Varsity Girls Volleyball

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     The Tampa Prep Volleyball program is known throughout the country for excellence in volleyball. The experience that a student athlete will have as a member of the volleyball program will be unlike any other. The combination of quality volleyball training and academics continues to lead Tampa Prep to their current successes and provides an environment for the student athlete to thrive.

     The program's foundation was laid by Carol Chalu. Coach Chalu's twelve state championships and other numerous awards put Tampa Prep Volleyball on the map nationally. Her successor, Paul Mcadoo, continued this tradition of excellence with two State Championships during his tenure. Under Mike Flynn, Tampa Prep went to four State Final Fours in seven years, with a State Championship in 2004 and a Runners-up finish in 2009. Jessica Lamm has now taken over the reigns and looks to continue Tampa Prep hsitoric program.

     Tampa Prep Volleyball's motto is Work Hard, Work Together. It is with this sentiment that the Terrapins of today connect with the amazing young ladies that have come before them and to those who will follow for years to come.

Historical Results

1977 State Runners-up

1978 State Runners-up

1979 State Runners-up

1980 State Champions

1981 State Champions

1982 State Champions

1983 State Champions

1984 State Champions

1985 State Champions

1987 State Champions

1991 State Champions

1992 State Champions

1994 State Champions

1995 State Runners-up

1996 State Champions

1997 State Champions

1998 State Champions

2000 Region Runners-up

2001 State Champions

2003 Region Runners-up

2004 State Champions

2007 Region Runners-up

2008 State Final Four

2009 State Runners- up

2010 State Final Four

2011 Region Runners-up

2012 Region Runners-up

2013 Region Runners-up


Collegiate Players

Suzanne Patterson '79 - Rollins College

Lyra Vance '84 - University of Florida

Laurie Koletic '85 - Wake Forest

Pam Goerlich '85 - Tennessee State

Christy Newkirk '85 - Stetson University

Holly Rotalski '86 - Guilford College

Tifafany Rath '86 - Furman University

Wendy Raber '86 - University of Michigan

Lynn Koletic '87 - Rollins College

Barbara Emener '88 - Furman University

Janel Newkirk '89 - Auburn University

Jenn Henderson '91- East Tennessee State

Kelly Stewart '93 - Clemson University

Holly Smiekel '93 - University of Georgia

Whitney Warnke '93 - Queens College

Leanna Prida '95 - University of Tampa

Shirley Smiekel '95 - American University

Aimee Boulet '95 - Georgia Tech

Sarah Peifer '96 - Duke University

Regina Graham '96 - Tennessee State

Amanda Lang '97 - Stetson University

Maren Stuart '97 - University of Maryland

Jolene Patton '98 - University of Tampa/ University of South Florida

Claire Baxter '99 - University of Massachusetts

Jennifer Anderson '99 - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Amber Langston '02 - University of Tampa

Catherine Zidow '02 - Emory University

Justeen Patton '02 -Barton Community College/ University of Iowa

Lindsey Karlin '04 - Tulane University

Jess Thomas '05 - Dartmouth

Lauren Miles '05 - James Madison

Brittany Pierpont '05 - Boston College

Rachael Phillips '06 - Washington & Lee University

Alena Ransom '09 - Emory University

Gabby Fernandez '10 - Florida Southern

Lauren Shlemon '12 - Florida Southern

Katie Krueger '13 - Virginia Tech Univeristy

Team Statistics

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