The strength of our academic program provides the foundation for our revered program. Enhancements, including iPad integration and Active Learning Environments (ALEs), are driven by the latest research on what’s best for students.

Instruction Designed for Middle School and High School Development

Sharpening basic skills begins in the Middle School as students cover foundation subjects, including World and Classical Languages and the Arts. Students learn to communicate in both spoken and written forms and hone critical thinking skills during this time of pivotal growth. Students have the opportunity to accelerate by taking Upper School Mathematics or Language courses where appropriate.

Upper School students must fulfill graduation requirements in English, Mathematics, History, Science, Foreign Language, Arts and Physical Education. Students are required to take core classes in each department and may opt to pursue Honors or Advanced Placement courses. In addition, specialized elective classes are offered in each discipline, from Forensic Science and Economics to Debate and Sports Medicine. These courses are designed to challenge students with a keen aptitude or interest in the field.

Strong Support

Just as important as the course offerings is the depth of instruction and the abundance of resources. Small class sizes ensure that students receive personal attention. Teachers emphasize experiential as well as traditional learning, devising contests, field trips, multimedia experiments and discussions to enhance learning. Our iPad one-to-one environment complements this approach with lessons that support a variety of learning styles. Inquisitive students become independent thinkers, engaged in the learning process and eager to contribute to global society. Individual counseling during course selection means that every student’s schedule is tailored to his/her unique abilities and interests.