Back to School Alumni Happy Hour

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In Terrapin Spirit,
The Tampa Prep Alumni Board and Development Team

The Smith Black Box Theater was alive with conversation as Terrapins of all ages — from members of the first graduating classes in the late ‘70s to more recent alumni — gathered to connect and reconnect at the Back to School Happy Hour on Friday, September 22. It was Prep’s first time hosting the event and it could not have been more of a success. Live music filled the air as around 80 guests enjoyed cocktails, food and the special relationships that Tampa Prep fosters.

Alumni Board President Chelsea Nauta Colwill ‘07 says of the Prep alumni events she has attended over the years, something about being on campus made the Back to School Happy Hour particularly enjoyable. “People are laughing, having fun and really enjoying themselves,” she says. “I think being back at school has a lot to do with that.”

Some of the attendees had not seen the latest renovations to Tampa Prep’s campus and were taken aback by the stunning additions. It was also a great opportunity to see old classmates and familiar faculty while meeting new Terrapins. Alumni Board member Ryan Muley ’11 says the main point of the event was to bring the School community together, and the mingling he observed on Friday night makes him confident that goal was accomplished. “I don’t think I saw one group of people just hanging out with each other,” he says. “Everyone was moving around the room.”

As a young independent school, Tampa Prep has quickly reached the point where alumni are taking the reigns in important leadership positions. “The inmates have taken over the asylum now,” Board of Trustees President Matt Danahy ’79 joked to the crowd. Danahy said he was thrilled with the attendance and would encourage all Prep alumni to continue to stay connected and involved with the School. “One of the things I think everybody needs to keep in mind is you can be more involved in the School,” he says. “You can be the folks who are in charge of the forward progress of Tampa Prep.”