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Prep Alumnus Serves Community on Local Transportation Board

Shaun Oxtal '05 is demonstrating his civic virtue and living the Tampa Prep motto by serving on the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority.

Faculty Emeritus Bob Bradshaw can tell you that Shaun Oxtal '05 always appreciated the concept of being engaged in his community.

"Shaun really had the enthusiasm of someone with a civic responsibility, and he exercised this passion in a very constructive way," he says.

Oxtal is now demonstrating his civic virtue by serving on the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority.

Before obtaining his appointment to the board, Oxtal was interviewed by Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation Michael Dew and Governor Rick Scott.

"It was an interesting process," he recalls. "It was really cool getting to sit down and speak with Secretary Dew and with the governor."

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority is a state agency tasked with transportation and tolling efforts in the Tampa Bay area, and Oxtal believes his background in real estate evaluation will help ensure tax payer's money is well spent.

"My skill set is being able to come in, look at what the pressure points are and make sure the numbers add up," he says.

Oxtal also says his experience on the technology side of finance brings a bit of new perspective to the board.

"I think I bring that experience to the table and will be able to look at problems a little differently," he says.

Bradshaw isn't surprised "one bit" by Oxtal's first step into the political arena, explaining that while at Prep, Oxtal had a genuine passion for political discussion, was never afraid to defend a minority position and made well-thought-out arguments.

These traits made Oxtal "invaluable" in discussion-based classes, he says.

"It's no surprise to me that now he is fully engaged in business and making the civic commitment to bettering the Tampa Bay area," Bradshaw says.

For Oxtal, his public service is an extension of the values instilled in him at Prep.

"It exactly ties into 'a higher purpose than self,'" he says. "It's part of what is instilled in you at Tampa Prep."

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