Alumni Awards


This Award celebrates the education and character-building all alumni receive during their years as Tampa Prep students, laying the foundation for future accomplishments. The Award is presented by the Tampa Preparatory School Alumni Board to a graduate whose achievements represent, in an exceptional way, "A Higher Purpose than Self," and whose outstanding qualities have won the respect, confidence and affection of the community.

Nomination Criteria: Significant contributions to the School, to the larger community, and/or to one's profession. The call for nominations is at the discretion of the Alumni Office and Alumni Board on an ad hoc basis. Nominations should be sent to the Development Office and should include the nominee's name, year of graduation, qualities and accomplishments.

Selection Criteria: The selection of the Award recipient is based on the nominations received and a majority vote of the Alumni Association Board. The Distinguished Alumna/us Award will be presented on campus at an appropriate event.

The following alumni have received the DAA:
Susannah Wilson Smith '87 (2014)
John "Bud" Meadows '85 (2013)
Ron Meadows '83 (2013)
Matthew R. Danahy '79 (2011)
Paul L. Whiting, Jr. '86 (2009)
Lavinia Touchton '85 (2001)

Alumni Association Spirit Award

Given to the senior or seniors who contributed a sense of positive, constructive spirit, good humor and lightheartedness to add to the feeling of fun and goodwill at school. Recipients are chosen annually by recommendations from the faculty, Student Council and Key Club. The Spirit Award is presented during Senior Celebration.

2015 Caneel Dixon
2014 Austin Freedman, Katie Hood
2013 Mihir Dubey, Kirby Wilson
2012 Nick Adams, Torrie Edwards, Cindy Matar
2011 Jackie Bielevicz, Ryan Muley
2010 Gytis Garsys
2009 Danielle Dragna, Amanda Steel
2008 Mitchell Hamilton
2007 Kwynn Kirkhuff
2006 Mychael Fenlon, Andrew McIntosh

2005 Jordan Cañas, Bobby Mohr
2004 Aileen Pita
2003 Chad Bailey
2002 Josh Loebenberg, Catherine Zidow
2001 Alex Berger
2000 Allison Russell, Gentry McDaniel
1999 Brett Szematowicz
1998 Christopher Borzell
1997 Michael Quesada
1996 April Farmer
1995 Jason Piechowiak
1994 Wendy Reeves
1993 Kristen Shepley
1992 Josh Ewen

Alumni Association Appreciation Award

Given to longstanding members of the faculty for their dedication to Tampa Prep students

2013 Kathleen King, Adelaide Sayers, Peter Shepley
2012 Jan Williams
2011 Jean Mason
2006 Robin Kennedy
2005 Dr. Rudy Kriebel
2003 Dennis Facciolo, Julia Roper
2002 Dr. Linda Kranc
2000 Carol Chalu

Alumni Association Faculty Award

In recognition of Tampa Prep's outstanding faculty.

2015 Mike Fowler, A.J. Hendrix, Stephanie Cardillo
2014 Martha DeAmbrose, John DeTringo
2012 Holly Smiekel
2011 Kaki King
2010 David Couchman
2009 Peter N. Shepley
2008 Franklin Coleman, Jaci DaCosta
2007 D. Gordon MacLeod
2006 Marjorie McDuffie
2005 José DaCosta
2004 Adelaide Sayers
2003 Donna Fowler
2002 Jan Williams
2002 Anne Giles
2001 Jean Mason
2000 Donald Morrison
1999 Bob Bradshaw
1998 Susanna Grady
1997 Don Richards
1996 Meg Heisel
1995 Paul Hagenau
1994 Kim Jago, Joe Fenlon
1993 Holly Choate
1992 Elaine Markowitz
1991 Eugene Jalbert
1990 Mary Beth Harris