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Camille B. promotes the work
Tampa Prep students do
with Teen Court.
Alice H. and Camille B. spread the word about
Students for Seniors at C.A.F.E.

Blessed by a beautiful day, the third annual Charity Awareness Fair and Expo (CAFE) was a decided success on last weekend. C.A.F.E. Board of Directors' member Adrian O'Sullivan, performing as a master of ceremonies, introduced Stephanie Lukasik who sang the national anthem to officially begin the program. The Expo included over fifty charities with community service opportunities to get the over 1,500 attendees involved. Meredith Cook, Harrison Lorenzen and Adrian O'Sullivan provided musical entertainment throughout the event. Stephanie Lukasik, Alice Hamilton and Camille Benson represented Tampa Prep's Students For Seniors at a table next to Teen Court, where a staff member and Adrian took turns greeting the public. Tampa Prep students were also represented at the ECHO table, as well as throughout the Expo spreding the word on the different opportunities available. C.A.F.E. is a great event because Terrapins can inspire community members to get involved in the causes that they are passionate about!
Congratulations to all members of Legio Terrapin! Ryan C. waiting for the judges
in the Costume Contest

The 66th Florida Junior Classical League State Latin Forum had 52 schools and nearly 900 competitors, plus friends, sponsors and chaperones in attendance. This year Legio Terrapin brought 11 Upper School and 11 Middle School students to the field with the best showing ever. Students showed their smarts, their skills, their creativity, their spirit and their energy. Check out this blog that Mia Borlongan wrote about her experience participating in the Junior Classical League State Latin Forum on TerpSpeak!

The Philhellenes:  Ethan G., Kristof A., Chase R., Alexander R.
and Jack C. celebrate wins in Hellenic History
When Catapults are outlawed,
only outlaws (and JCLers)
will have catapults!

Months of work brought outstanding performances in Drama, both Latin and original English, stunning artifacts in metal-- including a safe with a working lock and an Imperial crown, textiles and mosaic. Years of study brought Academic honors both in the testing and the live quiz game, Certamen, and a 3rd consecutive 1st for Nick Buhite in Games with his original strategy game, Corvi et Insulae. Their Junior Classical League spirit had them screaming and passing the Standard, competing to be Venus and Adonis, making Impromptu Art about Heroes and even running for state office (where they are waiting for a run-off election!) Not to mention Mystery Tests, devouring pizzas, playing cards in the hall til midnight, meeting old friends and making new ones. Mrs. Curtis was the Mater Castrorum (Mother of the Camp) and we are so grateful for her kindness, patience, and enthusiasm in chaperoning this event.

Middle School students enjoy Opening Ceremonies
with Mr. Seary as Emperor.

Mia Borlongan: Dramatic Interpretation Female Prose - 3rd; Latin Sight Reading - 3rd; Open Certamen Advanced - 7th
Nick Buhite: Games 10-12 - 1st (third year in a row); Academic Decathlon - 7th ; Advanced Geography - 8th; Open Certamen Advanced - 6th
Conor Danahy: Miscellaneous 10-12 - 1st
Lauren Danahy: 2D Non- Graphic 5 - 3rd  
Alex Lawson: Geography II - 4th; Open Certamen II - 3rd
Rammi Quah: Advanced Grammar - 9th
Kataryna Restrepo: Derivatives II - 3rd ;  Miscellaneous 10-12 - 3rd ; Open Certamen II - 5th
Bianca Rivera-Irions: Declamations 5-9 - 1st; Hellenic History II - 8th
Angela Vari: Textile Arts 5-9 - 1st; Derivatives II - 8th
Ty Weathers: Poetry Comprehension - 3rd
Zach Welch: Open Certamen II - 4th
Kristof Acs: Hellenic History I - 5th
Aidan Alikhan: Models 5-9 - 5th; Quattuorsquare - 8th
Jay Canale: Customs ½ - 5th; History of Empire ½ - 5th
Jack Collison: Bellum Aquae - 4th; Hellenic History I - 7th;  History of Empire I - 10th
Reagan Curtis: Costumes Female 5-9 - 1st; Shuttle Run - 5th
Ryan Curtis: Costumes Male 5-9 - 1st
Ethan Graff: Hellenic History I - 8th; Drawings 5-9 - 9th
Chase Renninger: Geography I - 4th; Hellenic History I - 7th
Alexander Rodriguez: Hellenic History I - 4th; Painting 5-9 - 7th
Patrick Siegenthaler: Shuttle Run - 7th

T-Shirt (designed by Mia, Conor, and Adrian O’Sullivan): 7th

Creative: 4th (previous high: 7th)
Overall: 10th  (previous high: 17th)

Family and friends had the opportunity to view amazing projects
from these sixth grade students!

Friday, April 10th was the culmination of a year-long project for the Middle School English classes. During the first semester of Middle School English classes, all students read novels of their own choosing for twenty minutes every Monday during class. At the end of the first semester, students selected one of those books to use for a project during the second semester. Independent reading time turned into project time in class every Monday, and students worked on projects that included multiple facets of their creativity and genres of writing. 

