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Seniors and their families gathered for the Senior Celebration dinner to celebrate their time at Tampa Prep as they prepare for Graduation.
Wali K., outgoing Student Body President, was awarded
the Senior Class Award from Mr. Plummer.
Hannah C. was named Valedictorian of the Class of 2015
during Senior Celebration.

Seniors and their families gathered for the Senior Celebration dinner to celebrate together their four years - or longer - at Tampa Prep. The event recognized accomplishments and achievements of the senior class. Many members of the class shared nostalgic moments from their time at Tampa Prep. Through readings and musical numbers, many seniors showcased their incredible talents and impressive stage presence. Including Tarik Thompson's reading of Walt Whitman's "O me! O Life!" and a performance of "Radioactive" by Kamryn Beach, Nick Buhite, Reilly Cardillo, Catie Chapman, Jasmin Harrell and Jonah Watson with Reese McCullough supporting on drums and Talis Spriggs on bass. Check out a clip from the song on Facebook here. Corey Perkins and Andrew Weiss created a wonderful senior slideshow, which can be watched at

Drew M., David D. and Reese M. enjoy
each other's company during Senior Celebration.

Kamryn B. was named the
Female Multi-Sport Athlete
of the Year and
Female Athlete of the Year!

Department and Athletic awards and honors were presented to students, as well as two awards given by alumni to faculty members and students. Download a full list of award winners here. As always, Senior Celebration was the perfect event to kick off the Class of 2015's Graduation celebrations!

Tampa Prep alumni Octavia Smith '98 and Jen Menendez '90
awarded Caneel D. the Alumni Spirit Award.
Ariana M. received her United States Air Force Academy
Appointment where she will be attending college in the Fall.

The Class of 2015 celebrated the culmination of their high school years at Graduation, receiving their diplomas and joining the ranks of Terrapin alumni.
 Mr. Ryan Clements, the faculty speaker, encourages and reminds
students that they are well prepared for this next step in their lives.
Nick P. promises his classmates that he will work
at the friendships created at Tampa Prep, so he does
not lose them when he goes onto college. 

The 39th Commencement Ceremony began with the traditional singing of the Alma Mater, followed by speeches from selected students, alumni and faculty speakers and the presentation of the diplomas to the Class of 2015.

It was a beautiful day to celebrate the Class of 2015 and their families. Mr. Plummer welcomed everyone and expressed his congratulations on everything that the Class of 2015 accomplished during their time at Tampa Prep.

Valedictorian Hannah C. encourages her classmates
to continue to "Make Good Choices" during their college years. 

In her message to her classmates, Valedictorian Hannah Campo congratulated her class and encouraged them to "Make...good...choices," advice from her mother, long ago. She went to explain how that advice has shaped her experiences as a student. "We will all remember Tampa Prep differently because we were given the power to choose our own paths here and, as we leave home, our opportunities to choose and define our own experience will increase."

English teacher Ryan Clements spoke of meeting the challenges to come, reminding seniors that they are prepared and, indeed, empowered to do so by what they have learned during their Tampa Prep years. He illustrated the School Mission, "A Higher Purpose Than Self,"  by telling a parable and ended by clarifying its message, saying: "You don't have to change the world for everyone, but you can make a world of difference for some."

Nick Pullara began the class address by sharing several funny stories, interweaving the poignant reality of leaving all that was familiar and the knowledge that, as a graduate, he is now an adult with everything that implies. He talked about memory and change, and "how easy it is to lose each other in life," and said, "That's why, when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it," a quote from a favorite TV series. Nick ended by saying, "I want to do something about it."

 Alumni Association President Susannah Wilson Smith '87
welcomes the Class of 2015
into the Alumni Association.
Members of the String Orchestra play
the Alma Mater to begin the ceremony. 

