Music fills our lives with joy, contentment and emotion, and speaks all languages. The Music department offers a wide variety of musical ensembles that enhance students' lives through performing. This provides students a great way to express themselves artistically and allows them a break from academic studies.

Instrumental Achievements

Members of the Band and String Orchestra programs grow through music each year. Studies have shown that most students who have a great understanding of music are more intellectually stimulated and find greater success in academic studies. The Band and String Orchestra programs create an emotional uplift to a students' daily life. Most importantly, it is the driving force for artistic expression, emotion, creativity and discipline from within. Students can choose an instrument to pursue from a long list of options.

Harmonious Voices

Choral students learn how to use their voice properly and also realize that their voice is an integral part of the entire chorus. They must not work as individuals, but together, for the benefit of the entire group. Every day, students perform a series of different warm-ups and rigorous vocal exercises. Students perform many different styles of music, from Mozart to Motown to current hits. Connecting with pieces from around the world and different time periods offers continuity as it ties into students’ historical and literary studies.

Tap into Creativity

After exploring Band and Chorus in sixth grade as part of their trimester electives, students decide which artistic discipline to pursue. Once they reach Upper School, students can choose from choral and instrumental options like Chamber Chorus, Jazz Combo, Music Studio Ensemble and more to further develop their musical skills. (For the full list of Course Descriptions, view pages 45-63 in our Student Guide.)

At Tampa Prep, students perform at the highest caliber in a variety of settings. The school presents concerts each semester to showcase the work of every ensemble group. Additional performances and special programs are hosted at the school and in locations throughout the community. The skills gained, the traits developed and the lessons learned through the School’s music program enhance students’ overall educational experience and form memories that last a lifetime.