Prep Traditions

Convocation Assembly


On the first day of classes students and faculty gather together for the opening Convocation Assembly. The community hears from several speakers including the head of school, Kevin Plummer, and the student body president.

Students on a class trip

Class Trips

Tampa Prep believes that experiential education fosters a deeper understanding of the self, the world and other people.
  • 6th grade students spend three days touring local Florida sites.
  • 7th grade students spend a week in the Keys, exploring wildlife and experiencing nature through a variety of hands-on activities.

  • 8th grade students spend four days exploring the roots of the American Revolution by walking Boston's historic Freedom Trail.

  • 11th grade: The week-long Junior Class trip to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina helps develop skills not necessarily formed or tested in the classroom and creates lifelong bonds.

Declamation Presentation


Declamations are a unique Tampa Prep tradition that help students build confidence through public speaking. All students, grades 6-12, are required to prepare and deliver an oral presentation. Students advance through rounds performing for their class, their grade, and finalists perform for the division.

Students painting the rock

Paint the Rock

Every year seniors leave their mark at Prep by signing their names on the rock in the parking lot. This is followed by an ice cream party.

Students cheering

Headmasters' Challenge

Tampa Prep hosted the inaugural Headmasters' Challenge on January 10, 2004. This annual tradition honors our rivalry with Berkeley Preparatory School. Winter sports teams from middle division, junior varsity and varsity all complete for the highly coveted Headmasters' Cup.

a family sitting around a table

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is a school favorite! Grandparents are treated to special performances and join their grandchildren in classes to experience Tampa Prep firsthand.

A group of people giving a presentation in a classroom

Cookie Company Project

In Honors Economics class, seniors form companies to sell cookies and other treats to the Tampa Prep community. This project is an excellent opportunity for students to apply and execute what they are learning in class. Each company has to complete two presentations (marketing/social media plan and business plan) to a group of Tampa Prep experts in hopes of receiving a business loan.

A student and teacher testing out a project

3# Project

For the 3# Project (3 lbs. is the weight of the human brain) Seniors in Honors English resolve to learn something they have always wanted to try. This can be anything from playing an instrument, to cooking a vegan meal, to building a car engine. Throughout the process, they maintain a digital portfolio of blog entries, research and multimedia samples of their works in progress. Their portfolios are included as part of their final presentation in a gallery-style exhibition and presented to guests in an engaging public speaking experience.

The choir performing on stage

Thanksgiving Convocation

Thanksgiving Convocation celebrates the arts in preparation for the holiday season. The concert features performances by our Terrapin musicians and chorus, as well as spoken word tributes from students and faculty.

A group of five parents smiling

New Parent Shindig

New Parent Shindig is a social event for PARENTS ONLY that takes place at the end of August. Parents with students new to the school enjoy food and drinks with other parents and meet several key members of the School community.

Four girl students smiling and two have their faces painted

Fall Family Festival

At the end of Spirit week, the TPPA plans the Fall Family Festival, an afternoon event packed with fun activities for the whole family! Great food, music, pumpkin decorating, roaming zombies, an inflatable obstacle course, pictures with Earnest (our school mascot) and more!

students singing on stage outside

Senior / Yearbook Day

The entire school dresses in Tampa Prep or college spirit attire, with seniors dressed head to toe in gear from their future college/university. There are many fun activities throughout the day all geared toward celebrating the Senior class.

A favorite tradition is when Head of School Kevin Plummer leads seniors through the halls of Tampa Prep for their final walk through the building, complete with instruments, horns and a lot of cheering from underclassmen. Then the entire Tampa Prep community gathers in the gym to celebrate every single member of the Senior class and their plans for the next year. Finally, all students get excited for the Yearbook presentation and distribution.

To culminate a great Senior/Yearbook Day, students meet in the Tampa Prep parking lot Friday evening for a night filled with incredible student performances at the annual Rock the Lot!

Students volunteering

Terrapin Day

While Tampa Prep students "go beyond" on a regular basis, the annual Terrapin Service Day exemplifies the school's mission of "a higher purpose than self." Students look beyond our campus borders to volunteer in various ways throughout the community. Each grade level takes on a different cause and donates their day to the organization or task.

Students and a teacher conducting science experiments

Trustee Day

Members of Tampa Prep's Board of Trustees spend a half day on campus to see what a typical school day is like for students.

Trustee members are treated to special performances to experience Tampa Prep firsthand!

Students writing on a whiteboard

Senior Six-Word Mantra

Each member of the Senior class writes a six-word mantra on the wall of the Student Center. They provide the community with wise thoughts that are displayed throughout the school year.

Three doctors and a student smiling in a doctor office

Senior Internships

Successful completion of the Senior Internship Program is a requirement of graduation. Starting in January, Seniors are counseled through the process of finding and preparing for internships. Seniors intern for a total of 70 hours (less 10 hours for each AP class being taken) and blog each week about their experience.

Two girls sitting by the river

Senior Sunrise

Senior Sunrise is a very special way to kick off the school year. The Senior class joins together to watch the sun rise over the Hillsborough river. This is followed by a pancake breakfast.

Four girls dressed up at a banquet

Senior Celebration

This event honors the senior class as dinner, awards and student entertainment are enjoyed.