Why Tampa Prep?

Tampa Prep students are Proud Terrapins. Why? Because they attend one of the best schools in Tampa! An environment that encourages teenagers to be themselves is a special place. The Tampa Prep community embraces individuality. Typical high school stereotypes blend as students are appreciated for their unique ideas, ways of thinking and interests. In addition, they are surrounded by the latest technological advances, which are integrated into classes every day.

A Higher Purpose than Self

The unique culture of Tampa Prep is difficult to capture in words. Happy, honest, inquisitive students demonstrate integrity and kindness in their athletic competence, their artistic expressions and their commitment to community service. Tampa Prep Terrapins embrace our mission to think, create, be yourself and GO BEYOND. This philosophy emanates throughout the school's faculty and administration and is echoed by our supportive parents, providing a cohesive, connected community. Watch some videos for a glimpse at our extraordinary community or just schedule a visit to campus today to see our Terrapin Pride in action!