During the ceremony, the Class of 2015 cheered, clapped and stood up for each other, a demonstration of the closeness of the graduating class and the depth of their feelings for each other. The 2015 Fall Tempo will include the complete text of the graduation addresses and pictures of the class and their families. To view the Facebook album of pictures from Graduation, visit Parents are able to purchase the class picture and pictures of their student receiving their diploma by contacting Studio Artistry at (813) 873-8759.

Congratulations, Class of 2015!

Eighth grade students had a great time reflecting on their time
in Middle School on a celebratory cruise!

The Tampa Prep Eighth Grade took a celebratory cruise aboard the Yacht Starship last Friday, May 15. While aboard, the students had lunch and then made their way to the third floor to dance and karaoke the rest of the afternoon away. The yacht cruised into the harbor of Harbor Island and Davis Islands. Upon their return to Prep, parent volunteers had created a quite festive atmosphere for the students to watch the video that Mr. Fowler prepares for them each year.
 Mr. Plummer spends time with Lori and Chris Cambas
during the party.
Austin Sigety '04 and his fiancee Dr. Kimberly Law enjoy
the evening as Terrapin Society members.

Kevin and Jennifer Plummer hosted Tampa Prep's Annual Terrapin Society Celebration last Saturday night. The Terrapin Society was formed in 2001 and members are the school's most generous donors, having made a gift of $2,000 or more. Guests socialized while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Mr. Plummer expressed his deep appreciation for the impact these leadership donors have had and continue to have on the Prep experience. Tampa Prep had an action packed year with its 40th Anniversary celebrations. These celebrations and achievements of the school could not be possible without the support of the Tampa Prep community and Terrapin Society members.

As a gift to the donors, students in Mr. Quah's class created a Terrapin chocolate for them using computer aided design (CAD) software. To make the chocolate, the students used Autodesk Inventor to create a 3D mold of the correct size, then a 3D virtual CAD file was converted into cutting directions (G Code) using MeshCAM software. These cutting directions were sent to a table top computer numerical controlled (CNC) mill in the STEM room. After the milling, the students had a positive wax mold of the chocolate. After smoothing off the chocolate, students used a food grade silicone mold to make negative molds for the chocolate, then students had to just make the chocolate!

Thank you, Terrapin Society members!

 Michael and Ramona Shimberg catch up with Bob and Jalena Bradley outside during the party.

 Acting as cheerleaders, these students had the audience
laughing out loud in their seats.
 In their town, residents had to be unpleasant the majority
of the time, so these students are disciplining a good citizen.
A group of girls take over their
insane asylum and leave the guard
behind bars.

During one of their final class periods, students in Middle School theater performed original skits or musical numbers for an excited audience. To begin the show, five students performed a pantomime with choreography entitled "Insame Asylum" where the inmates took over and locked the guard in jail. In the next skit, five boys acted out a scene from a town where people had to be mean and crazy 90% of the time. Tim Jurinski and Jade Scott (an Upper School assistant) performed a hilarious pantomime.

In a funny zombie skit, students acted out tips on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Emmy Ward performed a beautiful rendition of "Popular" from Wicked the Musical. In a skit about cheerleaders, students made the audience laugh out loud with their comedic timing. During the last skit, young actors portrayed individuals who would be at a group therapy sessions, but then went wild to get rid of the therapy counselor.

These humorous skits, pantomimes and songs had the audience laughing out loud throughout the entire performance. Being able to see Middle School students engaged and comfortable on the stage in front of an audience of parents and classmates is a great experience not to be missed!


 Students demonstrate to the audience
how to survive a zombie apocalpyse.
 These young actors pretend to need group therapy
to scare off the therapist.
The "Mini Melodies" wow the crowd with their
incredible vocals and harmonies.
The sixth grade chorus performs a variety
of popular songs for an impressed audience.

Last week, sixth grade students were showcased during their Arts Share event in the Smith Black Box Theater. The show began with a group of sixth grade girls who call themselves the "Mini Melodies" who performed a mash-up of "Beautiful" and different Taylor Swift songs. This performance included impressive choreography and harmonies. These girls are not all currently in chorus, but meet outside of class to rehearse!

