iPad Information for New Parents

As a leading private school in the area, Tampa Prep prides itself on our innovation, creativity and tradition. Tampa Prep is a one-to-one Apple iPad school. Every student attending Prep needs an iPad to participate in this exciting blended classroom environment. This reference page outlines the information you need to acquire and set up your student's device.


As of August 2019, all students will need an iPad 6th generation (released March 2018) or newer. Please note that device memory is critically important given the interactive student textbook content and multimedia that the school incorporates into its curriculum. 64 GB of memory (or more) will enable the student to fulfill school requirements of creating, producing, and storing multimedia projects. The iPad mini is not acceptable for use at Tampa Prep due to its size. The WiFi only model of the iPad is sufficient for student needs. The WiFi plus Cellular option is not required.

Current students who have an iPad 6th generation, new iPad Pro (released Fall 2018) or a new iPad Air (released March 2019) do not need to purchase a new iPad. This would cover most new students who started Tampa Prep during the 2018/19 school year.

Please note that as of March 27, 2018, Apple has announced the release of the new iPad, called iPad. This new iPad model only comes in 2 options: 32GB or 128GB. If you choose to purchase the 6th generation iPad, you must purchase the $429 128GB option. The 32GB model will not work at Tampa Prep. iPads may be purchased from any retail store. The industry standard expected lifespan for a personal computing device is 3 years. We have based our expectations on a 3-year lifespan and have determined August 2022 as the date for next upgrade cycle. Decisions that Apple has made with regards to hardware and software architecture (32 bit vs 64 bit) are key factors for consideration.

Please note that the device is the student's personal property. Tampa Prep will not be held liable for lost, broken or stolen devices nor can we provide repair services for the devices. We strongly recommend the purchase of insurance or an extended warranty and the installation of the Find my iPhone app. We do require a good, protective case, preferably with a screen protector. Students may also opt to purchase a screen protector (if the case does not come with one), a bluetooth keyboard and/or stylus for use with his/her device. While the folio keyboard cases are convenient, please know that they do not provide sufficient protection for the iPad. Note that these accessories are not required. We do strongly encourage you to register your device with Apple as part of the setup. We require students to regularly backup the iPad either to a computer via a direct cable connection or through iCloud, which may incur a cost if more than 5GB of space is needed. Apple now offers a $0.99/month option for an additional 50 GB of space. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that his/her device is in good working order and has adequate storage space and battery charge at all times. The student will be responsible for maintaining adequate storage and battery charge on the device for school related work and projects.

The school is not doing the educational purchase.

*Recycle your old device through our Tech Recycle Program, benefitting Tampa Prep students.


Six cross-curricular apps are utilized extensively at Tampa Prep. Students may now download Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and iMovie free-of-charge from the App Store with the purchase of a new iPad. Codes for the remaining two apps will be provided free-of-charge to all students. There will be one set of codes provided per student. These apps are the Puffin Web Browser (which supports Adobe Flash), and Notability. New students will be able to access the redemption codes for these apps from their Tampa Prep email during the first week of school. Returning students will not be issued new codes for the apps. If your student needs codes for Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and iMovie, please ask him/her to come see Ms. Lassacher.

Approximately 90% of the textbooks used by Tampa Prep are available in digital format which results in cost savings for families. Cost savings will vary based upon the student's course selection. Teachers will provide students with detailed instructions on how to obtain the required digital textbooks and related resources during the first week of school. Staff will be available to help with iPad setup and configuration. Additional instructions on how to set up an iPad are available on the "Getting to Know Your iPad" page.


The one-to-one iPad environment expands the School's curricular offerings, project-based events and collaborative work to better prepare students for college and the workplace. Here are just a few ways the iPad enhances classes:

  • iPads enable teachers to create assignments that support various learning styles
  • Portability – allows anytime, anywhere learning due to device's light weight and ease of use
  • The economical all-in-one digital toolbox includes HD video camera, digital camera, voice recorder, calculator, e-reader, drawing tablet and numerous educational apps
  • Battery life supports typical day of use at school
  • Digital resources can be updated frequently and are interactive and engaging
  • The operating system, application, services and resources deliver regular and timely updates


Please direct any questions about the iPad 1:1 Initiative to Suzy Lassacher (slassacher@tampaprep.org or 813.251.8481 x4105), your iPad liaison at Tampa Prep.