Info for International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need to make my travel arrangements for the entire year. How do I plan my travel?
Please view the school calendar at before making your a travel plans, as you should plan your flights carefully so you do not miss any school commitments. We do understand that there will be times when some adjustments will be needed and these dates should be brought to the attention of Ms. Linda Quinn, Admissions Administrative Assistant.

Q: What is the purpose of my I-20 form?
Every non-U.S. citizen needs this form to get a student visa; the student visa allows you to attend Tampa Preparatory School. Your student visa must apply to the entire academic year (August - May). In addition, you need this form whenever you travel, both within the U.S. borders and especially when you leave the U.S. This form and your visa are your legal documents from the U.S. Immigration Department and should be kept safe and secure at all times.

Q: What courses will I be taking?
All international students will take the following courses: English, History, Mathematics and one Science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics). Students may then choose either three more courses from the electives listed in the Guide for Academics and Student Life or two courses and one study hall.

Q: What clothing should I bring to school?
The weather in Tampa is some of the best in the country. Tampa lies just north of the tropic zone. During the Fall, it can be 90°s (30° Celsius), Winter 50’s 60’s and Spring 80’s. Our Dress Code is informal, so plan to bring items that are practical for the weather and comfortable for you. Please review the details of our Dress Code in our Student Guide at Dressier clothes (dresses, sport coats, ties, etc.) are only needed occasionally. If you have questions about clothing, you can wait until you arrive and do some shopping here.

Q: Spending Money?
Some students use Visa or MasterCard Debit/Credit cards for purchases in addition to cash. We strongly discourage students from keeping large amounts of cash in their possession.

Q: Religious Observances?
Religious holidays are not formally recognized on the Tampa Prep calendar. Because we have many devout students from all faiths, we are sensitive to their significance. Devout students who plan to miss 3 or more classes must inform their teachers and submit an Absentee Permissions Form in advance of the upcoming absences. Students who miss school for a religious holiday will not be required to turn in any assignments or take any assessments on the holiday or the day after. Furthermore, they will be allowed 5 school days upon returning to school to complete missed assignments and assessments.

Q: What if I want to participate on a sports team?
Participation in sports at Tampa Prep is a highly demanding endeavor. Students are required to attend daily practices after school and attend all scheduled games on weeknights. All practices and games are mandatory, not optional. To participate in a sport, international students may not have any grade lower than a C.

International students should be aware that the level of skill required for many teams is quite high. Golf, soccer, basketball and baseball are all highly competitive teams. Unless students have several years of experience beyond the "club" level in these sports, they should not try out for these teams. On the other hand, bowling, track, cross country, swimming, diving, rowing (crew) and lacrosse are excellent options for international student participation!

Please contact Athletic Director Chris Lavoie ( or Assistant Athletic Director Eric Snow ( for more information on how to join these teams. Paperwork for participation in the Florida State High School Athletic Association (FSHAA) must be completed before students officially join a team. Visit for more information on sports at Tampa Prep.

Q: Where can I go for additional information about the upcoming school year?
Visit for additional information on things like iPads, e-books, school forms and summer reading.

Important Contacts


Mr. W. Dennis Facciolo
Director of Admissions
813-251-8481 x4011

Ms. Linda Quinn
Admissions Administrative Assistant
813-251-8481 x4019

Mrs. Betsy Zollinger

Health Coordinator
813-251-8481 x4031

Mrs. Jody Rodriguez

College Counseling
813-251-8481 x4037

Mrs. Suzy Lassacher
Student Technology Support Coordinator
813-251-8481 x4061

Mr. Carl Carlson

Head of the Upper School
813-251-8481 x4043

Mr. Eric Snow

Assistant Director of Athletics
813-251-8481 x4073

Mr. Jaime Marquez

813-251-8481 x4083