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Career Opportunities

If Tampa Prep is seeking professional staff and faculty positions, you will see them listed below.

Tampa Prep is an independent, coeducational, inclusive, urban day school enrolling over 650 students in grades six through twelve.

             Tampa Preparatory School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Manager of Revenue Accounting (MRA)

The MRA position within the School's Finance office performs one of the most critical functions in the School.  The MRA processes, and deposits every dollar of revenue earned by the School.  These revenues are generated by a variety of sources including tuitions, summer school, development and a host of activity-based ancillary billings.

The MRA position demands a skill set of expertise and transactional abilities in essentially all of the Senior Systems data base modules as well as accuracy, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a unwavering commitment to confidentiality.

The MRA is a direct report to the Chief Financial Office (CFO).

The technical aspects of the position-

In the Account Receivable Module...

  • Billing of all tuition and financial aid
  • Generate billing notifications to parents through the My Backpack portal
  • Identification and processing of all payments- paper check, echeck, credit card
  • Assembling the backup paperwork for the billing to student accounts, of all activity-based ancillary charges.
  • Coordinating the migration (from the Enrollment Manager module to the Accounts Receivable module) of new student information, tuition payment plans, reservation fees.
  • Processing and posting to the General Ledger module, all deposit remittance sheets from the Development Department.
  • Assists in the monthly bank reconciliation task by identifying and tracing all bank deposits to the appropriate Senior System module.  Bank deposits average 80 per month.
  • Create query reports for the CFP, and year end Accounts Receivable reports for the CPA auditors

In the Enrollment Management Module...

  • Assist the Admission Department in the processing of online enrollment contracts
  • Assist parents in the enrollment contract completion process, including navigation of the My backpack platform to select contract payment plans, withdrawal insurance options and FACTS payment plan applications.
  • Confirming successful completion of the FACTS payment process by those families who are required to use that payment system.
  • Create custom tuition payment plans for parents who have irregular income streams, or who have to set up different payment amounts due to late (post June) acceptances.
  • Process and identifies (for deposit purposes) all new student application fees.

In the School Store Module...

  • Create SKU's cost and pricing for all School merchandise items
  • Process all billings for School merchandise sales by billing the student account, then balance the credit card transaction.  Deposit all cash and check payments for School store merchandise at the bank.
  • Coordinate School Store physical inventories with the School Store Manager
  • Assist the CFO in the cost of goods sold calculation
  • Update the textbook data base in the module
  • Bill all textbooks and supplemental charges using the School Store Module, using query functions

In the Summer Program Module

  • Process all billings/payments for program registration into the G/L Summer School account
  • Process all summer program refunds

On a daily bases reconcile all deposits recorded by the bank, with Senior Systems Accounts Receivable module using the Diamond Mind platform to identify the correct source of a deposit (summer school, campus store, application fees, admission, accounts receivable, development, auction).  After identification, the deposit is then posted to the G/L.

  • Reconcile, on an interim basis, and at year end, all major development revenue accounts to the G/L from the development department detail
  • Reconcile the monthly Diamond Mind credit card charges statement and allocate the credit card service charges to the applicable department's budget.
  • Reconcile, and fund all School bulk mail/business reply accounts and postage meter accounts
  • Makes all physical deposits to the bank
  • Maintains small office petty cash system
  • Checks in and assists in the delivery of paper textbooks to classrooms at the start of the school year.
  • Knowledge of payable processing and check payment processing in the Account Payable module
  • Coordinates the processing of all withdrawal insurance claims
  • Manages the School fleet SunPass reimbursement program
The interpersonal aspects of the position-
The MRA position requires the ability to effectively relate with personalities both inside and outside of the School.  The Finance Office is a global, customer service oriented function in the School.  There are several colleagues, with a variety of personality profiles, with whom the MRA will have almost daily contact.
Parents of students attending the School will get emotional about the finances of their child's attendance here.  There may be extenuating circumstances (divorce, separation, etc.) that will intensify their emotional disposition.  The MRA has to be prepared to deal with these emotions with patience, tact and courtesy.  The MRA may very well be the listening post for parental complaints about the expense, certain teachers, and their child's experience at the School in general.
The MRA needs also to be a teacher, as parents will need to be instructed in their use of the My Backpack software platform, how to complete and submit enrollment contracts, the withdrawal insurance program and the FACTS automatic payment system.
These interpersonal skills and the abiltity to deal with a variety of personalities, each with a varying range of emotions, is as critical to this position as is the required technical expertise.
Compensation commensurate with experience.  Interested candidates should forward a resume to Nancy Horbert,


