their trip to Boston, students in Mrs. Lonetto's 8th grade English classes were treated to a special storytime with cookies and milk this week. Mrs. Lonetto read them the children's book, "Make Way for Ducklings," by Robert McCloskey. Students had the chance to relax and unwind while enjoying a little snack. While on their trip to Boston, the students will visit the Boston Public Garden where there is a statue of the duck family featured in the book. This storytime is a favorite annual tradition at Tampa Prep for 8th graders right before their big trip!
Environment Club and Key Club students work
to clean up the area around the Hillsborough River.

The Environment Club paired up with the Key Club for the Hillsborough River Coastal Cleanup. Sixteen students and the advisors of the clubs spent a Saturday morning picking up trash around and under the Cass Street bridge and along the shoreline on the Tampa Prep easement to the Hillsborough River. Students collected five bags of trash and four bags of recycling. They were quite surprised at the amount of trash found for such a short part of the coastline. Styrofoam remains a large portion of the trash found along the waterway. Thanks to those who participated for pitching in to clean up our city!
After taking the foil off part of their leaves, students test
to see if the process of photosynthesis has begun.

Students in 9th grade Biology are learning about the process of photosynthesis. To demonstrate this process, students covered a leaf with foil to prevent light from touching the leaf. By covering half of the leaf to stop the process of photosynthesis, students are able to see the difference in how photosynthesis effects the leaf. To test for the process, each covered and uncovered portion of the leaf was tested for starch. A positive result for starch in the leaf provided evidence of photosynhesis at work. Students discovered that starch was present only in the half of the leaf that was exposed to sunlight, while the covered half of the leaf did not produce starch.

Young scientists test the leaves for starch to provide the evidence
of photosynthesis at work.

Mrs. Bahtic's Period 5 on the Morsani Hall stage! On the Gallery Level, student learn about the
low tech aspect of the theater, such as the double
door entry to keep light and sound
to a minimum.

Mrs. Bahtic, Mrs. Lonetto and Mr. Sandoval's seventh grade classes, accompanied by Ms. Souza, visited the David A. Straz, Jr. Center for Performing Arts on Monday for a backstage tour (in their Spirit Week pajamas)! The field trip was an extension of the drama unit, which involves the play The Foreigner. During the tour, students were introduced to the Center's purpose and design. Students toured three of the five theaters and learned interesting details about the operation and design of the different theaters. Students were informed of the origin of the ghost light and the capabilities of the sound canopy.

Seated in the Gallery, or "penthouse," seats, students
learn about the design of the seats, the light
and sound canopy.
Students begin their backstage tour
in the lobby
of the Straz Center.

High-tech versus low-tech aspects of the theater were discussed, and the tour guide challenged the students to come up with a career field that would not have a place in the theater. The highlight of the trip occurred when students were allowed to stand on the Morsani Hall stage. After visiting the "penthouse," or gallery seats, being on stage provided students a dramatically different perspective. The students enjoyed this educational outing across the river!

Students tour the dressing rooms where the actors
prepare for the big show.
 Students check out the loading area backstage
where many of the visiting show's stencils
can be found.


Students measure the mass of an egg after placing it in different solutions.

Students in 7th grade Life Science classes have been working on an "Egg-Speriment." In class, students are learning about the process of osmosis. To demonstrate this complicated process of water passing through a cell membrane, students tested an egg for changes when placed in different substances. First, students removed the shell of an egg by placing the egg in vinegar.
Life Science students had a great time learning
about osmosis during this "Egg-Speriment"!

After removing the shell, students placed the egg in water, salt water and finally colored water and took daily measurements of both the egg's mass and circumference to test for changes. This "Egg-Speriment" is the perfect hands-on way for students to visualize the process of osmosis in a cell membrane by using an egg shell.

Removing the egg's shell and getting the exact mass measurements were key pieces of this lab.

Mrs. Laurel Fredlake brushes up on her Spanish
in Mrs. Bridges-Pereira's class.
Mr. Matt Danahy jumps into the discussion
about American History in Mr. Edwards' class.

