Cyber Patriot Students Learn from Cyber Security Experts
Posted 12/04/2014 01:52PM
Students listen intently as Mark and Kirk from Hack UCF
explain their experiences with cyber security in college.

Before Thanksgiving break, members of the Cyber Patriot club had two visitors from Hack UCF, a club focused on cyber security and network management. Students in Cyber Patriot compete against other clubs in competitions focused on different obstacles that IT and cyber security professionals face on a daily basis. During the presentation, the UCF students spoke about the competitions available to college students in clubs similar to the high school Cyber Patriot. Tampa Prep students had many questions about the types of scenarios that the older students encounter in their competitions. The UCF students gave advice on some issues the students were having trouble with in past competitions. There was also a lively discussion on which colleges offer great cyber security and IT programs, college majors and job opportunities after college. Having the opportunity to speak to college students in a club similar to Cyber Patriot gave the students an idea on their experiences and what they have to look forward to in pursuing a career in cyber security!