Global Studies Concentration

In support of the School's Mission Statement, Tampa Prep offers an interdisciplinary Global Studies Concentration for rising 10th grade students who are passionate about international issues. This concentration requires students to select classes from a body of relevant coursework that lies at the heart of the interdisciplinary focus. In addition, students are required to participate in one of several extracurricular activities that complement the program. Participants must also attend a manageable selection of related events. The underlying goal is to equip graduating students with a range of experiences that prepare them for further opportunities in these interdisciplinary fields, while also completing Tampa Prep’s graduation requirements. Students who successfully complete all requirements for a Concentration will be recognized at graduation.

  1. Application and acceptance into the Concentration
  2. Completion of the core curriculum
  3. Completion of two additional Global Studies credits
  4. Regular participation in an approved activity
  5. Must attend at least one Model United Nations conference before graduation
  6. Must attend all scheduled on-campus events and one off-campus event each semester
  7. Host an international student
  8. Participation in at least one approved study/travel abroad program
  9. Completion of an approved culminating research project
  10. Maintain a minimum overall unweighted 3.0 GPA in Global Studies courses (pertains to the Class of 2017 and beyond)
  11. All exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the Global Studies Committee


By the end of his senior year, Quah had completed 12 credits in World Languages, taking every language at every level that Tampa Prep had to offer.


Rammi Quah has always been interested in global cultures and “people all over the world.” So when Tampa Prep introduced its Global Studies Concentration, Quah applied immediately in grade 10. By the end of his senior year he had completed 12 credits in World Languages, taking every language at every level that Tampa Prep had to offer.

One might think that living in a multicultural household inspired Quah to learn more languages but, he says, “My dad is from Malaysia and speaks Hokkien Chinese, and my mom is from Jordan so she speaks Arabic, but neither of them knows how to speak the other, so we all just spoke English at home. But I definitely want to learn Arabic and Chinese. I just love languages more than anything else in the world.”

It turns out that travel is, in fact, what inspires Quah to want to learn more about the world. “One of the best experiences in my life was the senior year spring break trip to France. We saw a lot of [the country] and learned a lot. I’m obsessed with Breton culture and language,” he says, of Brittany, France’s northwesternmost region. “The food was the best, and I finally found books on the Brittany language, which I brought home to devour.”

Quah graduated Tampa Prep as valedictorian and now attends Emory University as a Linguistics major. ”I’m constantly breaking down languages and sentences in my head. Spanish has helped me because it’s prevalent and I can use it. French not as much, because I barely run into anyone who speaks French. Latin helped because I took Portuguese this semester [his freshman year]. Taking all three at Prep has made it easier to learn other languages.”

After completing his freshman year at Emory, Quah can say unequivocally that Tampa Prep and the Global Studies concentration academically prepared him for college. “I didn’t feel as much of a workload jump [going from high school to college],” he says. “My difficulties have been more about college life and managing time and sorting my life out and growing up.”

Anyone who has visited a foreign country knows that cultural immersion is a magnificent education and a fast track to self-awareness. With Quah on a mission to conquer the globe one country at a time, no doubt his collegiate adjustment period will soon be behind him.

He mentions that he is considering double majoring in Linguistics and International Studies as well as attending grad school. “I want to do something in the realm of global culture. Something that lets me experience and do good in the world.”