Last week, members of the Board of Trustees spent the day attending classes to experience life as a Tampa Prep student. They had the opportunity to sit in on two Middle and Upper School classes in the morning. During those classes, the Trustees did a variety of activities in classes, everything from observing the process of osmosis using an egg, participating in class discussions, playing games and much more! Students enjoyed having the visitors in their classes to add different perspectives to their lessons. In between their two classes, the Trustees attended Middle School Assembly where they cheered on sports teams for being great competitors and listened to exciting students announcements. During Assembly, the visitors learned about many Tampa Prep clubs and activities offered to Middle School students.

Thank you to the members of the Board of Trustees
who spent a morning as Tampa Prep students!

After attending multiple classes, the Trustees had the opportunity to sit together to discuss their day. Mrs. Stacey Leeds said, "The students were so engaged. All kids were respectful of each other's comments/thoughts, and were redirected positively by other classmates/teacher when their comment was a bit off. All kids were comfortable speaking to each other. History (Mrs. Harman's class) was collaborative and thoughtful – not just regurgitating facts."

Trustees had a great time
at Middle School Assembly!
Mrs. Carrie White made a lot of new friends
in the classes she attended!

Mrs. Penny Vinik was very appreciative for the opportunity to attend classes. She said, "thank you for allowing me to experience the magic that happens in a Tampa Prep classroom and thank you for all that you do for our kids!"

Mrs. Laurel Fredlake had great experiences in both of the classes that she attended. After the classes she said, "Mr. Williams led a challenging experiment in Physics. I could see the kids struggle, adjust, cooperate and eventually master the challenge. Impressive! In Mrs. Bridges-Pereira's Spanish 1B class, I saw an accomplished educator use multiple tools and techniques to keep the class engaged. The kids loved every minute of it!"

Mrs. Ginny Cates completed an experiment
with 7th grade students using an egg
to demonstrate osmosis.
Mr. John Fahey joins in a discussion
in Mr. Clements' English class.


Reid G. and Toby G. work together to create chemical reactions (left),
while Victoria S. and Belu B. balance chemical equations (right).

Students in Ms. Katie Calvin's Physical Science class are learning about chemical reactions and equations. In their latest lab, students used chemicals to observe the reactions that happened when they were combined. While completing the lab, students had to solve and balance quite a few difficult chemical equations, as well. Once the students combined chemicals like sodium carbonate, lead nitrate and potassium iodide, they were able to see color changes and precipitants form!
Mrs. Pat Embry and Mr. Chad Lewis speak at the Digital Curriculum Strategy Discussion at MOSI
about how technology is used in the classroom at Tampa Prep.

Last week, Tampa Prep faculty members showcased our recent technology and curriculum innovations to two local audiences. Mr. Chad Lewis and Mrs. Pat Embry spoke about Tampa Prep's Middle School Active Learning Environment at a Digital Curriculum Strategy Discussion held at MOSI. Local Superintendents, Chief Academic Officers, CIOs, Instructional Technologists, Principals and others of general interest in the transition to digital curriculum from regional districts and schools attended this meeting to hear real-world examples of digital curriculum at work. One of the biggest focuses of this meeting was how to create a more digital curriculum in school districts.

Mr. Lewis' and Mrs. Embry's presentations highlighted the Active Learning Environment and how it helps the educator to be the facilitator of knowledge as students share their work on a problem, whether it is right or wrong, and learn from the discussion. Mrs. Embry's presentation brought the audience into her classroom through pictures, videos and an overview of her curriculum using these new technology features, as well as the iPads. Tampa Prep is honored to see the impact that our recent renovations and integrated techonolgy. Tampa Prep is excited to share the success of our ALEs as a guide for other schools hoping to make the transition.

Mrs. Victoria Lewis speaks about the transition of
becoming an iPad one-to-one school.
Technology professionals watch a video highlighting
how Middle School students have seen the new
Active Learning Environment benefit their education.

That same day, Tampa Prep welcomed a group of colleagues from the Tampa Bay region for an Apple Technology Update. Mr. Joe Fenlon and Mrs. Victoria Lewis showcased the Middle School Active Learning Environment, as well as the school-wide use of iPads to this group of visiting educators. These educators had a lot of questions for Mrs. Lewis regarding the rollout of the one-to-one iPad program, as well as the core applications that are made available to students to complete work each day.

Showcasing the ambitious enhancements the school has added in the past few years is a wonderful opportunity. We are honored to be known as a leader in this realm of education.

Mr. Joe Fenlon addresses colleagues from around Tampa Bay
about the technology changes Tampa Prep has made
in the past few years.
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