Sports Medicine

The foremost consideration of the Tampa Prep Athletics department is to provide a healthy, safe environment for our student-athletes. The Sports Medicine staff at Tampa Prep provides another layer of safety and care for our student athletes. Our staff works to prevent, manage, and rehabilitate injuries and illnesses in a safe and confidential manner. In addition we provide education, development, and guidance for our student-athletes in order prevent the reoccurrences of the injury and prevent future injuries. Our sports medicine staff is run by athletic trainers Sara Crawford, ATC, and Andrew Sufficool, ATC. Both are professionally licensed athletic trainers with the National Athletic Trainers Association.

A member of our sports medicine staff is present at all practices and home contests. If a student-athlete is injured, an athletic trainer will evaluate the severity of the injury and will recommend what care is needed. Depending on the extent of the injury the athletic training staff will recommend the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. The sports medicine staff will work hand and hand with the student athlete, doctors as well as our strength and conditioning staff in monitoring the student-athletes’ rehabilitation. Once a student-athlete has regained strength and function, they are allowed to return to their sport.

Tampa Prep also serves as a clinical site for the University of Tampa Athletic Training Education Program.

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Sara Crawford, ATC:
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Sara Crawford, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Andrew Sufficool, MA, ATC/L
Athletic Trainer