Seventh Grade Students Chose Countries to Add to the Epcot World Showcase

Seventh grade geography students had to think out of the box for the highly anticipated Epoct project.

Students, 3D models are on display in the Middle School Hub.

Each student had to select a county that was missing from the Epcot World Showcase. Students explained to the class why they felt their country was missing and took their classmates through a "guided tour" of their chosen countries.

LaPlace S. and Grant B. both designed
a ride for their countries Epcot project.

In class students worked hard conducting research to design and pitch their ideas to the class, explaining what the guests would experience during their ride or attraction.

In class students enjoyed trying food from other
countries. Some, even tried Vegemite from Australia.

On the day the project was due, students presented their 3D models of the ride or attraction they produced, which incorporated the physical geography and culture of their chosen country. Students also showed the class a possible menu and or a gift shop catalog that would be a part of the experience. To complete the experience, some students brought in local food to share with the class.