Hosting Opportunities

Hosting a student from another country in a cultural exchange is a wonderful experience. Being a host family creates memories and international friends for a lifetime. There is no model host family or host home. You can live in Tampa or outside of Tampa; in a house, apartment or condo; have one or two students at Tampa Prep; eat out or cook at home and have a busy or relaxed lifestyle. The only requirement is that you want to share your home and culture with another person. These hosting opportunities qualify for the Global Studies Concentration requirement, but are open to any interested Tampa Prep families.


Every year, Tampa Prep is excited to be able to host students from around the world for a year-long American high school experience. These students come from Europe, Asia, South America and beyond. The students come on cultural and academic exchanges. Families interested in hosting a student for a semester or more would need to have a separate bedroom for the student. There is a stipend for long-term host families. This is an unforgettable experience.


For over 20 years, Tampa Prep has engaged in cultural exchanges with Gymnasium Hochrad, an English immersion school in Hamburg, Germany. Gymnasium Hochrad students ages 13 - 17 stay in Tampa for a week every other fall with Tampa Prep families, attending classes with their host student, as well as excursions arranged by their chaperones. Their visit culminates with a concert performance for our school. Please sign up at right if you are willing to host a student from Germany in October of 2017.

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