Admission Associate

Position Overview: This position reports to the Director of Admissions and assists with all aspects of the admissions and recruitment process. In addition, the Admissions Associate reports to the Associate Director of Admissions and Summer Program and is responsible for assisting with the management of summer program, registration, print publications, advertising, and marketing efforts in coordination with the Marketing Manager.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 3 years admissions experience.
  • Previous supervisory experience managing professional and student staff is preferred.
  • Effectively communicate in person and in writing and be able to speak publicly.
  • Should possess a creative spark, high energy, attention to detail, and the ability to organize effectively.
  • Have a mastery of the modules within the Senior Systems operating program.
  • Possess or be familiar with the complexities of running a summer program - Organization, management and mobilization are the essential elements of a successful Summer Program.
  • Have experience interviewing prospective students.
  • Possess some experience with guiding and working closely with prospective families through the SSS Financial Aid Process .
  • Be familiar or become proficient in the process of enrolling international students and interacting with SEVIS. Explain, guide and communicate the process of issuing J1 and F1 visa to international students and negotiate SEVIS rules and regulations.
  • Have some teaching and coaching experience.

Specific Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Meet enrollment goals for assigned target recruitment area
  • Travel on behalf of the Admissions for recruitment and other related events
  • Interview prospective students.
  • Organize, train and direct the Terrapin Corps, Terrapin Travel Team.
  • Learn the complexities of running a summer program. Assist with registration and management of daily operations.
  • Speak publicly to individuals, groups on and off campus.
  • Develop and maintain close working relationships with key secondary school constituents.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of the admissions office’s recruitment and marketing plan with the purpose of promoting the Tampa Prep’s visibility and general recruitment efforts.
  • Assist and evaluate and execute admission decisions on applicant files.
  • Develop and monitor statistical reports to enhance recruitment tactics, yield management, forecasting, and operational efficiency.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, short and long-term disability insurance; Employee Assistance Program; tuition remission; and retirement (TIAA-CREF).

Salary is commensurate with experience.


Upper School Biology and Chemistry Teacher

We are currently seeking a full-time upper school science instructor for the 2015-2016 academic year who can teach advanced chemistry classes, including AP, and honors biology. Candidates should be proficient in their discipline, interested in the social and developmental needs of high school students, facile with an iPad, and able to contribute to extracurricular activities. Applicants should possess a bachelor's and/or advanced degree in chemistry, biology, or a related field.

Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, short and long-term disability insurance; Employee Assistance Program; tuition remission; and retirement (TIAA-CREF).

Salary is commensurate with experience.


Substitute Teacher

We currently do not have any substitute teacher positions available, however we are always accepting resumes.  Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree and be available to work at short notice.  Please send a cover letter and resume to Betsy Zollinger at


Administrative Positions
Susie Cooner
Assistant to the Head of School
Tampa Preparatory School
727 West Cass Street
Tampa, FL 33606
voice:  813-251-8481, ext 4025
fax:  813-254-2106

Academic Positions
Donald Morrison
Dean of Faculty
Tampa Preparatory School
727 West Cass Street
Tampa, FL  33606
voice:  813-251-8481, ext 4045
fax:  813-254-2106

Athletic Positions
Michael Flynn
Director of Athletics
Tampa Preparatory School
727 West Cass Street
Tampa, FL  33606
voice:  813-251-8481, ext 4073
fax:  813-254-2106
Summer School
Tammy Honegger
Director of Summer Programs
Tampa Preparatory School
727 West Cass Street
Tampa, FL  33606
voice:  813-251-8481, ext 4009
fax:  813-254-2106

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