Welcome from Head of School Kevin M. Plummer

Welcome to Tampa Preparatory School, home of the Terrapins. It is an honor and pleasure to lead this dynamic and vibrant community of students, faculty and families. At any point in time, we are both enjoying our present and preparing for the future.

We enjoy the present as each day we live the simple fact that the strength of the Tampa Prep community lies in the shared values of students, faculty, parents, administration and the Board of Trustees, values that include the importance of maintaining a rigorous academic environment while advancing the ethical, moral, emotional and physical potential of each student.

We look forward to the future as well because we are confident that the combination of the School's founding principles, its state-of-the-art facilities and incredibly rich programmatic offerings, allow Tampa Prep students to embrace the future with zeal as they pursue excellence in the development of their interests, talents and character.

In addition to a rich academic program, artistic, athletic and service endeavors enhance the curriculum and encourage personal growth as students come into their own. We inspire leaders committed to living the mission of Tampa Prep.

Whether you are new to Tampa Prep, a prospective family on an "e-visit," a current parent checking an event on the school calendar or an alumnus seeking an update, we are glad you are here. Explore our website to see the unique education and experience Tampa Prep offers. Our History will let you understand our roots. I encourage you to read our mission statement: this is what we believe in, this is what we do and this is who we are. Our mission reflects the building blocks we are confident contribute to happy, healthy adult lives. I invite you to experience Terrapin Spirit by visiting our beautiful campus. Contact the Admissions Office to schedule a tour.

“We are more than just a college preparatory school, we are a preparation for life with a higher purpose than self.” I look forward to seeing you at Tampa Preparatory School!

Go Prep!