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Ms. Cheryl Leonhardt

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College Counseling
Director of College Counseling
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University of Scranton, B.A.
University of Scranton, M.S.

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Being a college counselor was not at all in my plan. I originally intended to "save the world" starting with working with adolescents and eventually raising my own. School counseling was the career path that allowed me the schedule to best balance being both a professional and a mom. I started my career working with adults suffering from drug addictions and quickly moved into working with adolescents in that population. Then my passion for "at risk" teens led me to expand into a broader mental health arena and I got involved with prevention and other areas of adolescent assessment and counseling.

After having four children of my own, my high school's guidance counselor retired and I had the opportunity to give back to my alma mater by being the third Director of Guidance in the school's history. I worked in that catholic high school for six years and learned the college application process by full immersion being the only counselor to 570 high school students. I was then given the opportunity to be Director of Guidance in an independent all girls' academy where my college counseling skills were extensively developed. I traveled to over 30 colleges a year and participated in four National Admissions' boards. I was able to attend National workshops and conferences and create a four year college-focused curriculum.

Traveling throughout the country ignited my desire to live with my children in a different area. I wanted them to live fearlessly and be adaptable. I started a national job search which landed me here at Tampa Prep. The innovative, fearless ambition of the school's administration impressed and empowered me professionally. The school itself, students, faculty, staff and families personally impacted me and I wanted my sons to learn and grow here. Tampa Prep truly is an excellent school, which in itself is rare, but it is actively moving toward being exceptional. I see Tampa Prep as an amazing place with limitless potential and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of this outstanding community.