These sixth grade girls are excited
to showcase their projects!
Parents watch book trailers created
by seventh grade students.

Students used analytical writing skills to research a topic from their novels and also used their creative writing skills to create various texts that put them in the place of their characters (for instance diary entries, memoirs, text messages, scrapbook pages, etc.). Students also crafted 3-D models to represent some important aspect of their novels and book trailers (much like movie trailers) to entice others to read their books.

Seventh grade students took over the Student Center to show off their amazing projects.

The students seemed quite proud to display their models and play their trailers on the projectors for all to see.  This was the first time doing this project, and Mrs. Bahtic and Mrs. Lonetto were very proud of their students. Thanks to all the parents and members of the Tampa Prep community that helped to make this presentation day a success!

Eighth grade students proudly display their incredible English projects for family and friends.

Mr. Dave Mishkin, announcer for the Tampa Bay Lightning's Bolts Radio, spent lunch with TPTV students last Friday talking about careers in broadcasting. Mr. Mishkin found a successful career announcing for the Tampa Bay Lightning by working his way through the media field. He provided students advice on how to begin working in his field. He encouraged students to continue what they are doing as he was very impressed by the amount of talent the TPTV students demonstrated. He expressed that he did not have this kind of training prior to beginning his first job in radio, so Tampa Prep students are already further than he was at this point in their lives. Mr. Mishkin explained the importance of an internship and encouraged students to try out different jobs in the media field to help figure out what suits them.
TPTV students interested in broadcasting had the opportunity to speak
with the Tampa Bay Lightning's Bolts Radio broadcaster Dave Mishkin.

One of the main topics covered by the presentation was how to be a good broadcaster. He reminded students that determining a "good" broadcaster can be both objective and subjective. While some fans prefer their announcer to be loud and to get passionate about the plays, others prefer a more subdued commentator. Even though much of being a good announcer is subjective to the fan or listener, there are a few important tips to being a great broadcaster. Broadcasters must keep up with the plays to give their audience an accurate description of the game. It is very important to know the rules, so the broadcaster can relay the information accurately in a way that is easy to understand to a listener who may not know the rules. It is imperative that a broadcaster is able to correctly identify all players on both teams, so it is important to stay up-to-date on the entire league. Mr. Mishkin expressed the importance of broadcasters being able to speak clearly, especially in radio, as well as saying the score as often as possible. The final piece of advice he shared was to be as descriptive as possible. Since fans istening to the radio don't have the opportunity to see all of the action, it is one of the broadcaster's biggest responsibilities to set the scene by describing the action in detail.

Students were able to ask Mr. Mishkin questions and share what their goals are in the field of broadcasting. This was a great opportunity for TPTV students to be able to spend time with someone in their field working for a professional sports team. Thank you, Mr. Mishkin, for sharing your insight with our students.
These students did a great job helping out Feeding America Tampa Bay!

Last week, Ms. Grosso's 6th period class volunteered their time to Feeding America Tampa Bay. The students spent two hours sorting through boxes of donated food and arranging them into the proper categories. With 23 different categories, students were careful to sort them into the proper area, weigh the box to ensure its correct weight, then package and label the boxes for proper storage. Going out into the community to give back is always a great experience for the students. In the end, the students sorted through 1.5 tons of food. Great job!
Congratulations to these student-athletes, families, friends and coaches!

During last week’s Friday Assembly, the school honored seven senior student-athletes. Congratulations to Kam Beach, Claire Blumenthal, Bryan Greenbaum, Matt Hodges, Donoven Hough, Olivia Marshall, Ariana Mosley, Corey Perkins, Marcus Ransom, Andrew Samuels and Alexa Steele-Weintraub on their well-deserved achievements!

Kam Beach - Kam will attend the University of Bridgeport where she will play softball for the Knights. Bridgeport is a Division 2 school in Bridgeport, Connecticut, that participates in the East Coast Conference.

Claire Blumenthal - Claire will attend the University of South Carolina where she will play volleyball for the Gamecocks. South Carolina is a Division 1 school in Columbia, South Carolina, that participates in the South Eastern Conference.

Bryan Greenbaum - Bryan will attend Belmont Abbey where he will wrestle for the Crusaders. Belmont is a Division 2 school in Belmont, North Carolina that participates in the Carolinas Conference.

Matt Hodges - Matt will attend Florence Darlington Tech where he will play baseball for the Stingers. Florence is a Division 1 Junior College in Florence, South Carolina, and participates in the National Junior College Athletic Association.

Donoven Hough - Donoven will attend Campbell University where he will wrestle for the Camels. Campbell is a Division 1 school in Buies Creek, North Carolina, that participates in the Southern Conference.

