The Advising program at Tampa Prep is designed to enhance the overall learning experience for each student. Each Upper School advisor is assigned approximately ten students who they work with throughout the academic year. In the Middle School, each advisor has an average of fourteen advisees. The main role of the advisor is to monitor and support the advisee's academic and personal growth throughout the year. The advisor serves as a central link between the advisee and his or her parents, teachers, coaches and other adults.

During weekly advising sessions, students meet with their advisors to discuss a variety of issues ranging from study skills and academic performance to career planning and self-evaluation exercises. Advising also provides an open forum for students to express any concerns.

Throughout the academic year, parents can expect to receive updates on their child's performance during mid-semester and semester grading periods and any time there is a problem or concern. When a parent has a question or concern, they are asked to contact the student's advisor first. While some situations may eventually require speaking directly with a teacher, administrator or coach, the first contact should be made with the advisor.

For additional details about the Advising program, view the Student Guide.