Visual Arts

Through Visual Arts students learn to express themselves through alternative forms of communication. Students are directed and encouraged to think divergently, applying concepts to create unique works of art in a variety of media. Our Visual Art instructors demonstrate and teach the skills necessary to master techniques of each discipline.

The depth of offerings in our Visual Arts courses run the gamut from 2-dimensional classics like drawing and painting to 3-dimensional forms such as ceramics, sculpture, crafts and design. Assignments inspired by artists and cultures provide students with historical context for movements that formed the basis of Art as we know it today.

Elements and Principles

In Middle School Art courses, students learn to apply the elements and principles of art using a variety of media and techniques. Each semester includes age- and skill-appropriate assignments in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Attention is given to the study of historical and multicultural arts in Middle School Art courses.

Broad Brushstrokes

In the Upper School, students have a wealth of Visual Arts opportunities. Courses like Studio Art provide a broad look at design and composition as students learn the techniques of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. For students who want detailed instruction in one area, courses are available in Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, Printmaking, Crafts and Design, Ceramics and Sculpture. Advanced courses cover collegiate topics such as The Chemistry of Art, Art History and Art Portfolio. (For the full list of Course Descriptions, view pages 45-63 in our Student Guide.)

Endless Opportunities

Students have access to an incredible scope of media in the Visual Arts. By choosing to delve into a particular area, they can fine-tune their skills through a deeper exploration of that medium. Experience with such complex artistic methods lays the foundation for a future in creative professions.