Following the "Mini Melodies" performance, the sixth grade band impressed parents and guests with their fantastic ability to perform a variety of recognizable folk songs. After showcasing all of the songs that they have been working on, many students were featured in solos, duets and trios which further showed how far they have come since many students had no instrumental experience prior to band class. The final duet was a Tampa Prep cheer that the entire class participated in. Watch it on Instagram here!

Students in sixth grade band perform pieces that
they have been perfecting throughout the year.

The sixth grade chorus performed six different pieces, many with choreography, that wowed the audience. With impressive harmonies, the sixth grade choral students sang a variety of music, including pieces from Disney, a poem written by people who were in hiding during the Holocaust and popular songs by Imagine Dragons, Santana and Sara Bareilles. Check out a clip from their final performance on Instagram here.

Along with performances by the sixth grand band and chorus, beautiful art created by sixth grade students throughout the year was shown to the audience in between performnces. With the enormous amount of talent showcased during these performances of sixth grade students, it'll be a treat to watch these young musicians continue to perfect their craft in the years to come!

During the final week of classes, Mr. KK Quah administered both the national end of course (EOC) assessments as mandated by Project Lead the Way (PLTW) which is the STEM curriculum that is in use in over 6,500 high schools in the US. The EOC assessments are given to both the Intro to Engineering Design (sophomore class) and the Principles of Engineering (junior) class. Mr. Quah gave the students the option of taking the Autodesk Certified User test which is an industry recognized certification for the CAD software I teach - Autodesk Inventor Professional. The scores are reported in numbers (1-9) where essentially 1 through 3 are below average, 4 through 6 are average and 7 through 9 are above average. PLTW only accepts 6 and above as a passing grade. Also, a score of 8 or 9 is considered an "A" grade when applying for credit from universities.

For the IED class, Tampa Prep had 14 of 18 students with a 6 or above (78%) and of those 11 were 8 or 9 (61%) with 3 of those at 9. In the POE class, Tampa Prep had 8 of 9 students with a 6 or above (88%) and of those 3 with 8 or 9 (33%) and one with 9. For the Autodesk Certified User test, some students are still taking the test, but we have had 15 of the 19 students get the certification (79%). The STEM students who have passed in each of the categories are to be congratulated for their efforts in these assessments as this is the best passing rates we have had since the STEM program started at Tampa Prep.

Congratulations to all students who took one of these tests this year!
Alec S. created a beautiful mosiac
for his project on "The Kite Runner."
Maria A.'s Yearbook of all characters featured in
"The Kite Runner" was a hit!

The Multiple Intelligences Project is based on the book by Howard Gardner; in which, Gardner says that “schools tend to assess students’ intellectual development through verbal or quantitative tests, but that there are at least seven different types of intellgences” (Gardner 7). Following his way of thinking, English 10 students demonstrate their knowledge of any works studied during the year by creating a project that can be anything except an essay.

Alexis K. created the dog from "Art of Racing in the Rain"
out of clay, fur and paint.

This Tampa Prep tradition has seen some very interesting projects throughout the years. Now with the availability of iPads the projects are becoming more and more impressive. Sam Hull created an impressive video using themes from "Caffer Boy" and Daniel Moore created a video about "The Kite Runner." Patrick Danielson did an interesting Keynote presentation about Macbeth as told by Macduff. By being able to do any kind of project other than an essay, students are encouraged to tap into their creative sides.

Alex W. created a photo album from the perspective of
a character in "Samurai's Garden."
Mathew T. wrote an entire magazine about "The Kite Runner"
for his project.
Seventh and eighth grade Arts students showcased their artistic, musical and creative talents during their recent 7th and 8th Grade Arts Night.
Student artwork was on display during the concert, as well as in the Smith Black Box Lobby.

