Academic Departments

Tampa Prep provides a wide variety of Arts courses in both Middle School and Upper School for a diverse group of student interests, including Visual Arts, Chorus, Theater, Band, String Ensemble, Video Production, Digital Arts, Dance and more. Interested students have the opportunity to participate on the staff of the school newspaper and yearbook where they write, edit and design these student publications.

English courses encourage students to recognize the power and art of language in both its written and spoken forms. Interpretative, analytic, rhetorical and critical thinking skills are emphasized as students study literature and consider its cultural context. Teachers encourage depth, creativity, clarity, fluency of style and grammatical precision in students’ writing. Many classes utilize the Harkness method, explained below under History and Social Sciences.

World and Classical Language courses focus on communication and cultural awareness and understanding. Our diverse faculty includes native and non-native speakers of the languages taught. Middle School students take Prima Lingua in the sixth grade, which exposes them to the structure and basics of several world languages. Beginning in the seventh grade, students have the choice to pursue Latin, Spanish or French. The three-year graduation requirement in the Upper School prepares our students with communicative proficiency that paves the way for further language study, travel or conversational use of the language.

History and Social Sciences classes inspire thoughtful, perceptive, analytical, worldly and informed students. The curriculum is coordinated from the sixth grade through the twelfth grade with an emphasis on writing throughout. The Harkness method is a student-centered, classroom discussion format that is used widely in Tampa Prep’s humanities courses. The practice is based on the recognition that students take great ownership over their learning in seminar-style classes where student dialogue lies at the heart of classroom conversations. Students are expected to participate regularly, to listen intently and to make connections with both texts and peer comments.

Mathematics courses teach the systematic approach to problem solving incorporating innovative techniques. Students learn more than the basics as they explore how to set up, understand and reason through different situations. Discipline and attention to detail is emphasized as students study alternative methods for finding solutions. Analyzing real world problems gives the students the necessary tools to solve non-mathematical problems using these methods.

The Tampa Prep Physical Education Department's guiding philosophy is to assist students in their understanding of what it means to live a fit, full life. This is achieved in the Upper School via course offerings such as: Health & Personal Fitness, Sports Medicine, Anatomy & Applied Kineseology and Athletic Conditioning. In the Middle School, students gain this knowledge by participating in a daily program designed for fitness and fun through organized activities.

Science courses enhance students’ awareness of their environment and the scientific and technological implications in it. Students develop critical thinking skills as they study the world around them and develop an appreciation for and understanding of the scientific method. Using laboratory experiments and hands-on activities, teachers inspire curiosity and guide students in their ability to function mathematically.

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