Financial Aid

Tammy Honegger, Director of Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance at Tampa Preparatory School

Tammy Honegger, Director of Financial Aid

MISSION: Tampa Preparatory School's Financial Aid program exists to (1) provide qualified students the opportunity to attend the school regardless of a family's ability to pay the full cost of tuition; and (2) provide the school with a broad social and economic mix of students. Financial Aid is open to students of any race, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.

Investing In The Future

A Tampa Prep education is an investment in your child's future. Our talented faculty, comprehensive programs, personalized experiences, and superior facilities allow us to motivate students to think, create, be themselves, aspire to excellence, and go beyond. While we attempt to assist families who qualify for financial aid, we expect that every family will make an appropriate financial contribution toward the cost of their child's education.

Please read and become familiar with our Guidelines and Policy below. Should you have any questions regarding the Financial Aid process, please contact Tammy Honegger, Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Financial Aid, in the Admissions Office at 813-251-8481 or

Financial Aid Guidelines and Policy

Tampa Preparatory School is committed to meeting the demonstrated financial need of families whose children are offered admission. To enable us to do this, with finite resources available, the following policies and guidelines have been adopted. Tampa Prep reviews all applicants on a case by case basis. A student's application for admission is not affected by his/her application for Financial Aid. Priority is given to current families who adhere to the deadlines and have met all financial obligations to the school.

  • Financial Aid is annual. A family must reapply each year.
  • Current families applying for assistance for the first time must provide the Financial Aid Office with a letter explaining the changes in their family's financial situation. We will do all we can to make it possible for students to continue at Tampa Preparatory School. We expect a family in this situation to make other adjustments to their family expenditures, in addition to seeking financial aid, to help cover the costs of private education. When a family's financial situation improves greatly the annual grant will be adjusted to reflect the positive gain.
  • All parents must complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) and submit it to School and Student Service by NAIS (SSS), for processing. Families will apply online beginning October 2, 2018 at
  • All parents will furnish the Financial Aid Office at Tampa Prep with a copy of their current and previous year tax return, including all schedules and copies of W-2's.
  • If parents are separated or divorced, all paperwork, including PFS and tax documentation, is requested from both parents.
  • If the non-custodial parent refuses to submit the necessary paperwork to the Financial Aid Office, the application for financial aid may not be processed. If the custodial parent has not heard from the non-custodial parent in a period of time, a letter of verification from a disinterested party (minister, attorney, etc.) will be required. A copy of the divorce decree will be required as well.
  • If there are stepparents, the Committee will consider all partners' assets and liabilities as we review the student's financial situation.
  • All parents who own a business/farm will be required to submit a copy of their current business tax return including cash flow statements, balance sheets, and any other information relevant to the business.
  • All tax documents must be signed. Parents should submit a complete tax return.
  • All parents must sign a release to allow Tampa Preparatory School to obtain a copy of their tax return from the IRS (Form 4506-T).
  • Tampa Preparatory School will not consider ordinary business or rental depreciation or loss in calculating financial need.
  • In the interest of equity, if one parent elects to stay at home and not seek employment, the Committee will impute a basic income of $20,000 for the non-working parent. An exception is made if the parent is at home caring for a preschool age child or an elderly parent.
  • If a parent elects to return to school or to change jobs resulting in a decrease in a family's financial resources, Tampa Preparatory School cannot underwrite this family choice with greater financial assistance.
  • If multiple children attend tuition-charging schools or colleges, it is expected that the family will be applying for Financial Aid at all schools. Tampa Preparatory School should not be expected to implicitly subsidize tuition at other schools or colleges.
  • International students are not eligible for Financial Aid due to the difficulty in determining financial need in a different currency and tax structure.
  • Families must submit all forms including PFS and tax returns by the specified deadlines or the request for Financial Aid cannot be processed.
  • Tampa Preparatory School reserves the right to request additional information or withdraw financial assistance from families at anytime should discrepancies be discovered in the information provided.