Giving Societies

Click each + below to learn more about the giving societies at Tampa Prep. These societies honor our donors for the generosity and support.

Annual Giving Societies

President's Circle - $20,000 or more

The President's Circle is made up of leaders in the Tampa Prep community who give $20,000 or more to the Annual Fund. Members of the President's Circle play an instrumental role in enriching the academic experiences and lives of Tampa Prep students. To show our appreciation, members of the President's Circle will be invited to attend an exclusive annual event hosted by the President and Vice President of the Board the Trustees, as well as the Head of School. These members are also welcome to attend any of the other annual giving society events throughout the year.

Head's Society - $5,000 or more

The Head's Society is a special group of donors who give $5,000 or more to Tampa Prep’s Annual Fund. They play a tremendous role in the success of Tampa Prep, our students and faculty. Members of the Head's Society have the opportunity to attend a private reception hosted by the Head of School. They are also welcome to attend any Terrapin Society events throughout the year.

Terrapin Society - $1,000 or more

The Terrapin Society is the largest community within Tampa Prep’s Annual Fund. These members give $1,000 or more throughout the year and leave a remarkable impact on the school and our mission. That is why benefits to membership include opportunities throughout the year to have unique audience with senior leadership and exclusive announcements. Terrapin Society members will also be invited each year to attend a mission-centric program that highlights a different area of Tampa Prep with our Head of School.

Other Giving Societies

1974 Society

The 1974 Society recognizes donors who have gifted $250,000 or more throughout their lifetime of giving to Tampa Prep. These leaders and their gifts continue to be transformational to our school, our Annual Fund and our mission. Benefits of membership to the 1974 Society include customized impact reporting, the opportunity to attend any other giving society event throughout the year, recognition at events when appropriate as well as physical recognition on the school’s campus (coming soon). Special acknowledgment is given to those members giving $1 million or more.

Austin Society

The Austin Society was created to honor the many loyal donors who consistently give to Tampa Prep’s Annual Fund. It is this continuous giving that allows Tampa Prep to sustain our pursuit of excellence and encourages our students to go beyond. The Austin Society was named after one of Tampa Prep’s founding members, Al Austin and his wife Beverly. The Austins have consistently supported Tampa Prep since 1974 and today, in their honor, Austin Society members who give consistently for five years or more will be added to this giving club.