iPad Information

As a leading private school in the area, Tampa Prep prides itself on our innovation, creativity and tradition. Tampa Prep is a one-to-one Apple iPad school. Every student attending Prep needs an iPad tablet to participate in this exciting blended classroom environment. This reference page outlines the information you need to acquire and set up your student's device.

Starting in the 2016-17 school year, all students will need an iPad Air 2 WiFi with at least 64 GB of storage. Students are welcome to use newer versions of the iPad, including the iPad Pro, but the iPad Air 2 is the minimum.

The reason for upgrading the device every three years is primarily a hardware issue. At some point, apps and iOS upgrades are no longer compatible with older iPads due to the move to the 64-bit architecture, just as iOS upgrades are no longer available for the original iPad 1. In addition, certain functionality, such as split-screen for simultaneous reading and note taking, is only available on the iPad Air 2 or newer.

Students utilize multimedia and interactive textbook content that is blended into the School's curriculum. Students will be required to create, produce and store multimedia projects. Device memory will be critical in storing all of this curricular content - thus the 64 gigabyte specification.

*Recycle your old device through our Tech Recycle Program, benefitting Tampa Prep students.

Learn more about the Integration of the devices into classes and details about the Apple Distinguished School designation granted to Tampa Prep for 2014-2016 at www.tampaprep.org/ipad.

Ownership & Care

Student iPads are the property and responsibility of the student and his/her family. Insurance (against damage, theft or other loss) and a protective case are strongly recommended. The School is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen iPads.


Parents are encouraged to purchase the device with the required specifications (see above) from any retail store. (The Apple Store offers several finance plans, including 0% interest if paid in full in 12 months.) See http://bit.ly/iPad-purchase.

Visit the links above for tutorials on setup, apps and more!


Digital resources are used for 90% of the school's textbooks. In addition, six cross-curricular applications are provided for students. Students are given instructions on how to obtain all resources during the first week of classes.


The one-to-one iPad environment expands the School's curricular offerings, project-based events and collaborative work to better prepare students for college and the workplace. Here are just a few ways the iPad enhances classes:

  • iPads enable teachers to create assignments that support various learning styles
  • Portability – allows anytime, anywhere learning due to device's light weight and ease of use
  • The economical all-in-one digital toolbox includes HD video camera, digital camera, voice recorder, calculator, e-reader, drawing tablet and numerous educational apps
  • Battery life supports typical day of use at school
  • Digital resources can be updated frequently and are interactive and engaging
  • The operating system, application, services and resources deliver regular and timely updates


Please direct any questions about the iPad 1:1 Initiative to Suzy Lassacher (slassacher@tampaprep.org or 813.251.8481 x4105), your iPad liaison at Tampa Prep.