NHS Chapter President

The President’s Challenge

The president’s challenge is a delicate balance between leading and encouraging other officers, members, and interested students to take on leadership responsibilities. There is also the practical side of being president that requires energy, careful management of time, and a good relationship with the chapter, the faculty, and the student body. The president’s responsibilities extend beyond the students within the chapter. To be successful as an Honor Society president, you need to know how to handle many types of situations. You must be mature, organized, have sound judgment, and have the ability to work with many different kinds of people and personalities. A president who lacks these leadership abilities to direct chapter affairs may face an unmanageable chapter.

As Chapter President, you need to:

  • Plan and conduct meetings with other officers.
  • Develop chapter goals and plan how to achieve them each year
  • Coordinate the work of the chapter through the other officers and committees.
  • In your personal communications, give assistance, guidance, and praise when appropriate.
  • Act as a facilitator of group discussion by summarizing, clarifying, etc.
  • Maintain frequent communications with faculty and administrators.
  • Work closely with the chapter adviser on all project planning.
  • Communicate to keep the principal informed of chapter activities.
  • Include in your communication skills being a spokesperson for the chapter to school, community, and civic organization meetings.
  • Manage your time to participate in all Honor Society-sponsored activities.
  • When making decisions, impartially select responsible, energetic, self-starting, cooperative individuals to serve on essential committees to achieve chapter goals.
  • Prepare evaluations of chapter activities, meetings, and goals.
  • Organize and plan to meet all deadlines and achieve goals.