Humanities Concentration

In support of the school's mission statement, Tampa Prep offers an interdisciplinary Humanities Concentration for rising 10th grade students who are passionate about the study of the humanities. Humanities--“the branches of learning that investigate human constructs and concerns” (Merriam-Webster)--are an integral part of a well-rounded education and is part of each Tampa Prep student’s course of study.

The Humanities Concentration goes beyond that threshold and provides select students with a challenging, nurturing and structured program in which they can further their understanding and appreciation of the discipline. Exposure to high-level course work in both the English and the History departments, enrollment in a broad selection of elective courses along with participation in civic, off-campus educational and service activities combine to create a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of this important field of study that those graduating from the program will draw upon as they move forward.


  1. Application and acceptance into the concentration
  2. Successful completion of all core courses, including the Humanities Seminar(s) semester courses
  3. Successful completion of elective courses (AP-level and others)
  4. Attendance at all required events (emphasis-specific, if applicable) including at least two on- or off-campus events per semester that may include speakers, film screenings, civic forums, governmental meetings, service activities, etc.
  5. Participation in clubs and activities (emphasis-specific, if applicable)
  6. Successful completion of culminating 12-15 page research project (emphasis-specific, if applicable) written senior year (or junior year with prior approval)
  7. Participation in designated service activities
  8. Maintain a minimum overall unweighted 3.0 GPA in Humanities courses. Any grade below a B (or B- in AP-level courses) will not count toward completion of the concentration's requirements
  9. Any and all exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the Humanities Concentration Committee.


  • Rising 10th grade students must submit an online application to the Humanities Concentration Committee, stating their desire to participate in the Concentration and agreeing to the terms of the program
  • Applicants must have demonstrated a high level of success and responsibility in English and History courses.
  • Recommendations from 9th grade History and English Teachers are mandatory.
  • Students will be notified of acceptance by the end of their 9th grade school year.


Core AP Course Requirements
Each student must complete three (3) of the following AP-level courses: (Selections must include at least one History and one English course.)

  • AP English Language and Composition/11th grade
  • AP English Literature and Composition/12th grade (required for Art and Literature Emphasis)
  • AP World History
  • AP United States History (required for Policy Emphasis)
  • AP European History

Additional AP-Level Study
Each student must also complete at least one additional AP-level course for a total of four (4) chosen either from those listed in the core requirement or from this list:

  • AP Spanish Language
  • AP Spanish Literature
  • AP Economics (required for Humans and Society Emphasis)
  • AP Art History (required for Art and Literature Emphasis)
  • AP Government and Politics (required for Policy Emphasis)
  • AP French
  • AP Latin
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Statistics

Remaining Course Requirements
In addition to the four (4) required AP courses, each student must also complete the equivalent of three, year-long courses (6 semester equivalents) from the Humanities Concentration course lists. Courses will be counted toward the concentration requirement according to the following values:

  • AP Course = 3 semester equivalents
  • Full-year course = 2 semester equivalents
  • Half-year course = 1 semester equivalent

Non-AP Study
Remaining credits (after the AP elective and any additional AP courses) of the year total must come from the following list.
* indicates a semester course

  • Book Arts*
  • Introduction to Law*
  • Presidential Elections*
  • World Literature*
  • Words, Sights and Sounds*
  • Creative Writing*
  • Film Criticism*
  • Journalism
  • Latin American Studies*
  • French Conversation and Cinema*
  • Cultural Anthropology*
  • World Religions*
  • True Crime Literature*
  • Psychology (non-AP)*
  • Economics (non-AP)
  • Bioethics*

Sample Course Selections (assuming completion of the four required AP courses):
Student A
AP Psychology 3
Bioethics 1
Film Criticism 1
U.S. Politics: Presidential Elections 1
TOTAL: 6 (semester equivalents)

Student B
World Religions 1
Latin American Studies 1
Film Criticism 1
Journalism 2
Psychology (non-AP) 1

Areas of Emphasis
Students who have a particular area of interest within the broader humanities context may wish to concentrate their studies further. To be recognized for this in-depth study, students will be required to select certain courses from the list of elective courses. Students are not required to choose an emphasis. Decisions regarding the selection of an emphasis and choosing courses should be made in consultation with the Humanities Concentration advisor.

Potential areas of emphasis are:

  • Policy (including contemporary policy based on contemporary research and / or contemporary policy based on historical research)
  • Art and Literature (including visual arts and written arts of contemporary and historical authors or artists)
  • Writing (creative or fiction and journalism or nonfiction)
  • Humans and Society (anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and economics)

General Guideline for Emphasis Option:
Participating students, along with their Humanities Advisor, should select a majority of courses (wherever possible) that will coincide with the specific sub-concentration selected by the student. The student’s culminating project, senior internship and required activities would also be expected to enhance their emphasis.

It is expected (and required) that each participant in the Humanities Concentration will contribute and become an active member of the school community. All participants must maintain active membership and regular participation in at least one of the following, academic/service activities:

  • Writing Center
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Graham Tutoring
  • Teen Court
  • NHS Tutoring (must be actively engaged)
  • Other active academic participation (approval required)

Application Process

DEADLINE FOR 18-19 Program Applicants: April 30, 2018

Candidates for the Humanities Concentration are required to:
  1. Read the program overview and curriculum criteria (left).
  2. Complete the Humanities Application form.
  3. Obtain two recommendations, one each from the student's current English and History teachers. Please direct references to the Humanities Recommendation Form.

Please direct any questions about these requirements to Humanities Coordinator Mr. Andrew Hill at or 813.251.8481 x4305.