Olivia Marshall - Olivia will attend Rhodes College where she will play soccer for the Lynx. Rhodes is a Division 3 school in Memphis, Tennessee, that participates in the Southern Athletic Association.

Ariana Mosley - Ariana will attend The Air Force Academy where she will play volleyball for the Falcons. Air Force is a Division 1 school in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that participates in the Mountain West Conference.

Corey Perkins - Corey will attend the University of Delaware where she will play volleyball for the Fighting Blue Hens. Delaware is a Division 1 school in Newark, Delaware, that participates in the Colonial Athletic Association.

Marcus Ransom - Marcus will attend Emory University where he will play basketball for the Eagles. Emory is a Division 3 school in Atlanta, Georgia, that participates in the United Athletic Association.

Andrew Samuels - Andrew will attend The University of Maryland where he will play soccer for the Terrapins. Maryland is a Division 1 school in College Park, Maryland, that participates in the Big 10 Conference.

Alexa Steele-Weintraub - Alexa will attend Brandeis University where she will play soccer for the Judges. Brandeis is a Division 3 school in Waltham, Massachusetts, that competes in the Eastern College Athletic Conference.

Student-athletes sign their athletic scholarship letters.

Brittany Sellers '04 and Adam Rieth '04 enjoy lunch with seniors and share stories
about what Tampa Prep
was like 10 years ago.

Three alumni, Jon Ford '02, Adam Rieth '04 and Brittany Sellers '04, shared their perspectives about their recent 10-year class reunions, bringing everyone back together and how people change over the years. They all agreed that the passing of time and their involvement as alumni make their school loyalty even stronger, and expressed gratitude for their Tampa Prep teachers and their time at Prep.

Afterwards, the alumni guests visited with seniors at their tables, sharing stories about senior pranks and other mutual topics of interest. The Senior Class luncheon was held in the Peifer Library and was provided by TPPA and chaired by Michelle Cherry.

Jon Ford '02 discusses life after graduating from Tampa Prep with seniors.

These eggs all survived the drop from the scissor lift!

Ms. Katie Calvin's Physical Science class participated in the annual Egg Drop Competition this week where students were challenged to design and build a shipping container that will prevent an uncooked chicken egg (Grade A Large) from breaking when dropped from two different heights. The objective is creativity in engineering using different laws of physics they have learned. Some of these concepts include, but are not limited to: force, momentum, air resistance, gravity, energy and Newton’s Laws of Motion.

The students had to follow certain rules and guidelines when creating their projects. They had to keep the size of the contraption under 2.25 square feet, they were not allowed to use any type of parachutes, packing peanuts, metal or any food products. The projects were dropped from a two different heights. The first round was from a scissor lift, and if the egg remained unbroken, the projects were taken to the roof of Tampa Prep and thrown off the top. Awards were given per period for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Other awards given include the Eggelicious award for the egg drop device that is aesthetically pleasing, eggonomical for the egg drop device that is the most practical and successful and the Humpty Dumpy Award for the device with the egg that breaks in the most spectacular fashion. Check out an Instagram video of the eggs being thrown off the roof of Tampa Prep here.
Bo B. and Sarah W. begin to construct their DNA model. Sammy W. and Anthony F. display
their completed Twizzler and
marshmallow DNA structure.

Mrs. Chapman's Biology classes are currently studying Nucleic Acids and protein synthesis. Students are learning about DNA in order to understand genetics, hereditary diseases and the evolution of new species. Their knowledge of DNA will also help them to understand how scientists manipulate genes in order to create new varieties in organisms. After studying the structure of DNA, students put their new knowledge to the test by creating models of DNA using Twizzlers and marshmallows. Students enjoyed manipulating food items into DNA models using what they recently learned in class. After successfully creating models of DNA, classes extracted the DNA from strawberries. For extra credit, some students plan to go a step further and have challenged themselves by repeating the experiment at home and making instructional videos on How to Extract DNA. This three-step project insures students will have a great working knowledge of DNA and its structure following this section.
Clayton D. and Aaron S. begin the extraction process. Haiqa M. and Alice H. successfully
extract DNA from strawberries.

Thank you to Mr. Mike Fowler for
a great Memorial Dedication Night!
Parents and guests learn about the project before
seeing the finished Memorials!

Last Wednesday, students in Mr. Fowler's American History classes unveiled their Memorial Projects for the school community. For the last two months, students have researched and become resident experts on various topics regarding the United States' history. Students wrote a research paper and also designed and created a memorial to represent their subject in a symbolic and educational way. All of this preparation and work culminated in Memorial Dedication Night 2015 where students unveiled their projects to parents and guests. Everyone in attendance was in awe of the students' thoughtful and inspiring memorials and outstanding knowledge about their subjects. At the end of the evening, there was an awards ceremony in which the Golden Shovel was handed out for the design of the year. Congratulations to Noah Garba for being this year's recipient for his memorial to Samuel Colt!

Parents, students and guests visit each Memorial and learn about
the subject of each of the students' research.

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