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Tampa Preparatory School is the premier private school in the Tampa Bay area for students in grades 6 – 12. As a leader in education, we incorporate progressive ideas into the curriculum, schedule and facilities on a regular basis. For instance, the day begins at 8:50 a.m. because research indicates that students need more sleep. In addition, the use of iPads and the creation of Active Learning Environments are the result of the programmatic and curricular enhancements driven by our outstanding faculty.

A Tradition of Excellence

Our rich academic tradition, along with a commitment to arts, athletics and a focus on producing well-rounded citizens, has made Tampa Prep one of the best schools in Tampa for 40 years. Our educational philosophy instills values of fairness, decency, honor, diligence and academic curiosity. The School stresses the development of self-confidence, a sense of worth and the importance of having fun in the pursuit of one’s goals.

Within the walls of our modern facility, classes are taught as seminars, labs and interactive demonstrations where students form and express ideas rather than merely receive and dispense information. The use of Socratic teaching and the Harkness method encourages maximum participation. The academic rigor is balanced by a variety of extracurricular options, including state-champion athletic teams, community service projects, state-ranked chorus and a variety of clubs initiated by students.

Exemplary Educators

Tampa Prep’s top tier faculty, staff and administrators provide social, emotional and academic guidance. In addition to their accomplishments in and enthusiasm for their fields, our faculty members have an abiding interest in leading young people, and their influence extends beyond the classroom. Teachers are accessible to students after scheduled classes to provide individualized instruction and extra attention.

Nondiscriminatory Policy

Tampa Prep is an inclusive and open-minded environment that does not discriminate according to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or matters of individual choice. Tampa Prep does not engage in personnel practices prohibited by Federal law. This policy extends to all activities and aspects of the school and specifically to the practices of faculty and staff hiring and management, in student admissions, student evaluation, discipline and student life.

Tampa Prep will encourage and promote non-discrimination among all of its faculty, staff, students and parents. Discriminatory actions contrary to this policy, which adversely affect the environment, image, or student life of the school by any member of the faculty or staff, will be considered as grounds for dismissal. Discriminatory actions contrary to this policy by a student, whether or not such action takes place on school grounds, will be considered as a disciplinary problem and will be subject to such disciplinary actions as determined by the Head of School.

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