Seventh and eighth grade Arts students showcased their artistic, musical and creative talents during their recent 7th and 8th Grade Arts Night. Family and friends gathered in the Smith Black Box Theater to be treated to a fantastic display of Middle School talent. Three dancers began the show with a high energy performance of "Uptown Funk." One of the highlights of the dance portion was their performance of "Burn the Pages" where the dancers used art created by other students as props. For the dancers' final performance, they used chairs as props while dancing to "Cabaret." The audience was very impressed with their rhythm, dance moves and stage presence.

Dance students showcased their abilities to dance to a variety of genres of music.

The Chorus performed a variety of pieces for an impressed audience. They performed everything from "Carry On My Wayward Son," "Fireflies" and "Chante Alleluia." For their performance of "Long Train Running," the students ventured off the risers to perform choreography created by Ms. Susan Downey. The vocal talent and harmonies of these students left the audience throroughly impressed with their performances.

Chorus students even performed a little choreography for the audience!

Seventh and eighth grade band students performed many different pieces that wowed the audience. Throughout their performance, the crowd could see the students' passion for their instruments and music. The band played hits like "Raiders March" and "Adventure Overture," along with the crowd favorite "SpongeBob Squarepants!"

 With impressive talent, band students play a variety of songs for a wowed audience.

At the end of both the Chorus and Band sections, they shared a little bit about their trip to Disney and what they learned. The chorus had the opportunity to learn about voiceovers and sound effects with a Disney professional. They recorded all the lyrics and sound effects for a few songs from The Lion King. The band spent the day at Disney perfecting the art of sight reading with another Disney professional. The band ended their section with performing a song from Beauty and the Beast, which they learned while at Disney.

Band and chorus shared what they learned when they spent a day
at Disney this semester working with their professionals!

Along with the incredible performances by Chorus, Band and Dance, art created by seventh and eighth grade students was on display during the show and in the lobby of the Smith Black Box. Throughout the concert, students in Video Production shared their final video projects. This concert was a great display of the incredible talent in the Middle School!

Congratulations to the Upper School French students for doing well on Le Grand Concours!

Over 90,000 students participated in Le Grand Councours (the National French Exam) in March. We are excited to congratulate the following students for their outstanding results. The results are the ranking levels for the Florida chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French. Students in the 50th-70th percentile of the national rankings received a Certificat d'honneur. Students in the 75th-95th percentile of the national rankings received a Lauréat national certificate and medals.

Congratulations to the Middle School students for placing well in Le Grand Concours!

Félicitations à tous les élèves!

Level 5
Certificat d'honneur:
Audrey Carver

Level 3
Certificat d'honneur:
Isabel Feuer
Sarah Gift
Saylor Pascoe
Natalie Stasch
Katie Troke
Allison Wertheim
Lauréat national:
Tyler Duic - 18th place (Bronze medal)
Xander Spriggs - 11th place (Silver medal)

Level 2
Certificat d'honneur:
Evelyn Hove
Madeline Panlilio
Andrew Paquin
Jade Scott
Owen Carlson
Carson Young
Lauréat national:
Isabella Weinstein - 11th place (Silver medal)
Lucas Durand- 3rd place  (Gold medal)
Rammi Quah - 2nd place  (Gold medal)

Level 1  (Upper School)
Certificat d'honneur:
Megan Blanchard
Amanda Spezza
Georgina Lancaster
McCullough, Drew
Nikki Monson
Simone Buschbeck-Fraser
Cosette Falker
Olivia Sargent

Level 1  (French 1B)
Certificat d'honneur:
Josie Garba
Will Purvis
Siena Capitano
Olivia Harwood
Evan Navori
Samantha Mezrah

Level 01 (French 1A)
Certificat d'honneur:
Fernanda Antezana
Avery Mills
Lana Forcier
Belu Brizi
Lauréat national:
Emilio Allan - 8th place (Bronze medal)

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