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Join us Saturday, January 6 at Tampa Preparatory School for the 2018 Headmasters' Challenge! See the schedule below for details and click here for the latest scores!

Schedule of Events

Friday, January 5, 2018

6:30 p.m. Wrestling: Varsity Wrestling: ll ddddddddddddd Walter Gymnasium
6:30 p.m. Wrestling: Middle School

Walter Gymnasium

** Middle School and Varsity weigh-ins begin at 5:30 p.m. **

Saturday, January 6, 2018

8:00 a.m. Soccer: Middle School Girls Gold v. White Soccer Field
8:00 a.m. Basketball: Middle School Boys 6th v. Blue Walter Gymnasium
8:00 a.m. Basketball: Middle School Girls Gold v. White Walter Gymnasium
9:00 a.m. Basketball: Middle School Boys Gold v. Navy B Walter Gymnasium
9:30 a.m. Soccer: Middle School Girls Red v. NavySoccer Field
10:00 a.m. Basketball: Middle School Boys Black v. White Walter Gymnasium
11:00 a.m. Soccer: JV Girls Soccer Field
11:00 a.m. Basketball: Middle School Girls Red v. Navy Walter Gymnasium
12:00 p.m. Basketball: Middle School Boys Red v. Navy A Walter Gymnasium
12:30 p.m. Soccer: JV Boys Soccer Field
1:30 p.m. Basketball: JV Boys Walter Gymnasium
2:00 p.m. Soccer: Varsity Girls Soccer Field
3:00 p.m. Basketball: Varsity Girls Walter Gymnasium
4:00 p.m. Soccer: Varsity Boys Soccer Field
4:30 p.m. Basketball: Varsity Boys Walter Gymnasium

Fill Up the Pickup Food Drive

This year during Headmasters' Challenge, Tampa Prep and Berkeley will be partnering up for a food drive, Fill Up the Pickup, which benefits the Feed-A-Bull food pantry at USF. Feed-A-Bull food pantry helps USF students and their families with the hardship of deciding between paying for food or textbooks. On January 6, 2018, help us meet our goal of filling a pickup truck with non-perishable food donations. Pre-donation boxes will be on campus January 3, 2018 - January 5, 2018 . At Headmasters' Challenge there will be a pickup truck parked by the outdoor basketball courts for all other donations.

History of the Headmasters' Challenge

Remembering the intense rivalry between Deerfield Academy (where Tampa Prep’s Former Headmaster, Gordon MacLeod, taught) and Choate (where Berkeley’s Headmaster Joseph Merluzzi taught), Mr. MacLeod suggested that a similar day be developed between Tampa Prep and Berkeley. Mr. Merluzzi readily agreed, acknowledging the fun and good competition that resulted from the Deerfield-Choate day and the possibility for Tampa Prep and Berkeley to have the same experience. The prize the schools would compete for was the Headmasters Cup, which would reside at the winning school for the year.

Tampa Prep hosted the inaugural Headmasters' Challenge on January 10, 2004. The competition featured 15 winter sports from middle division, junior varsity and varsity.

Headmasters' Challenge Results

2004 @Tampa Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep Score:12-7)

2005 @Berkeley Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep Score: 11.5-8.5)

2006 @Tampa Prep (Winner: Tampa Prep Score: 15.5-4.5)

2007 @Berkeley Prep (Winner: Tampa Prep Score: 10.5-9.5)

2008 @Tampa Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep Score: 12-9)

2009 @Berkeley Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep Score: 17.5-3.5)

2010 @Tampa Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep Score: 12-7)

2011 @ Berkeley Prep (Winner: Tampa Prep Score 10.5-9.5)

2012 @ Tampa Prep (Winner: Tampa Prep Score 13.5-6.5)

2013 @ Berkeley Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep 12-10)

2014 @ Tampa Prep (Tied 9.5-9.5)

2015 @ Berkeley Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep 13-6)

2016 @ Tampa Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep 19-1)

2017 @ Berkeley Prep (Winner: Berkeley Prep 15.5 to 5.5)